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September 28, 2008

Thank You to Our Readers

I'll post on last night shortly. In the meantime, I want to thank you guys ... the readers. I had no idea what sort of comments I'd wake up to this morning. Overall, I think you (like me) are taking this ass whooping with as much dignity as possible (which ain't easy). For that I say thanks.

It wasn't one coach.
It wasn't one player.
It wasn't one part of the plan.
It wasn't any one thing.

It was everything. We just got absolutely spanked. Hats off to Bama. They are good. We have lots of things to fix. Please take a deep breath before posting today. I'm trying to do that too. It ain't easy though.



Anonymous said...

The positives:

I think we found a center - the kid looked good.

Miller looked good on the punt return.

AJ is a player.

The negatives:

I still not sold on the offensive game plans I mean a QB sweep? Going deep when the underneath stuff works?

Penalties WTF is up with all these penalties.

The best positive - we have a week off to get the ship redirected

Anonymous said...

You're right PWD, it wasn't just one coach, it was two. It was mostly Martinez's annual humiliating beating he presents us with. And it was Bobo's fault as well for some dumbass calls. But mostly Martinez.

Clemson should be looking for a new coach soon, and they've proven how stupid they are, maybe they'll want to hire Martinez. Cause we all know Richt doesn't have the balls to fire him.

I feel bad for Stafford. He's the best QB in the country, and this is not what he should have to deal with.

Michael Pigott said...

It was just one game. Rebound and don't forget to kick the shit out of any and all Tigers. My guys will try to do the same.

Hopefully we'll meet again in Atlanta.

Roll Tide

Anonymous said...

The first half reminded me a lot of '05 WVU, '06 Tenn, '06 VT, '07 Tenn. What is with these games and the lack of defense in the first half?

Anonymous said...

We gave up on the run before we even tried.

This game was over before it started.

AND WTF is up with all these penalties??? JEEZ

We are still a damn good team. If the roughing the passer penalty doesnt happen this could have been a different game.

Sanford was the loudest i have ever heard. The camera flashes at the opening kickoff was like a scene from the Olympics.

Awesome, awesome atmosphere. We just blew it.

Coondawg said...

Giving a great team the short field, turnovers and very bad penalties will cost you every time.

Mickey McCale said...

Everyone needs to pull up short of sippoku right now. Go back and look at the stats from the game. We didn't play badly at all. That was an example of what can happen when all the planets align and everything goes right for one team. We got no rolls, no bounces, no breaks, and especially, no home-field help from the officials. We've got to dig ourselves out of this reputation for being heavily penalized, because until we do, they're going to continue killing us with questionable flags, no bones about it.

Look on the bright side. We could have laid down and died. We could have given up, tucked our tail between our legs, and accepted that butt-whipping like Kevin Bacon in Animal House, with nothing but a "Thank you sir, may I have another?" for Bama as they left our house with a win, our dignity in tow.

But, to their great credit, they didn't do that. They fought, clawed, overcame, and dug themselves out of that big black hole. They scored 30 points on one of the best defenses in the country even after they had succeeded wildly in making us one-dimensional. The nation will jab us and chant overrated, but the coaches of the SEC will see one big thing: no big lead is safe when Matt Stafford is under center.

Yes, it's a dark day. But, moreso than after the Tennessee game last year or the Vandy game the season before that - we know without question that these Dawgs won't quit, won't ever stop fighting, and won't ever lay down in the face of whatever adversity.

Yes, we lost - so did Florida. We still control our own destiny in the SEC. Anyone who thinks we're out of the title conversation right now is an idiot. We've got two weeks to let this sit in our minds, and an opportunity to exorcise some demons when Tennessee comes to town. Don't throw our boys under the bus yet - we're still very much in the hunt.


Anonymous said...

I'll add another positive echoing Mickey, Floria lost. That keeps us in the hunt for the SEC East title and possibly a conference title.

Shoaib Ashraf said...

I was really proud in the way the Dawgs played - in the 2nd half. In my opinion, Alabama had to call and execute a perfect game and wait for us to self-destruct to win. In other words, I believe we beat ourselves which gives me a bit of comfort knowing that if we could just cut down our penalties then we can still have a very successful year.

I look forward to seeing Bama in the SEC Championship. Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

.... Why do we have to get penalties!!!!! if it werent for two penalties... Bama wouldn't have scored twice.. richt needs to get on these boys during the bye week

Anonymous said...

Hey Ugay,
Expect more of the same bed-wetting at home. You got the Vols, Vandy and Tech coming to your house to do the same as the Tide!
FYI: Leave the black jersey in the closet!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if I could post here by saying that I hate to say I told you so after the South Carolina game. But since everyone here continues to insist on being delusional I'll just tell the truth, again! That Georgia team is middle of road, average, mediorce, nothing special at best! Part of the problem is that you have a Defensive Coordinator that can not even coach a position so why allow him to coordinate a whole defense. You have that sorry Mike Bobo who is more equipped to coach park football than A high football running the offense. More to the point he is also ruining the potential careers of quarterbacks. David Greene eas better his freshman year than his senior year because Mike Bobo ruined him instead of helping him to take his game to the next level. Stafford is suffering at his hands now. Damon needs to lay own the law on Mark Richt and tell him to get quality Coordinators and assistants in here are the whole lot of them will be looking for jobs. Last night is just the beginning folks, I potentially see three more loses.

Smitty said...

Well on the bright side Tenn, Auburn and Florida are all beatable.

We made some dumb dumb dumb penalties. We got that fumble but we punched the QB in the face. Nice move. I hope they run his ass until he pukes. Our punter sucked. And we gave Julio at least a 5 yard cushion everywhere he went.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tide Pride,

Are you saying then that Alabama is no better than Tennessee, Vandy, or Georgia Tech? I thought Alabama looked pretty good but I stand corrected.

W. Bull

Anonymous said...

First, hats off to a great team. They jumped out by 30 points, and great teams ('Bama looks like one of those) don't lose thirty point leads.

Anyway, we facilitated many of those points with penalties--however warranted or not. We've GOT to stop that. Also, that first half for 'Bama went as someone said above perfect for them. I mean, that AJ Green bobble into their defenders arms could be explained as nothing but bad luck for us. And John Parker Wilson was wearing a Joe Namath jersey underneath his own, because he's never played like that in his life.

I'm of course grasping for anything in what was ultimately a butt-kicking. I'm glad for our team that we have a bye-week to straighten things out. And perhaps this loss will refocus our team, and discipline us on the field as well; that's what losses like this have done to our team the past two seasons anyway. But I'll join others in congratulating the Tide on a great victory, and I WANT to see you guys again in Atlanta.

Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

One thing that has been frustrating me since last night, and I've read things that get at this idea on other blogs, is this tendency uga has to fall apart.

Its like, against SC, yeah we'll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day. But when we lose, we don't have many pretty losses.

We have these all-hell-breaks-loose / we-totally-fall-apart loses. I just don't get where it comes from - what is it about uga teams that lets this happen?

Anonymous said...

All you folks wanting a rematch with Alabama in Atlanta (good luck with that) should remember that double spanking Nick Saban & LSU gave Georgia a few years ago!

Oh and to the guy asking why Georgia has "these all-hell-breaks-loose / we-totally-fall-apart loses" one word: COACHING.

Anonymous said...

Just want to say that I thought Matthew Stafford played very well. Had AJ Green kept his hands on that pass in the second quarter when it was 17-0, instead of that weird bobble that got intercepted, I say we drive to at least a field goal, if not a touchdown. That's a 10-14 point swing for the Dawgs, since Bama scored after this.

Stafford's stats for the game don't reflect how well he played. There were some unacceptable drops (thankfully none that changed the outcome - Moore was repeatedly undeeming and redeeming himself) and bad breaks. But there was a minute where I thought we were going to make a huge comeback - until consecutive sack and holding penalties killed a drive that would have scored.

Anonymous said...

Well, you cannot spot a team 31 points and expect to make a comeback (Reminds me of the sugar bowl against WVU a few years back where we did the same thing). We don’t have a problem finishing, our problem lies in beginning, we always seem to get off to a slow start, and rely on the defense to cover the team until the offense gets it together. Championship teams CANNOT do this!! We must come together as a TEAM!! offense and defense must become one. This loss is on the coaches, we were not ready to play, much like the UT game last year, which sparked our win streak that ended last night. My only hope is that this loss will do the same, and spark us into a rematch with BAMA on Dec. 6th.

sidenote: Willie, you need training on making defensive adjustments during the game, there is no rule that says you must stick with gameplan till halftime, then change…. that is what costs us the game, your inability to make defensive adjustments!! absolutely inexcusable

sidenote: Why do we have one guy signaling in plays and other teams have three?? Is it possible ole ST. Nick was Belichicking our offensive calls??

Anonymous said...

Alabama has one thing that UGA doesn't have: the killer instinct.

I like CMR but this team was not ready to play. Alabama had shown all year that they want to knock you out in the first quarter. We won the coin toss and didn't take the ball. Big mistake. 7-0 Alabama.

We aren't going to have a national championship with this defense. Call it what you will but that's the cold hard truth.

Anonymous said...

This has got to be one of the most depressing loses I have ever seen. The atmosphere was incredible, GameDay was here, the game was nationally televised......and everything about the first half was pathetic. Why are we giving their receivers 10 yard cushions while we are not even bringing QB pressure? Why are we running QB sweeps when we are down by a huge margin? And all these penalties?!?!? are you kidding me? It looked like the first half of the Tennessee game last year. How could any of our players and coaches possibly let than happen again. There are a lot more questions than answers but we have to have faith that we will get back on track

Anonymous said...

Since no one has brought it up yet, I was really impressed that our fans didn't ALL leave after the first half last night. I thought for sure the fans would mutiny on the team, but the stadium was still full for the 2nd half.

On another note, I spent the 2nd half sitting between Marlon Brown and Brandon Smith. Needless to say, they were a bit shocked after the first half. However, they were impressed with the campus, the fans and the way we fought back in the 2nd half. Both said they felt certain that if they choose to come to UGA they would see the field as freshmen. These 2 kids couldn't have been any nicer, and I was very impressed with their demeanor and outlook on things. Both would be great additions.

Anonymous said...

Not one persons fault but there were two embarassments last night:

Coach Mike "Screenmaster" Bobo.

Coach Willie "Adjustments?" Martinez.

Either of those guys pulls their heads out of their asses before Richt does it for them at half time, and the game is winnable. All we needed was one sustained drive, or a quick stop on defense before halftime. Instead on offense we were practicing for the Screen Olympics and on defense we were testing how much cushion it is possible to give their receivers. I think at one point I saw our corners 15 yards off the line of scrimmage. And of course because of this converted 3rd and long with ease. Pathetic.

And I'm not saying fire Bobo. He's shown he can call a damn good game. But now he's also shown he can get too cute for his own good.

But I'm also not saying DON'T fire Martinez. Getting blown out like that, after having a history of your defense getting blown out in big games. It's just sad and something needs to be done. I don't think we'll fire him, but maybe think about a defensive coaching shuffle.

Anonymous said...

For those of you jumping down Martinez' throat, here are a couple things to consider:

- Alabama's offensive play-calling and execution in the first half was flawless. We had a sound game-plan (to stop their run and make John Parker Wilson beat us). Unfortunately, JPW played a terrific game. It's hard to defend a team that is executing the run and pass at that level.

- We lost our primary defensive leader (Ellerbe) in the first drive of the game. He hasn't had tons of tackles this year but don't underestimate how the loss of his vocal leadership mid-game affects our squad.

- Our defense answered the bell in the second half. We outscored them 30-10 in the final two quarters.

I'm not saying our defense had a good game. You cannot win when you spot a team 31 points. And yes, I know we have had some high-profile games where our defense gets their tails whipped. But check out the job Martinez has done over the past several years as DC and there aren't many in the country who are better. For every bad game there have been 2-3 where our defense has won the game for us.

Finally... last night we ran into a very tough team. Expect Alabama to play in the SEC championship and likely be in the conversation for national title. That being said, we are a better team right now than we were last year at this point. We'll be a better team in November than we are right now. None of our goals are out of reach.

Anonymous said...

They lost together as a team.

We lost together as a fanbase.

Let's stop pointing fingers and get them pointed in the right direction.

I still believe.

We rallied last year after an embarrasing loss to Tennessee.

This year, we can start over with a win against them.



Anonymous said...

What is the problem with all the penalties ?

It does not look like the offense it hitting on all cylinders.

What is up with all the deep stuff instead of trying to get the underneath yardage. We all know that Staford has a great arm but it was like we were pushing the envelope last night trying to get it all back at once.
Our lines on both sides of the ball were outplayed all night.

And our running game was not there at all.

We have a week off, thank goodness.

I am not sure what the questions was but we sure did not have the answer.

With that said we can regroup and go forward.

But the penalties are killing us..they may have been able to get away with them early in the season, but with the rest of our schedule that is not going to work.

Alabama is a very good football team and they may very well run the table, if so hopefully we will play them again in the championship game. Hopefully by then we will have all of this figured out.

Rest a week, take a deep breath, get ready to rock and roll and whatever we do don't give up on the dogs.


Anonymous said...

Dog44, you hit the nail on the head.

If some of the "Dawgs" out there want to jump off the bandwagon because we got the crap kicked out of us, go ahead.

It's one game. We are still in control of our own destiny.

That's more than we could say at this point last year.

Hopefully, there will be enough room for you "Dawgs" to jump back on IF we hit another 7 game winning streak to close the season out.

I'm sure NOBODY in the locker room, coaches or players, were pleased with that game. Players play. Coaches coach. Fans cheer.

Don't spread hate.

That's not what we need.

Go Dawgs!

Will said...

Anyone else (like me) think that holding Bama well under 3 ypc on the ground and forcing JPW (who had proven to be inconsistent at best prior to last night) would've worked?

Nobody really thought the kid would go 12-16 and start the game 9 for 10.

Anonymous said...

Dog44 said:

"Alabama's offensive play-calling and execution in the first half was flawless. We had a sound game-plan (to stop their run and make John Parker Wilson beat us). Unfortunately, JPW played a terrific game. It's hard to defend a team that is executing the run and pass at that level."

That's a trademark of CWM's game plans. He always tries to make a Sr. QB beat us. In the past Leak, Ainge, and now Wilson have played teriffic games. This tactic is old. A Sr. QB in the SEC will beat you. As a DC if you rely on a Sr. SEC QB to screw up in order to win a game, you are going to get beat more times than not. For that reason, CWM deserves the heat for this loss.

Anonymous said...

I agree that parts of the offensive and defensive game plans were not well thought out. I believed going in that we should play a short passing game and wide runs to hold possesion and make their huge D-line run as much as possible. It doesn't do a lot of good to stuff the run and then play off the receivers 10 yards when you get them in a third and long.

On the other hand, adjustments were made and the Dawgs fought hard in the second half. I believe that Alabama may be the best team in the country right now (although I haven't really watched the Big 12teams enough to be sure.)

We will see Alabama again in Atlanta and I don't think it will all go Bama's way next time.

Anonymous said...

Will, with the line JPW is working behind, its no wonder he looks so good. He had no pressure, NONE, for most of the night. Any high school QB could do what he did with that mamoth, unmoving line protecting him.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Georgia will beat Alabama IF they meet again is down right stupid.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say we would beat them. Just said the game won't look like this one. I may be "down right stupid" but I think the UGA team that takes the field three months from now will be a lot better than what we saw last night.

Anonymous said...

As bad as this looks, I believe that for some reason our team has to be absolutely embarassed in at least one game every year. Both coaches and players seem to only get fully motivated when their backs are a against the wall and they know for it's do or die. I hate that it seems to be that way, but hopefully that's what will happen.

In response to the fans, I was very proud of the way we all took the loss. Down 24 points in the second half, the stadium was still the loudest I have heard it since the Blackout game last year.

DFine22 said...

We had match-up advantages, they had match-up advantages. We were flat out OUT-COACHED!!

Anonymous said...

I think we're maul the living shit out of Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Hairy Dawg about Stafford. We have not put a respectable offensive line around him and I agree he deserves better.
Seems like a waste of QB talent.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind when Georgia gets their ass kicked by a better football team and that is what happened Saturday night.

It is a bitter dose of reality but the fact remains that Alabama is that much better than Georgia.

We can still face them in the championship game but in order to beat them there every call and every bounce will have to go our way.

I think we can play competitively with Auburn, Florida and Tennessee.

LSU could make the Alabama game look close.

Anonymous said...

When men play boys men win. We should have learned in SC that our defense was not that strong. Why give Bama the ball first did we not read their first Q stats ??

gorjus said...

From a Bama fan and Roll Bama Roll reader, I just want to say that Georgia is a helluva team, and Knowshon is the real deal. Hope he stays healthy and leaps over Fulmer's head. Here's to a good rivalry in the future, Dawgs.

I do want to say: I know what's it like to be losing games when you KNOW the talent is there. Since 1993ish it's been burning in my guts. Y'all have all the right pieces, and I think a good coach. Sometimes it's just SEC football. For good or for bad, one loss doesn't define a season anymore. Keep banging.

Unknown said...

"Decaturdawg" - I can't have you posting on the site under that name. I mentioned that on another thread.

Please pick another user name or I'll have to keep deleting that stuff.



Unknown said...

You're right. You can't put the blame on only one part of the team. That being said... Every single game there is one part that I believe is highly suspect. The offensive play-calling. I sincerely believe that to be the weakest link on our team. Ever since Bobo took over the play-calling its been bad.
Richt needs to take that headset back. I'm not saying fire Bobo. If Spurrier can take it from his son in the biggest game of SC's season and almost upset the UGA, then Richt needs to do the same.
Its too late now though (at least for an undefeated season). Richt won't though.

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