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September 1, 2008

Confirmed: Jeff Owens out for the Season

Everyone has the story now. Owens played as a true freshman in 2005 so he's eligible for a medical redshirt this year. (Image: Hipple)

At SEC media days, I believe it was Owens who said to "watch out for Corvey Irvin." Well, Irvin gets his chance to shine as the starter along side Geno Atkins for the Central Michigan game. Kade Weston will be in the mix to fill that spot as well when he returns for the South Carolina game.

Marc Weiszer's blog makes the valid point that we'd be in a mess if Richt/Garner hasn't signed those Jucos last year. We signed four jucos in 2007, Vince Vance (starting guard), Jarius Wynn (starting defensive end), Corvey Irvin (starting defensive tackle vs CMU) and Scott Haverkamp (starting bartender somewhere in Kansas...I think). Having three of four junior college kids pan out is pretty uncommon.

Not that you asked, but Neil Callaway's pick for the 5th Juco that year was Joe Blaes. We ran out of room for Joe after Coach Callaway left to burn UAB's program to the ground coach UAB. After apparently failing to contribute at Iowa State as a junior offensive guard, Joe was moved to tight end. He is not listed on the depth chart at any position by Iowa State. In other words, the two guys Callaway vouched for didn't pan out. That's neither here nor there. Just saying.

On the bright side, Moreno has been fully cleared for next week. Good times.

Also on the bright side, I counted about 60 scholarship players who saw action against Georgia Southern (per the player participation report). Most of them getting snaps before the final five minutes of regulation. As ScenicCityDawg pointed out during the game, when was the last time we played that many scholarship players so many snaps?



Anonymous said...

It's just a redshirt, not a medical one. The "medical" redshirt is the sixth year of eligibility and is granted on a case-by-case basis. I believe the fact that he's played means he has to petition for the extra eligibility, and that he was injured will be relevant in that regard. But it's not a "medical" redshirt.

Jim Wood said...
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Jim Wood said...

Richt said that Owens does not have to petition. It will just be a redshirt.

And PWD, I will never get your hatred for Callaway. Even when he's gone you pile on. What gives?

JT said...

Ok Ok,
I have to comment on Havercamp. Yes he is no longer with the team however, he wasn't Coach Calloway's get. I believe it was either Fabris or Garner. Havercamp did play and was in the 2 deep rotation. I may be wrong but I could have swore he started a few games last season. It was his love of alcohol that did him in.

Anonymous said...

On Havercamp, at least Fabris could identify talent on the OL.

So glad we don't have to deal with CNC anymore.

Anonymous said...


Because I kept my mouth mostly shut when he was coaching here. I'm backed up with smart ass comments I didn't publish while he was here.

I'm almost done. lol.


Anonymous said...


And I feel like his recruiting and scholarship management is why we won't win the national title this year. And why we lost 4 games last year.


Anonymous said...


It is a medical redshirt. You're describing a "medical hardship."

A medical redshirt goes to a kid that plays but plays less than 30%.

A redshirt is a kid that doesn't play.

A medical hardship is a kid like Albert Hollis that was hurt for two consecutive years.

He won't have to petition for anything.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Keep 'em coming, PWD..

Ginger said...

In re-watching the game on CSS, Caleb King looks really good in the open field. We are uber stout at RB this year. Akeem Dent had two near sacks (one was called back for a penalty and the other he had the qb in the grasp) and looked good, so did Ellerbe.

Those three in addition what Quinton and PWD mentioned gives hope. I am not so sure this weekend will be as tough as some of the prognosticators are wanting to make it. Central Michigan laid big eggs in their games against Clemson and Kansas last year losing by over 40 pts in both.

Hopefully this game will serve as another chance for the backups and players in new positions and the many young players to get ready for SEC play.

Go Dawgs!

(ps - what are yall's thoughts on the upcoming rankings, esp. with regard to us, coming out after EweTee plays tonight)

Anonymous said...

Ross - I think we'll drop a spot in 1 or both polls.

We only had an 8 vote lead in the coaches poll. And the AP poll will be really close.

Southern Cal looked great against UVA, and it was televised. It's a normal reaction to move them to #1.

Anonymous said...

The winner of the USC-Ohio State game will move to #1, regardless.

Joel said...

Just saw a reply of Owens injury on ESPN. I haven't heard anything in regards to the OL diving at his knee (and I thought I would have if that was the case), but it sure looked like that in that replay

Anonymous said...

P.W. -

We lost 4 games last year?

I think you're afflicted with Callaway-rage.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I think if we'd played Moreno in '06 and King last year, we'd be looking to defend a MNC about now.

Anonymous said...

time flies when you're having fun.

4 losses in '06 i meant.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, dropping a spot or two in the polls might not be the worst thing. I have enjoyed the #1 ranking thus far, but a spike in motivation prior to the SCAR, ASU, BAMA stretch could prove useful. I wouldn't mind putting up 30+ on each of those opponents and doing so would likely vault us back up the polls prior to TENN, LSU, and FLA (just in time to get our swagger back).

With the injuries we've had so far, this might be a stroke of luck...or I might just be taking the glass half full approach.

Anonymous said...

Just some stat comparison:

Total yards: UGA-535 USC-558
Passing yards: UGA-323 USC-340
Rushing yards: UGA-212 USC-218
Third down conversions: UGA-4/9 44.4% USC-5/12 41.6%
Turnovers: UGA-1 USC-2
Total points: UGA-45 USC-52
Penalties: UGA 11/70yds USC 7/70yds

Looks pretty good, no?

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