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September 5, 2008

Aaron Murray Leads Plant (Fla.) on ESPNU

Reminder: For those of you who get ESPNU, you can watch Dawg commit Aaron Murray quarterback Plant High School tonight against Armwood at 8:00 eastern.  Murray is our most highly touted recruit for 2009.  Plant has an exciting, pass-happy offense that also features UGA target Orson Charles.  Plant will be a big underdog, as Armwood is No. 2 in the nation according to

This is part of ESPNU's increased focus on high school games this year.  The game is sponsored by Old Spice and presented by the Marines, so the commercial breaks should make you want to buy deodorant on your way to enlist.  Don't fall for it, especially if you are frail and old (like, over 30) . The Marines won't take you and no amount of Old Spice can get rid of your odor.



Hobnail_Boot said...

For those of us without Da U, can we watch it online?

Quinton McDawg said...

It's not on the ESPN360 lineup.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, Plant isn't favored going in. Armwood is rated #1 in the South and #2 in the country according to at least one poll. They also clobbered Murray's Plant team last year in two meetings approx / combined 62-14 or thereabouts. Apparently Armwood has one of the best DLines in the nation, and Murray might not get a lot of time to find receivers. Here's hoping the scouting reports are wrong though, and he puts on a show regardless.

Dubbayoo said...

It was a good game, very close defensive battle. Murray has a lazer arm and made some nice accurate throws on the run. I was very pleased. The other team has an outstanding DE with 75 offers. Murray was pressured all night and they have no running game. He got rocked a few times.

Armwood scored on the opening drive, then each team got a safety. Score 9-2. That was it for scoring.

Anonymous said...

i wrote this a little while back: Murray is extremely athletic at QB, which makes him a big threat to run for long runs if the defense drops back too many players pass coverage. Very accurate with short- to medium-range passes.Murray's height will always be a concern, but he compensates with a high release point on his passes, along with enough athleticism to scramble to set up and throw in the open passing lanes. Murray plays in a shotgun formation, so he will have to make the adjustment to take snaps directly under center in college.

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