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October 8, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice, Cupcakes and Herschel Walker

These photos were taken today on the streets of New York during the filming of Celebrity Apprentice. (Image: Herschel Walker and Ivanka Trump) Herschel's team consisted of:
    Tom Green
    Andrew Dice Clay
    Dennis Rodman
    Clint Black
    Scott Hamilton
    Bryan McKnight
    Jesse James
Their team was assigned to sell cupcakes. Per one of our NYC Alumni:
"While I was there Tony Hawk donated $1k, and Donnie Deutsch donated $10k. Apparently the [contestants] actually cooked the cupcakes themselves at the Culinary Institute. Not sure who the team leader was, but wouldn't be surprised if it were Herschel - he was front & center the whole time. This is apparently the first episode - I think the season begins in January."
The rest of the photos are below.

Herschel's face on the Cupcake Van. Scott Hamilton was inside the van serving.

NYC Area Dawgs.

I was told about 100 of our people showed up to help Herschel.

This the media chaos surrounding the shoot. Jessie James is closest to the camera and Bryan McKnight is in the background.

Ivanka Trump, Andrew Dice Clay and Tom Green. Together at last.

Dennis Rodman and Jessie James no doubt talking world affairs.

The cupcakes in question. "A little overcooked and too sweet" was the verdict.



Anonymous said...

Did anyone kick Tom Green in the nuts while he was there?....No?....oh well.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My cousin lives in NY and bought a few of those $20 cupcakes.

He said they weren't that great as well...but, it was for charity.

He also told me that meeting Clint Black and the Dice Man was awesome, but meeting Herschel Walker was better than meeting the President.

Anonymous said...

Poor HW....his team is made up of laughingstock has-beens and circus clowns. I hope the best of his multiple personalities shows up on the show.

Kevin said...

The cupcakes were awful, and I'm pretty sure (after checking the account this morning) Herschel charged me $200 instead of the $20 I suggested.
However, it f*@#ing ruled.

Anonymous said...

Man Kevin, Herschel gave your bank account the Bill Bates treatment.

Jennifer of JennySue Makeup said...

Go you Herschel Walker. I predict he makes the top 2....Wait a minute, I didn't think anyone watched The Apprentice anymore, besides me of course:)

If Herschel makes the top 2 on Celeb Appr. and no one watches, did it really happen??

Anonymous said...

those are some nasty lookin cupcakes. But glad he's doing well & representing Georgia!

dean said...

Looks like Herschel gave the cupcakes the "Bill Bates" treatment. That sounded a lot funnier in my head.

Anonymous said...

dean said...
Looks like Herschel gave the cupcakes the "Bill Bates" treatment. That sounded a lot funnier in my head.

It also sounded funnier when "anonymous" beat you to the 5 hours.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that Herschel is not doing the Heisman pose with a cupcake on the side of the van.

Anonymous said...

Herschel promoting cupcakes? There's a good SEC joke in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Herschel and his team have a new task to sell wedding dresses in NY !!! They will be at R K Bridal Store at 318 West 9th Street between 11 and 2 Tommorrow Saturday Oct 11th. If you know someone who's getting married or better yet if you want to just buy a wedding dress signed by Herschel and his team- the money all goes to a great charity!!! Besides, wouldn't you rather have a signed wedding dress instead of a signed jersey!!!! How cool is that!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION!!!!R K Bridal Store is located at 125 West 21st Street. Come out between 11 & 2 and get a signed wedding dress by Herschel Walker and Dennis Rodman.

Anonymous said...

I'd pay money to see Dennis try on another wedding dress!!

Anonymous said...

RE: cupcake event, Herschel in the kitchen with the....sugar...bowl....go Herschel, go DAWGS!!!!!!!

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