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November 19, 2008

Arizona Coming to Athens for Preseason NIT

However, in a cruel tease, it is impossible for Georgia to play them given that the NIT is run by boobs. The Athens Pod for the P-NIT was announced today. I was wrong about 3 of the 4 teams in my predictions yesterday. Shocker huh? The participants will be:
    Santa Clara
    Mississippi Valley
Sadly, it's not set up as a tournament bracket at this point. That means no UGA vs. 'Zona possibility. Our two games are set. The schedule is:

Nov. 24thMon.Mississippi Valley vs. Arizona5:45 PM, ET
Nov. 24thMon.Santa Clara @ Georgia8:00 PM, ET
Nov. 25thTues.Santa Clara vs. Arizona5:45 PM, ET
Nov. 25thTues.Mississippi Valley @ Georgia8 PM, ET

Why on earth would the P-NIT organizers send Santa Clara and Arizona all the way across country to play in an empty gym in Athens, GA at 5:45 on a Tuesday? That's idiotic. How does that help ticket sales for the P-NIT? How does that help the schools?

Damn. I was excited at first. Arizona in Athens would be a very big deal.



Mike said...

Did you see the end of Arizona's game last night?


Anonymous said...

That does not make any sense at all. A college football playoff will not work because of the strain of sending teams all around the country, yet there is not a problem with sending basketball teams from the west coast all the way to Athens, Georgia for a meaningless game...Does Miles Simon or Gilbert Arenas still play for the Cats?

Anonymous said...

Where do I have to stand in line to get those Missippi Valley vs. UGA basketball tickets?

Anonymous said...

It's not set up like a tournament because it's a Consolation bracket.
Teams that sign up for the P-NIT are guaranteed to play 4 games. That's all. That's why it's playing out this way.

As for why they have Arizona flying cross country to play here, I think it's punishment for the way they lost to UAB. They earned a trip to the big empty Stegosaurus with those 2 dumb fouls!

Anonymous said...

So what's our punishment for losing to Loyola?

Anonymous said...

our punishment...?

We're still Georgia basketball.

the tri guy said...

You're looking at it the wrong way. Losing to Loyola IS our punishment for hiring Dennis Felton.

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to see that the final 30+/- seconds in the last AZ game took over seven minutes to play. Can they do something about speeding up the games, like they did in football?

Anonymous said...

Here's my suggestion to speed up basketball games: eliminate the first half. No-one cares about basketball until the end of the game anyway...

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