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September 9, 2008

Heisman Watch: Moreno and Stafford

First off...let's check out Moreno's highlights from the Central Michigan game:

Let's look at the stats from our two Heisman candidates so far:
    Knowshon Moreno
    Rushing Yards: 227 yards total / 113.5 per game
    Receiving Yards: 83 yards total / 41.5 per game
    TDs: 6 total
    Pace (13 games): Over 1,300 yards rushing, almost 500 yards receiving and 36 total TDs

    Matthew Stafford
    Passing Yards: 488 yards total / 244 per game
    Completion Percentage: 63.3 percent
    TDs: 4
    INTs: 0
    Pace (13 games): Over 2,900 yards and 24 TDs with a 63 percent completion rate.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is because I am the whitest guy alive and have no idea of what is popular in music today, but what was the song Knowshon was dancing to on the jumbotron after DeMarcus Dobbs returned the interception?

Is this the 2008 equivalent to Soulja Boy?

Anonymous said...

"Put on" by Young Jeezy and no it's not the equivalent but they're trying their hardest to make it be.

Anonymous said...

Funny that ESPN still has Tebow #1. He's like 40th in passing yards, only has 3 TDs, and his rating is pedestrian.

Not saying Stafford deserves to win it, but he definitely deserves to ahead of Tebow.

Moreno is the only RB in ESPN's top 5. If he keeps doing these "signature plays," as they refer to them, the sky's the limit.

Anonymous said...

And of course, the Moreno projections are a bit skewed by his only having 8 carries and 59 yards in game 1. If his performance against Central Michigan turns out to be more of the norm, his numbers will be absolutely ridiculous (not to mention, clearly deserving of a certain trophy).

Anonymous said...

Not to be a prude, but if the powers that be had a problem with Soulja Boy's lyrics (though they were never played in Sanford), they must not have listened to Put On yet.

Oh, and HeismanPundit's "If the Vote were Held Today" ranking has Stafford and Moreno both in the top 10 but outside of the top 3. It's going to take better numbers than they're trending.

Squarebush said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Stafford is 16th in NCAA for QBrating ahead of Chase Daniel (17th) and Timmy is 33rd. I doubt that Timmy will have the gaudy numbers this year he had last year. He rushed for a TD in every game last year and hasnt scored 1 yet this season. Suprisingly his per rushing attempt average is only slightly lower than last year.

Anonymous said...

never mind Moreno and Stafford highlights. Give me more Jimmy Clausen!!! Because, frankly, the world cant get enough of Notre Dame coming from behind, at home, against a team that would be a 20 point underdog to Lowndes HS.


and Young Jeezy isnt exactly the role model anyone wants, either. It makes me yearn for the innocence of Soulja Boy to read this:

JasonC said...

Without doing any real research, I say that if Moreno continues to average 3 TDs a game, he will win the Heisman and UGA will win at least 90% of it's games. That is an insane pace to keep up.

Anonymous said...

i think the new song is a nice touch, i mean lets be honest any song thats popular to the players and gets them hyped up should be played. of course theres no intriguing dance to go along with it, but it was enough to get the crowd and players pumped up...

as for stafford how is he the number one nfl prospect qb and gets absolutely no recognition in the heisman hopefuls... espn doesnt even have him in the top 10?

Anonymous said...

CNN Headline News just showed "The Hurdle" and mentioned the fact that it had almost 200,000 hits on YouTube even though it wasn't broadcasted by ESPN.

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