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October 1, 2008

The Kiante Tripp Situation

You know I love that suit (Image: AJC)

The way it was described to me today was along the lines of this...We don't have Chandler for several weeks. We don't have Figgins possibly for the rest of the season. Aron White is smallish when it comes to blocking, and Ros isn't ready.

That leaves us with two options:
    A. Move to a predominately 4 WR look that ditches the TE. That option might require a pretty significant retooling of the play book, and it could hurt the running game.

    B. Move Kiante Tripp to TE. Tripp probably runs a 4.8-4.9 forty yard dash, and he's not physically built like the normal OT (much faster). What you'd give up in the passing game via a field stretching TE threat, you'd gain in essentially adding another OT to the formation on running downs. You'd also create wicked match-up problems against SAM linebackers and Safeties, and you'd help our existing OTs block better.
If I'm Richt, I probably take a blend of a little of Option A and a lot of Option B.

David Hale and Chip Towers both have their interviews with Kiante up, and he's a riot. His attitude is incredibly positive.

The only concern I have about the position switch is the number of snaps Kiante will get. It looked to my untrained eye that Justin Anderson struggled at right tackle against Alabama. If Tripp is going to play sparingly at TE instead of virtually every snap at LT or RT, then this is a questionable deployment of talent. However, if we're going to weave him in pretty regularly at TE, then it makes a great deal of sense.

It's an odd move, but this one falls under the heading "Trust Richt."



HiAltDawg said...

Which suit do you love -- they're both Dope!

p.s. florida sucks and their jorts look stupid

Anonymous said...

I guess you gotta at least give it a shot. I don't like the idea mentioned in Hale's piece though about having Tripp drop 30 pounds. It would make him a more effective tight end, but I'd worry about a guy's energy level if he's dropping that much weight over a fairly short period of time. Better, I think, to just deal with the shortcomings of a 290-pound tight end than to deal with the shortcomings of an underfed 260-pound tight end.

Ian smith said...

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Anonymous said...

I love it, it will provide a serious threat down field and in short passes. No one will be able to tackle him, lol. I say try it out for the UT game, can't hurt. Maybe a couple of snaps before halftime or something.

Anonymous said...

But can he catch?

Anonymous said...

That Red suit is kick arse. If i was a brother I would wear that in a heartbeat. Looks Sharp.


Anonymous said...

hands of stone or hands of johnny bench?

Maybe they'll think to practice this new concept b/f TN. Seems the "closed practices" b/f AL were just a ploy for them to watch Oprah.

Anonymous said...

At this point it is really the best option we have. This will keep the running game intact along with Sutherland returning and give Stafford better protection to throw. It will also give us and additional weapon at the right time. Kiante will not need to drop a pound and I don't see the staff making him do that. I do see them keeping him from getting bigger though.

Anonymous said...

This could work. They'll have to throw to him just to keep the defense honest but if he catches a couple look out. He couldn't be any worse than Tripped Chandler. Sorry, but Chandler is the least talented tight end we've had in 20 years. Kiante Tripp will really shore up the run blocking.

Anonymous said...

how big is he compared to Pope I wonder?

Anonymous said...

I had the the opportunity to meet Kiante at the Ladies Fottball camp. What a great kid. He was surprising as an offensive lineman b/c he just didn'tlook that big. Solid Muscle though.

He did the box drill for us and was impressive. All of the guys are really.

If he can catch at all I think we come out ahead on this deal.

He even signed my banner! Go Kiante. Trust Richt!

Anonymous said...

everyone vote for knowshon...michigan state is sneaking up fast

Anonymous said...

Let the big DAWG eat!!
Mo-shawn needs to get rid of the mohawk. He's feeding into the hype and needs to get back to hardnosed football.

Anonymous said...

Chandler is a very solid blocker. I agree that we might have to through to Tripp in order to keep the D honest while he is in there, but White will get most of the snaps, especially on passing downs. Again, not a guarantee that Chandler won't be back for UT.

Anonymous said...

someone asked about a pope comparison, made me curious:

tripp: 6'6" 294 lbs
pope: 6'7" 250 lbs (as a junior)

according to, pope ran a 4.6 coming out of high school.

ChicagoDawg said...

I am less concerned about the fit at TE and more disappointed to find out that Tripp is obviously not the answer at LT. If you have a stud LT, you don't move him to TE -- no way, no how, regardless of TE shortages. LTs are franchise players, so this moves clearly says to me that Tripp's absence against Bama was less about injury and more about performance and his subsequent move to TE this week only seems to confirm that suspicion. That is unfortunate because he certainly seems to have the physical build/athleticism be a dominant DE and/or LT, yet he hasn't been able to produce results at either. I hope for his sake and for the team that this latest move works out, but I will be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Before the season started and I bet someone could dig it up, I noted that to win a national title took some "luck"--not the best word, but it is late in the day. One factor is staying healthy, UGA has had a lot of major injuries to major cogs. The TE is a valuable tool in an offensive arsenal (or should be).

Another injury that damages the chances of a national title.

Anonymous said...

"you'd gain in essentially adding another OT to the formation on running downs."

I say leave Tripp in to block on passing downs too. Stafford can't take too many more beatings like last game. (I would also keep a healthy Chandler in to block on passing downs. He would do less damage that way.)

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