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September 28, 2008

Injury Updates for Moreno, Stafford, Ellerbe and More has the update.
  • Knowshon Moreno - "Questionable" for UT with an elbow injury. Article makes it sound a little better than the headline. (Update: more optimistic language than AJC or DawgPost)

  • Dannell Ellerbe - "Hopeful" and "Questionable" were used to describe him playing against UT. Richt hopes he'll be back. AJC says "not as bad as originally thought."

  • Tripp Chandler - Will miss "a few weeks" with shoulder injury

  • Bruce Figgins - Will either have surgery before or after the UT game

  • Kris Durham - Ankle. Out for UT and probably a bit longer.

  • Matthew Stafford - Basically fine.

  • Brannon Southerland- Full speed for UT

  • Kiante Tripp - Moved to backup Tight End (WTF?)
Overall, I think it'll all sound better by this time next week. The one thing that I don't get is the Kiante Tripp situation. What on earth happened with him? I'm no expert, but it looks to my untrained eye like Justin Anderson is pretty far from the solution at starting tackle for the Dawgs right now. How did Tripp go from starting left tackle to tight end? I'd like to see a heap more written about that situation. Very hard to understand.



Anonymous said...

I agree. Kiante Tripp from DL to OL to TE. What's next, PK?

Anonymous said...

Who do you call to rent one of those planes w/ the banners to fly over the stadium?

I would like to send a message regarding our coordinators.

Anonymous said...


You call...."800-Ruin-Recruiting"

If you feel that way. Don't be an ass. Send a letter to Richt.

JasonC said...

The TV announcers mentioned that Tripp was moved to backup TE during the beginning of the Bama game. My guess is without Chandler or Figgins, there isn't anyone to play TE except A. White(?). I think they believe Tripp is more athletic than Anderson, so he is the player to move.

Brett said...

Whew this is getting bad...I really hope georgia rebounds from this. The good thing is this team tried unlike last year when getting blown out at Tennessee. Its a good thing Florida lost I still feel we can make it to the SEC Championship, I would love a rematch with Bama

Anonymous said...

Why not take the redshirt off Ros?

Anonymous said...

Hey Brett, You don't want a rematch with Bama. Drugs are bad for you.

Anonymous said...

I actually think the situation the coaches did not manage enough, pre-game, was the hype. The players went into a giant emotional hole when things did go right at the start. The second half was more indicative of this team's capabilities.

DURING THE GAME, I kept waiting for two things: 1. Richt to get the offensive together and tell them all to close their eyes and breathe deep for 30 seconds, then to do that again when next time they stepped on the field. Obviously halftime provided what no coaches did.

2. Martinez to call an all-out everyone rushes blitz on first sight of a passing formation after it was 17-0, just to fuck with their rhythm.

Ultimately the game management was shockingly poor in the first half. There's a point where you have to disrupt what is going on and force a psychological re-start, and the coaches didn't do it.

Will said...

Tripp had a higher TE rating on NCAA09 than Figgins or White as well. Weird.

Brett said...

ha yeh drugs.. yeh we did get man handled in the first half but both teams allowed 30 points in a half which isnt great for two top ten teams in my mind.

Anonymous said...

My comment was in (partial) jest, but I freely admit to being an ass at times. Spencers helped, right?

Maybe the recruits we didn't scare off could actually get coached-up by some different coordinators.

I remember Van Gorder (for all his nomadic faults) developing the hell outta some 1, 2, and 3 star recruits.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I would be more likely to spend my airplane banner $ as a contribution to a fund to clone Erk.

Crane said...

I blame Paul, he should have worn black instead of the poka-dot dress.

Also Every time Alabama scored. He said Dude.

very disruptive.

That being stated, the bye week couldn't have happened at a better time in the schedule. Hopefully we recover from a tough pre-season - 5 games in and kick butt.

Anonymous said...

+ 1 Crane

SlawDawg said...

Saban Cheated

Anonymous said...

Mr. EDSBS was the one who did Okay then.

Anonymous said...

Spencer Hall did not do

The douche that put that site up never ID'd himself.

Spencer definitely owns up to his train wrecks.

Anonymous said...

The possible rematch we will have will be with LSU.

Anonymous said...

Anon - 9:59,

I agree. I think LSU wins the West. Bama has to win in Baton Rouge, and they are a thin team.

They have very strong front line talent, but they have less margin for error than many other schools.

If Bama played LSU tomorrow....who knows. But they play them Nov. 8th

Anonymous said...

You guys seem to be really proud of scoring some points on many of our back-up defensive players. The last thing you want is a re-match with Alabama.

The "Great" No show Mareno only had 39 yards.

We'll stomp you if we play you again.

Roll Tide Roll

Anonymous said...

I agree Paul and 9:59 about LSU, when bama hits them in the mouth they won't wait until he 3rd quarter to hit back, no one's done that to then yet. AND bama's lack of depth will begin to show then. Heck, I still think Bama & Tenn will be a street fight...and I bet we walk the dog on UT. JPW, if given another chance, will never throw that good against us again...ever. that td to JJones...incredible, AA had good coverage. we will have better pressure and better depth at DE if we face them again.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:42

You might be right about beating us again, since our teams that have had to replay opponents in the same season have had the same results the second time.

But you might want to listen to your own coach's comments about getting beaten 30-10 in the second half. The new clock rules were your best friend in the 3rd and 4th quarters last night.

Anonymous said...


I stand corrected on Spencer & the I shouldn't have repeated something I heard second hand.

But, I pose these questions to one & all:

Does martinez (and to a lesser extent, Bobo) develop the highly ranked recruits he gets?

I say Van Gorder took guys who were less touted and coached em up.

Do the coordinators design effective schemes?

Effective most of the time. But playing soft zone doesn't work so well w/ anemic pass rush and no hitters in the secondary. And at times our offense harkens back to FSU. During the Jeff Bowden OC era.

Good coordinators make in game adjustments. Great coordinators make them before halftime.

The fact that we "outgained & outscore" teams in the second half who've shifted into autopilot signifies little.

Hunker Down said...

Kiante Tripp to TE must be a move to compensate for not having Chandler of Figgins healthy. Tripp can be used as a blocker in running situations and then we go to no tight end for passing situations. I don't think he is a receiving threat unless there is something I don't know about him. Still, it is odd and I guess it means that he was not getting it done at tackle or he wouldn't be moved.

What I want to know, is who can be moved to DE that can get close to the QB?

Anonymous said...


Re: Martinez. I just watched the game again. The drop off from Ellerbe to Gamble at LB after the injury is QUANTUM. You can't adjust around the fact that you suddently don't have an All-SEC player and his back-up is positively baffled by the concept of the Draw play.

As for Van Gorder...BVG's recruiting after that initial signing class of Thomas Davis and Odell was a boat load of linebackers that struggled badly except Taylor.

Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

I can't belive Coach Richt said a## during the halftime interview with sideline reporter Holly Rowe, could it have been.........Saban!

Anonymous said...

Note to Brett:
UGA allowed 31 points in the first half, even though Bama laid down in the second half and had they not scored your team still would have lost 31-30!

Anonymous said...

Hey genius...we went for 2 because yall were no longer at 31...if yall don't score again we dont go for 2...I'm sure saban did not want to see us in OT. I love the bama players that claim they were playing their back-ups...I'm sure that was ur entire 3rd string on the field. BTW...why don't you look at the injuries, Moreno was HURT in the second half and when your down more then 20 running is partially retarded unless the back is getting first downs on every run. Watch the game again and notice him slicing yall for 4-7 yards almost every run.

Anonymous said...

sorry "love the bama fans"...little typo there.

Anonymous said...

Good game for Bama and their much maligned fans. Despite winning a NC in '92 (good team), Alabama has been a non-factor for nearly 2 decades. They won the SEC in '99 which clearly stands out as the only achievement in the past 17 years. Consider the crazy coaching carousel since Dubose and one can understand the utter desperation and current excitement we now see.

Should we be fortunate enough to play them again this year, you will see a closer game for 2 reasons: (1) Georgia is not as bad as we looked and AL is not as good as they looked (2) It's possible that Georgia will be much healthier by year's end.

Should we not play them again this year, we will see them in Tuscaloosa next year.

And to all the suddenly cocky AL fans who claim we aren't "man enough" to beat Bama, where were you after the past 3 games?

Anonymous said...

I thought Bama fans were respectful. Clearly, after reading their comments here, at, etc., I have to change my opinion.

They deserve Saban. They're of the same breed and mind. Sad, really.

I'd rather lose with dignity than win and act like that. You might win, but you're not a winner.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 10:42
"The "Great" No show Mareno only had 39 yards."
I guess spelling doesn't matter for Bama fans who attempt very weak smack-talk.

Will said...

Not yet convinced LSU is better than Bama, for a two reasons:
Look at the points they gave up, at home, to the disaster of Biblical proportions offense of Mississippi State.
Look at the points they gave up to the almost-as-bad-as-MSU Auburn offense.

LSU's great D of last year is long gone. Lee might be a good QB, but it's his first year against SEC defenses. Plus, Bama doesn't play Florida and LSU does.

Brett said...

I think the east will be decided when we play Florida,we still are in this. I hope we make the adjustments we need to and get our players healthy before the big road game at LSU. Im not one to talk trash but I dont see why Alabama fans are so happy about allowing 30 points, and so did we but the penalties were ridiculous. we caused a fumble and recovered but the penalty gave it back. I hope we get another shot at this team, but we have a lot to work on. I do feel we are at a better point than we were last year when we got hammered by TN

Anonymous said...

the only reason we came back is cuz alabama let us. whenever they had to score they did. they are just better than us and i dont want to play them again... but there is no way were gettin to the seccg. no way.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:01...

We don't play Alabama next year during the regular season. We trade them out for Arkansas. We don't play Alabama during the regular season again until 2012 (in Tuscaloosa).

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:12 - we're not nearly as healthy as we were after UT last year. I have never seen us whipped at the LOS as we were Saturday night. For all the love and talk about our mat drills and S&C program - none of that shit showed against Bama. WTF, are they drinking some special syrup?

Does ANYONE here have an answer for the way we were absolutely whipped up front?

Anonymous said...

How does a top-10 team NOT have f'ing o-linemen?

Absolutely ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Anon - 12:25

"Does ANYONE here have an answer for the way we were absolutely whipped up front?"

1) Get rid of our policy of only recruiting O-Lineman "every leap year whether we need 'em or not."

2) Become impervious to injury.

Anonymous said...

After reviewing the game, I seriously think we're not as bad as it seemed on Saturday. Granted our line is not road graders like we'd like to see, but when we spread things out a bit, we started moving the ball. Bobo might should have picked up on it a little sooner, but it is there.

I really think Knoshown could be utilized a bit in the spread too. Quick passes and keep that D honest will open Knowshown for some runs and allow some big open air strikes too.

Also, it seems in this game and in the sc game that when we slant off tackle and force the de out, we get some yards. However, when we go right over the tackle, we simply don't have that road grade mentality.

Sometimes you have to play to your strengths instead of forcing the issue.

I really have no problem with kiante at te. Seriously, Chandler is not a big receiving threat so if we're going to spread it out some...why not have a good blocker.

Anonymous said...


"Bobo might should have picked up on it a little sooner (that we needed to spread things out against their monster D-line).

No kidding?

I think that most who follow the dogs picked up on that a week or two ago. Toss-sweep, misdirection, throw to Moreno, etc. was all my friends and I discussed before this game.

What did Bobo give us? QB sweep!

Anonymous said...

That QB sweep Stafford got railed on was pathetic.

I sure hope that was a busted play, because that had to have been the single dumbest play call I have ever seen.

Thank God he didn't land on his throwing shoulder.

It wasn't as bad of a game as it seems. We gave up big penalties that kept their drives going.

AJ makes a once-a-season fumble/drop/WTFWT play? That gives them the ball nearly in the red-zone.

JPW came up big. Props to him. But, even I could make those throws left-handed(I'm a righty) with the time he had. But he did very well.

31 points is just huge. Yeah, we scored 30, but even if we shut them out in the 2nd half, we would have lost.

Keep your heads up Dawgs. This team is WAY better than that game showed.

Maybe if our corners don't give up a 15 yard cushion, they might be close enough to actually defend a pass(without interfering, maybe?).

Go Dawgs! Man up! Get healthy!

I still believe.

Smitty said...

I think Southerland will be a big help in blocking in our next game. I like Bobo but there are times that I think we have about 5 plays and thats it. Our corners are short, give too much of a cushion and don't even look for the ball it seems. That pass interference in the first quarter on Prince Miller could have been a INT if he bothered to look back. The ball was underthrown. Instead he just faceguarded the h*ll out of that receiver.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the fact that if Mimbs has even an average game it may have been different. He gave them 2 short fields in the first half with miserable punts.

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