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September 4, 2008

Does LeFevour Play Defense?

One of the best statistical players in the nation will lead the Central Michigan Chippewas when they visit Athens Saturday.  Quarterback Dan LeFevour is only the second player in NCAA history to run for 1,000 yards and throw for 3,000 in the same season.  The other player to do that was the Texas demigod, Vince Young.  LeFevour is a spread offense master, the "Tebow-lite" of college football.  In 2007 alone, he accounted for 46 touchdowns, throwing 27 and rushing for 19.  With those stats, he was easily named the 2007 MAC Offensive Player of the Year.  LeFevour is an accomplished, dangerous player.  You can't put up those types of numbers without being a great player, even if you're doing it in the MAC.

The trouble for Central Michigan is that LeFevour doesn't play defense.  Consider that CMU played three BCS conference opponents last year: Kansas, Purdue (twice), and Clemson.  In those games, CMU's defense surrendered an average of 54.5 points.  Clemson hung 70 on them.  Those games may have skewed the numbers a bit, but the Chippewas finished 2007 with the 110th rated scoring defense and the 109th rated total defense.  They return eight starters from last year's defense, but their best defensive players from 2007, two All-MAC linebackers, did not return for '08.  

If the voters want us to rub someone's face in it, we should be able to score as much as we want Saturday.  Richt won't do it, but I'm just saying ...



blackertai said...

The only teams I want to rub it in the faces of are Tennessee, Florida and Auburn. At this point, we don't even need to score alot on Tech, just hold them under 17 points. I'll feel good if we keep that streak going.

Muckbeast said...

We don't need to rub Central Michigan's face in anything.

As I said in the poll discussion, all we need to do is win the SEC. We do that, we play for the title. With our schedule and the SEC dominance year after year, that will be enough. 2004 won't happen again.

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Anonymous said...

We need to build a bigger lead than we would against some teams to make sure CMU is good and dead, though. Being up 21 or 28 and pulling the starters at the start of the fourth ain't gonna do it. That's a real good way to turn a 48-14 lead into a 48-31 win, and that ain't going to impress anyone.

Squarebush said...

Thank you for saying something about Central Michigan that is not related to the QB. Here are the scores of their last eight meetings with BCS schools (pay particular attention to all the "L"s):

@Kansas - L (52-7)
@Purdue - L (45-22)
@Clemson - L (70-14)

Boston College - L (31-24)
@ Michigan - L (41-17)
@ Kentucky - L (45-36)

Indiana - L (20-13)
@ Penn State - L (40-3)

Another couple of tasty Chippewas nuggets:

** 2-23 in regular season non-conference road games

** 6-27 on grass since 1995

I ain't sayin'...I just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

I just hope our Defense actually plays Defense during the 2nd half and doesn't let them sit in our endzone for 21.

DRM said...

Random question??
What song did they play at beginning of 3rd quarter?
it was rap song and the guys started dancing a little. i can only assume it was a small preview of whats to come at future home games. like last years Soulja boy.
Anyone have any info on that?

Anonymous said...

at this point in UGA's history i think we need to rub it the face of every team we can. buuuut i also agree with the fact we need to save all of your truly valuable players for the shitfest that is the SEC reg season/ASU.

one more thing to anyone that reads this. I live in Beijing, China and i need a damn way to watch my team play over here! does anyone know how i can go about that other than gameplan? i dont care if i have to watch it live at 4 in the morning here, i need my UGA.

Anonymous said...

At this point it is obvious that the polls are beauty contests. I acknowledge that if we take care of business with the schedule we have that we *should* be playing for the MNC. But at what point does Richt’s not running up the score, I mean not playing for style points, hurt us? Let’s say we squeak out a few of our bigger games like LSU or UF and Oklahoma or USC crush their big games like Texas or OSU. Say USC crushes ASU and we win with a last second field goal. We *could* be looking at a situation where the other undefeateds jump us based on style points. Or if it is the situation with a logjam of one loss teams that have to be separated somehow.

I am aware that Richt’s thought is to protect the 1st teamers and more importantly play the 2nd and 3rd teamers to know what they can do and for the experience that hopefully helps us win a game later in the season. But I think it is fairly obvious that the old rules of “win and stay in place” are over. I think you are going to see rearrangement in the polls all season, not just the conventional wisdom of slotting people up or down based on the results of teams around them.

I know it would take a lot of various elements to come together and make that perfect storm for us being an undefeated or 1 loss team on the outside looking in. At this point though, we are counting on the same pollsters that we complain about now, at the end of the season, to actually give us credit for the schedule that they are holding against us. Can Richt afford to take that chance?

Anonymous said...

the song played at the beginning of the second half which Knowshon and Bryan Evans were dancing to is Put On by Hawkinsville/Macon native Young Jeezy (featuring Kanye West)

ht: MaconDawg @ Dawg Sports

Anonymous said...

If UGA wins all its games, it will not matter if all of them are by 1 point or 20 points.

There is no one out there who does not understand this is one of the toughest schedules in the country--probably the toughest of any serious MNC contender.

Running up the score might mean leaving in the starters. I will point to Columbus, OH on the dangers of having your star players in the game when it is put away.

Will said...

Didn't Purdue have a statistically gawdawful D last season?

We won't need to keep starters in to run up the score perhaps...

blackertai said...

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that LeFevour could play pretty well at safety. Shift, fast and smart. Probably be pretty decent.

Unknown said...

the last heisman candidate UGA faced got dismantled limb by limb by UGA. Hello, Sugar Bowl, anyone?

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