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September 21, 2008

Blackout for Georgia vs. Alabama (ESPN College Gameday Also Coming)

Richt has called for the Blackout on Saturday, and he also announced that ESPN College Gameday is coming to Athens. Per Coach Richt:
“The seniors asked me on the plane ride home (from Tempe on Saturday night) if they could black this game out and I said sure,” said Richt. “When it’s dark outside and the stadium lights are on I think the players and the fans get more excited and I think with GameDay coming, I didn’t see any reason why we shouldn’t. I thought we had outstanding success with the blackout and the fans last year so we’ll be asking them to participate again.”
Also...several of you asked about Brannon Southerland's return. Richt says he'll be the personal protector on punts vs. Alabama. It sounds like he'll return to full speed after the bye week for the Tennessee game.

Also on the injury front:
Richt also addressed the minor neck injuries sustained by senior tight end Tripp Chandler and senior defensive end Jeremy Lomax.

“Ron (Courson) feels confident they’ll be able to go, although maybe not full-speed during Tuesday’s practice,” said Richt.
I've seen some hand wringing from Dawg fans about "wearing out the black jerseys." The Auburn Blackout was one of those absurd, ridiculously over the top college football moments that we can't "manufacture" going forward. Wearing black jerseys once a month, once a year or saving them for once a decade won't let us replicate the magic of that night.

We're not wearing them to help us win. We're wearing black jerseys because it's fun. Because the players love them. Because recruits love them. And because....why not. Those jerseys will be part of the regular rotation of UGA uniforms for many years going forward, and I'm glad. Why wouldn't you want to wear a bad ass looking uniform that kids and players love? Especially when your school colors are Red and Black.

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-- Georgia Bulldogs vs. Alabama Crimson Tide



KRIS Chamberlain said...

im going to defiantly buy tickets now

Anonymous said...

The atmosphere is going to be unreal!!! Blackout time!!

Anonymous said...

wow i am pumped... any clue where the espn gameday crew will set up shop at?

Anonymous said...

Any injury issue with Corey Irvin. Pretty natsy block he took.

KRIS Chamberlain said...



thank you!

Anonymous said...

What's next? Thunderstix? Terrible Towels? Thursday Night games? Free hot dogs and a coke?

JasonC said...

defiantly or definitely?

Anonymous said...

The blackout is awesome. You're right, there's no reason not to do it. Notre Dame has those green jerseys that are really special--let's make these black jerseys just as special.

ChiliDawg said...

For those who have ever been to Gameday, or who would have an idea, what time is a good time to get there to get a good spot to watch?

Anonymous said...

I went to Gameday in Tuscaloosa last year vs. the Dawgs and we camped out. But you could probably go early in the morning 6-7 AM and get a decent spot.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the original post. There's no way to re-create the atmosphere at the Auburn game, but I'm glad it sounds like they'll be wearing these jerseys once a year.

Our team colors are red and black and those jerseys look ridiculous. It's crazy not to wear those.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the spread??

ChiliDawg said... has Georgia as a 6 point favorite right now.

Anonymous said...

I like a lot of fans had long maintained that black jerseys should be used during an ultra special time. Well..ESPN gameday is coming, we're #3 in the land, Bama is #8 in the land, primetime night game...I'd call all that special.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is right, nothing can be like the original blackout game but who cares. If it gets the crowd and players into the game ever more, then why not do it for such a huge game.

Anonymous said...

OH, when they add the black pants this year, it'll be special.

Anonymous said...

Chili- Yeah, just show up 3 or so hours before hand and you'll get a good spot. And even if you don't, you can shuffle around enough that you'll eventually find yourself a lot closer. We showed up at GameDay for Clemson/Alabama at about 8 and eventually got to about the third row of people back from the set.

Hunker Down said...

When they crank AC/DC, I defy anyone to not have an adrenaline rush.

Particularly Kris, who will be defiant all day. ;>)

Anonymous said...

Have to agree... only way to make this blackout better will be adding black pants that I really don't foresee happening. Still should be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Yay! maybe we should black out every game so they will all be super-duper special!

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