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November 30, 2008

The Defense is Broken

There are talent gaps on this team. Some of those talent gaps were caused by injury, and others were caused by recruiting mistakes. Regardless of the cause, you have to accept that there are talent gaps.

If you're being honest, you also have to accept that the roster that was ranked #1 preseason never really materialized due to injuries.

It isn't easy to scheme around some of Georgia’s defensive talent/injury problems. The lack of play makers at defensive end is particularly problematic. When you can't get to the QB with a four man rush, it puts stress on your linebackers and defensive backs. The result is a cascading problem. Sort of like a rolling blackout where breakdowns in coverage and scheme happen in different spots.

All of that said. UGA did NOT lose to Georgia Tech on Saturday because of talent problems on the defense. UGA lost because:
  • You have to wrap up when you tackle.
  • You have to approach the ball carrier with bad intentions.
  • You can't shoulder nudge your way to victory.
  • You have to play assignment football against the option.
  • You can’t take a record number of bad angles in pursuit of the runner.
And UGA lost because of special teams and penalties…which we will cover in a separate post. Georgia lost because the Bulldogs did the same things that they've done all year.

You want to know why I haven't blogged much the past few weeks? What's to say? From mid 2005-2008, the song has remained mostly the same. We got a 6 game reprieve from our problems in late 2007, but it's been the same problems for most of that period. It gets redundant saying the same things over and over. “If we tackle well, don’t get lots of penalties and score points in the redzone, blah, blah, blah.” It gets old talking about that every week.

Bad tackling, bad angles and a lack of violence have been eroding the play of the defense. I've bent over backwards to excuse the problems away to talent and injuries. But that wasn't the problem on Saturday.

It's one thing to get your ass handed to you by the #1 and #2 teams in America. It sucks, but it's part of football. The Gators and Tide are most certainly more talented than Georgia. Georgia Tech most certainly is not more talented. Our players should not be giving up 45 points to a program with Tech's personnel. Ever.

In my opinion, the underlying problem appears to be that the Georgia Bulldog coaching staff is clearly settling for this level of play. That starts with Mark Richt.

He has settled for the penalty situation. He has settled for our keystone cops kickoff coverage. He has settled for the off field discipline issues. He has settled for the erosion of quality in the defense. He had settled for half-assed offensive line recruiting until UAB mercifully took our problem in that area out of town.

You get what you settle for in life. And Richt’s problem with apparently settling for this level of play is bigger than Brian Van Gorder versus Willie Martinez. Why? Because it’s a problem across the board.

The defense is broken. I have no idea how to fix it, but I’m not paid $2-3 million a year to figure that out. If it were as simple as firing Willie Martinez, I’d say “do that.” But the bigger issue is Mark Richt needs to decide that playing this style of football is as much fun, personally rewarding, or successful as playing the style of football that he initial brought to Athens. The style of football we all fell in love with.

In early 2006, I posted a note about Why I Believe in Mark Richt Football (link fixed). Unfortunately, Georgia didn’t play with the violence, mental toughness or aggression in 2008 that I described back then.

The problem is bigger than just the defense. Heaven knows the special teams are a wreck and penalties are killing us. But it’s the defense where our problems showcase every wart of the program.

It’s up to Richt. Is he going to settle for this? Because this isn’t about Wins and Losses. This is about an erosion of a style of play that will be his undoing over time if he doesn’t reel it in now.

This off season will be interesting to watch.

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Unknown said...

I turned the comments back on.

There's a way to express yourself without extreme profanity, personal attacks or attacking the players irrationally.


Anonymous said...

I think CMR needs to look no further than Fat Phil as an example of how quickly you can fall from grace in the SEC. It's hard to maintain the level of football we played from 2002-2005. However, maintaining the level we've played from 2006-2008 (save, really, four games at the end of 2007) is a good way to get fired. CMR is a smart man. He understands what needs to happen, and I have full confidence he'll make it happen.

Watson said...

Two things:

I highly recommend reading David Hale's live blog of the game from yesterday Even he sees the failure in the coaching.

Secondly, Lane Kiffin has reportedly gotten his dad, Monte Kiffin (yes that Monte Kiffin of the Bucs) to come be the Defensive coordinator next season. Willie Martinez has done nothing but REGRESSED ever since he got the DC job. UT will be back next season provided their offense can find some identity. God help us because Richt needs to have a talk with Martinez and Fabris.

Anonymous said...

it is time to reinvent UGA football. to put simply, the players do not fear CMR. I don't expect CMR to change his stripes, nor do I want him gone. However, he must boot Willie and hire someone to be an absolute hardass on the players, someone they would fear and respect. Erk was a perfect compliment to Vince. That is exactly what this program needs. A defensive asskicker to come in a change attitudes.

Anonymous said...

A little something to lighten the mood... fill in the blank:

Reshad Jones tackles like a ____.

Note: I'm not taking a personal shot at him. I'm hoping he reads this and gets pissed off for the Bowl Game.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Yeah. . . . I’m not shocked by the substance of this post—I completely agree with it, so I salute you for it. But I’m surprised to read it here. It seems like an “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost America” kind of moment. (Except for this to make sense it would be Richt saying “If I’ve lost Westerdawg, I’ve lost Dawgnation.” Well, whatever—I hope you get my point).

It’s clear to me that the winds of change are rushing through Dawgnation, but I’m not convinced that there’s going to be any significant change of tack in UGA football. You’re right—the off-season will be interesting. And no doubt excruciating. . . .

Anonymous said...

I love it when you guys are forced to turn off the comments....LOL...hey dont be hatin' on Sir Richt now! You backed him during one of the most classless acts in guys should have seen him for what he was at that took the lowest of the low..a Tech loss for you to figure it out...well better late than never..oh by the way..good job on a SEC loss to a crappy ACC team...makes us all look bad....
One more thing..
49-10 baby..still dancin???

Anonymous said... your gators while you can because when urban weiner gets another nat'l title...he's off to greener - and less trailer park littered - pastures.

Anonymous said...

Boogers, you did not win that game, we lost that game. Go talk to yor friends who know football. Any good defense will shut the gators down.

There is no reason to rant. Either Richt fixes the problems or he leaves and soon. A University like ours which charges so much to attend games can not afford let the program flounder too long.

Anonymous said...

I'll give it a shot :)

Reshad Jones tackles like Stephen Hawking if he had no arms.

Paul York said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

re: bad angles...
Quite true. Like leading birds at a dove shoot you have to teach the tacklers to aim for where the ball carrier is "going to be", NOT where he has "already been." And when you do hit him, knock him down, don't nudge him with the shoulder......

Anonymous said...

I don't know, Hawking's chair could still cause trip someone up. I'm thinking something more akin to a soap bubble, but even that might sting your eyes and cause you to stumble if it hit just right. Man, this is a thoughie...

All I know is Jones better study hard in that Consumer Economics degree. He'll not be managing a large personal portfolio from pro salary unless he figures out how to open and close those arms. It's a shame 'cause he's got decent legs and hands. Perhaps if he played without pads he'd be less inclined to throw a shoulder at every passing ball carrier...

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Boogers, I was at that game last year, and I still think that was the second best moment as aN UGA fan, second only to Michael Johnson's TD catch in 2002. It was a brilliant move, and the only thing that Richt should not have done is apologize for it. It exposed Meyer for the snivelling little egomaniac he is. He was just upset that he didn't think to do it first. And before you go on about Meyer would never condone such a thing, perhaps you recall a little Tiger eye jumping in LSU a few weeks earlier?

Enjoy the Florida win this year because the dominance is over. You will just be the last to get the memo.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't think there's a better coach out there than CMR. But he has got to find it in his gut to make those changes, whether its scheme, coaching, talent, etc.

With respect to Watson above I do not believe sitting down and talking to coaches is going to help. Just my opinion!

Anonymous said...

This season reminds me of 2000. That team started with great expectations, and ended with Donnan being fired. Significant changes need to be made after this season, also.

I used to be big Martinez defender because I thought the defense got too much of the blame for the losses and not enough credit whenever Georgia won.

That is not the case now. I can't defend Martinez anymore.

Anonymous said...

407 yards rushing. An offense based off a Mouse Davis "double -slot run and shoot " with an option that was implemented by Coach Erskine Russel and Coach Paul Johnson at Georgia Southern back in the mid 80s that won six 1AA Championships was not suppose to work at this level. Yah right ! Go figure, Erk knew what he was doing. Now Tech will be the next running back factory, well for those not majoring in chair stacking.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is going to change. Old Saint Richt belives to fans "don't know anything about the game" and problems will go away if we ignore them. This is really the first time during Richt's tenure that he has felt some real heat. Let's see how he responds. My guess is we'll get the Bobby Bowden "aw shucks" nonsense and nothing will change unless Richt is on the hot seat.


Hobnail_Boot said...

Reshad Jones tackles like someone who is trying to play both S positions at the same time because the other 5* recruit back there isn't that good.

Anonymous said...

I would love nothing more than to see BVG back. However, Pollack's injury might be our blessing. Put him in the position of firing up the charges, and it might be BVG squared. I bet #9 (who can't tackle as well as my 10 year old niece) wouldn't even see the field.

Anonymous said...


Y'all do realize that Jones was our 2nd leading tackler yesterday (most solo's) with a TLF and an INT, right?
I agree that the misses are frustrating, but we might've given up 500 yds without #9 out there.

Keep the ire pointed at Willie, Richt, etc.
Whining about specific players is just sad.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Coach Garner get his shot at running the Unit Formerly Known As Defense (UFKAD). I know for a fact that every D lineman is scared to death of pissing Coach Garner off, I can't say the same for Willie. Also, Garner isn't going to stick around forever, and the last thing we need is our recruiting coordinator leaving for a coordinator position somewhere else in the SEC (or Clemson). I doubt that Willie gets fired, but I wouldn't be surprised if he magically found greener pastures at another school in the next month.

On the bright side, that was a hell of a gameplan by Bobo. I just wish he had gone to a predominately spread shotgun offense earlier in the year.

Anonymous said...

Note to Bulldog Nation and CMR:
There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Paul Johnson!!! The drought has ended and a new rivalry has begun.

Johnson 1
Richt 0

Yellow Jacket in Athens

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo. I am embarraseed to be a Dawg fan today, not because of the loss, but because of all the belly aching that I hear. You all have short memories. Even you, PWD. The same group is calling for Willie's head and saying how bad Richt is are the same ones who praised them last seaseon. You all gripe when it is bad, but all cheer when it is good. Please Dawgnation, a little bit of consistency. Mark Richt is the same coach who led us to #2 in the country last year. He is the same coach who led us to two SEC titles in 3 seasons.

Where are all the people who were saying Bobo sucks after the Auburn game? Hum? If you score 42 points and pass for 400+ you shut a lot of detractors up.

In 2004 we should have lost to Tech. It took Reggie Ball to throw it away on fourth down for us to win. We went to the freaking Outback Bowl with Thomas Davis, Pollack, Odell and Greene. We got destroyed by Auburn. The next season we did nothing but lose 3 games by a combined 8 points and win the SEC title game by twenty (with a first year starter at QB).

So while you all bash Richt, remember the good that has been done. There needs to be changes in the offseason, but to harp on that over and over again almost discredits Richt. Don't you think he will make those changes? Does he need a bunch of peed off angry fans to remind him of that?

Anonymous said...

These arrogant gators won't be so cocky much longer. They're two players away from the inevitable drop-off.

Speaking of Gators, their 4-loss season a year ago had the fanbase all knotted up. Had Tebow not won the Heisman, the crying would have been much louder.

I believe something good will come from the horror this season has become. That said, we're one win away from 10 and that, in and of itself, is something that we would have given our right arm for pre-Richt.

And speaking of 10 wins, we have the opportunity to do that 6-8 CMR years - very impressive.

But, it also tells me that it's time to knock another lid off this program and surge ahead. I used to believe Richt was the guy to do it. Now, I admit I have some doubts.

Prove me wrong coach.

Anonymous said...

the injuries on defence are a part of life, we should deal with them...and to do that you have to ADJUST. which is obviously something WM isnt known for.when you have injuries you have to find a way to maximise your personel on D. a good proven way to do this is BLITZING. strike 2 for WM and finally if we keep willie another year it seems as if we'll need to install a triple digit scoreboard in sanford for visitors next year...OK State is gonna be pissed off and ready to play next year, we better get ready

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall a post that said penalties did not matter. I have contended all along that they do. Apparently you have come around on this one.

I think penalties are a mental issue. I also think poor tackling is a bit mental as well as in a lack of focus. I also think that teams do not practice tackling enough (Chris Spielman is about the only person who shares this thought and he thinks it is because of the 20 hour rule--does anyone want to question Spielman's bona fides?).

I see penalties as a sign of an undisciplined team whether that is offsides or late hits. Some penalties are situations where you are just overmatched (holding for instance). If you have a lot of penalties it seems the odds are one is going to occur when it will do the utmost damage.

I miss having a kicker who can boom the ball deep into the endzone. Giving a team with a very good offense the ball on the 40 (a couple of times) puts the defense into a bad situation.

Kudos to Massaquoi---what a great game for him. A couple of years ago I was worried that he was going to be a big recruit WR who ends up mediocre.

Anonymous said...

Has Roddy Jones quit runnin' yet?

Jeff said...

Just FYI, the "Why I believe in Mark Richt football" link is broken.

Anonymous said...

"Just FYI, the "Why I believe in Mark Richt football" link is broken."

Ha, so true in so many ways...

I like the idea of giving Coach Garner his shot at running the defense. Additionally, it'd be nice to give him extra incentive to stay as long as possible.

When CWM has his all-star defensive line in place, his scheme is going to work. Unfortunately, the talent is not always going to be there to execute such a rigid gameplan. I can't think of a game where CWM adjusted. All of his showcase games have been when Georgia's defense jumped the other team from the start. CSS is a good example of a coach making the necessary adjustments when needed.

Anonymous said...

Off of this topic, but it pertains to the articles about OU going to the Big 12 title game over Texas, etc.

From AP article:

"The winner of the Southeastern Conference Championship Game between the Crimson Tide and Gators is virtually guaranteed a spot in the BCS national title game on Jan. 8 in Miami. Oklahoma would earn the other spot by beating Missouri. If the Sooners lose, it could open the door for Texas to go to the national title game, despite not playing for its conference championship, or Southern California."

Reading that sentence about Texas going to the national title game, DESPITE NOT PLAYING FOR ITS CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP, just burns me up. And it has nothing to do with any ill will towards Texas or OU or anything like that. Does anyone remember last year, when that was the argument against us going to the title game?

The situation between us last year and Texas this year is eerily similar. Both tied for first in their division and were denied the opportunity to play for a conference championship. But yet, this year, it is suddenly OK, when last year, it was held against us.

I know it is not good to dwell on the past and I am not suggesting that we should have gone over LSU, but the media can't have different standards for different teams.

OK. That's the end of my rant. Just had to let some steam off when I read that. I was quite satisfied with the end of our season last year.

Anonymous said...

I love the Dawgs. And I haven't missed a bowl game in 5 years.

But the real question is, do I want to pay $200-$300 to watch Javon Ringer run all over our D? Still on the fence.

Maybe we'll flip the switch during the bowl season layoff? Maybe the Capital One will be the last straw for Martinez?

I'm open to suggestions about why I should or shouldn't go.

Not being a fairweather fan by the way. It's just that grad school is more expensive than it used to be.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is all of the
If the team wasn't preseason #1, would this be as big a deal. Looking back, they were #1 on the strength of 7 straight wins. Yeah, it looked good, but none of those teams were top tier teams either. All of them but Hawaii ended up with more than 4 losses. Don't forget, this team wasn't even picked to win the SEC East by SEC sportswriters.

What's funny is all those UGA people who don't think Tech is a "real" rivalry. But, all of a sudden, now that UGA has lost to Tech, people are coming out of the woodwork to suggest that coaches be fired. Just get a grip!

Anonymous said...

I've already posted this on Dawgsports, but it bears mentioning again.

17, 7, 17, 13, 7, 12, 17.

That's what we allowed Tech to score in the past seven games. You'll notice that we gave up more points in the third quarter alone yesterday than in any of the previous seven games.

Not only that, but we also gave up more points yesterday than in any THREE consecutive games during the win streak.

Tech's got a shiny new offense and all, I get that. But they ain't that much better.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Chavis is free now. For all the crap in knoxville, he was the speck on a large turd.

He's a great DC, maybe Richt should show him some love.

Anonymous said...

Your players gave up 45 points to the Jackets because we are just BETTER. Get used to it. We rolled up 400+ yards on the ground vs Miami so I'm not surprised that we did the same yesterday. CPJ will be around a long time. It sucks for ya'll. Life is good - he is undefeated vs the puppies.

Anonymous said...

I could have sworn that was coach goff I was listening to telling us how much the players are hurting, how hard they played, and how we need to work harder to get better. This team has never become a TEAM. The D plays like they don't trust each other. When you don't trust the guy beside you, then you put yourself on an island. When you are on that island alone you feel no one has your back. From there you get much of what you see from our D.
I have always belived that a team takes on the attitude of its coach, and is led by its seniors. The farther we got away from the CVG years the more you could see the D losing that edge. With each year you could see the tackling getting worst, and the lack of game saving, or game changing plays growing. I would even go so far as to say this year we didn't stop UK or Aub with big plays on D as much as they just were not good enough to make those plays.
From here the ? is does CMR face the fact that their is a problem, or do we make excuses, and promise to work harder.

hoodawg said...

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes PWD. And I think the focus of your post is crucial. It's not scheme, and it's not talent. It's heart, attitude, character, and ethic. If David Pollack/Thomas Davis/Greg Blue era teams had given up 400 rushing yards to Tech, they would have rended their clothes and worn sackcloth while beating themselves with paddles riddled with rusted nails. Listening to the players last night, you got the sense that they were disappointed, but not heartbroken.

Rennie Curran was right. This team has no leaders. It holds no one accountable. Last year, Richt put the team on his shoulders and muscled through the final 6 games. No one has stepped up in the locker room this year to take the role of Evil Richt.

The Georgia tradition is being poisoned and destroyed by players who are apparently disinterested in upholding its greatness. Now, I just ask Evil Richt enforce against his own in the spirit of Ezekiel 25:17: "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers." Amen.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Hawking would not be missing his assignments... no way he leaves the pitch man every time.

Reshad tackles like a like a paraplegic

Anonymous said...

Alabama is clearly more talented than Georgia? Really? We've had a top ten recruiting class for the past five years while they've had Shula and probation. I have no doubt we have more talent on our team - they're just a better coached club, particularly on D.

ugagirl24 said...

PWD - I wish there was some way to get your post into Richt's hands. Well said! I will never understand why Richt continues to settle for this "play down to the level of your competition." I'm so tired of hearing "they are a SEC team and we'll be lucky to win" We did that against South Carolina, Tenn, and Auburn this year and we should have won much bigger than we did in those games. Watching the Mark Richt show makes me sick because every week after a loss he points out that on a particular drive so and so had a great run or a big tackle when we make so many mistakes it's not even funny. I'm glad Richt is our coach, but if changes aren't made I'm afraid we're headed for some gloomy days.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:40...

Three of those low scores were when CWM was here.

But you obviously want to point out only the bad.

Anonymous said...

Roddy Jones just broke a long one again!

Anonymous said...

If anyone hasn't heard, todays media teleconference CMR was asked about coaching changes and he said there wouldn't be any.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually believe that Richt will make any changes? I am starting to wonder. He seems a bit too stubborn and/or loyal to notice a problem. I agree. I don't see the fire in him sometimes, and that concerns me. I, like you, pray that what he says to the media is not what he truly believes. I hope he is angry inside. I hope he does not want to stand for this. I hope there is a change. Unfortunately, I have a feeling, at least for another year, that we'll have to put up with this...Oh well. At least the Falcons are winning...

DAve said...

I guess I could whinge and complain about a dozen or so things, but rather I'd like to ask what I believe to be a very simple question:

"Why hasn't Asher Allen returned a single kickoff this entire season?"

I'm serious; If someone can just provide me with a logical explanation for this, something, anything, I would be greatly appreciative.

Anonymous said...

When the talent is good enough, a blind monkey can coach a team. I want a Willie supporter to give me some fundamental reasons for why he is the right man for the job. Why? When you have NFL talent that happens to fit your "scheme" then you're a genius? Wow. A true defensive guru is someone that can adapt. Injuries are not an excuse. We should not be the worst scoring defense in the SEC. We shouldn't be giving up this many yards and points against teams like UK and GT. We shouldn't lay eggs against teams like Bama and Florida. What a joke. Please, CWM supporters, defend him. Why is he the best for the job? Give me a line with Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White, Strahan and Sapp in their primes, and I can coach Willie's scheme too. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Reshad Jones doesn't tackle like anything. He just doesn't tackle at all. Horrible. Anyone got video of him falling on his butt after getting shivered?

Anonymous said...

Amen PWD,

In addition to your comments which I totally agree with we have a problem of CMR being the CEO. I think CMR feels the need to keep things positive during the season while there are games to be played. However, he seems to poo poo the fans opinions like they dont count. I realize that he knows more about football than I will ever know - though its obvious to so many people that there is a problem.

A CEO makes people accountable. They have to fire people they like who dont produce. Hey, I love you but I cant afford to keep you. Time to run this program like a business. CMR loves to tell us how he has consulted with CEOs on how to improve. Time to act like a CEO.

Anonymous said...

The special teams is just a joke and our kickoff and kickoff return teams killed us. I am so sick and tired of that f'ing directional kick. Guess what richt, it doesnt work, change the scheme. Also, it was very obvious what tech was doing to us on our kickoff returns. Whichever side samuel favored, tech kicked it to the opposite side and samuel had to run 30 yards to get to the ball then collect himslef and run and we got tackled on the 15-20 every time. Guess what richt, this is a simple fix, change the scheme and put 2 returners back there instead of one. We are simply a very poorly coached team and it has shown all year with the lack of discipline and lack of basic fundementals.

Anonymous said...

"Georgia Tech most certainly is not more talented."

Also, I don't see how you could say we are "certainly" not more talented. We have at least 2 first round picks in our defensive line and all four starters will be first day picks.

We also have enough RB talent to where good ole No Show was the third best back on the field on Saturday. Morgan Burnett is better than any defensive player you have. You can argue Georgia has more talent, but it isn't obvious - and certainly isn't obvious after that second half.

"Our players should not be giving up 45 points to a program with Tech's personnel. Ever."

Interesting. I note that we made better defenses (Florida State, Miami) look just as bad as we made you look.

And yes, THAT HAPPENED. You can wish in one hand and shit in the other, but the stinky one is the one that has to play defense.

Anonymous said...

CWM 4 President!:
I'm here to shoulder the task of defending CWM.
Please look at the starting rosters for our defense for the past 10 years. We currently have 2 players that would appear consistently on any of those teams (Asher & Rennie). The rest are scraps. Kirby Smart could suit up RIGHT NOW and play safety better than the clowns we trot out. I used to think Dannel could play. Saturday proved me wrong. Maybe he's injured. Maybe he's lookin to the NFL. Either way, he is not a force. Last time I noticed him, he was bouncing off Dwyer in route to the 60 yard score (BTW, Reshad had correctly sealed the outside on the play and forced Dwyer inside). Do you ever even notice the other LB's? What about the Ends? They are spectacularly pedestrian.
Who is to blame for having below average players? I guess whomever recruited these stiffs. Is CWM ever called a genius? No. Is his name bandied about as a potential HC? NO. But would any coach produce outstanding results with inferior talent? I don't know.

Supposedly, we get top talent every year. Supposedly, its the Notre Dames of the world that get high rankings in an effort to sell mags. Maybe we're too good at selling magazines, cuz these guys were sposed to be studs and they stink. Specifically, Reshad and CJ. Both the top safety in their state the year they came out. Both are a dropoff from the walk-on and "program guy" that used to roam the field with some degree of success and no hope of the NFL (Tra Battle and Keilan Johnson)

This is where it gets uncomfortable.

When Richt came, he spoke of "knockin the lid off this program". This affirmed what we all felt. We were as good as the top tier teams, we just had some bad luck. Jan Kemp sucked and Goof was a mistake and Jasper Sanks was a bust and Reggie Brown flunked his English final and on and on we went. We just needed the right guy to take us to the top. Well, maybe Richt knocked the lid off, and we're just not as great as we claim.

I mean, we've got one legit nat'l title in 110 years of football. And it was with the greatest RB in the HISTORY of modern college ball. We went 0-2 against Zook. Our only victories against Florida since antiquity are after they are celebrating a NC or when they have a lameduck coaching staff. Zook for God's sake. Maybe we've seen the lid knocked off and we don't like the view. The sad state of affairs is that in the short timeperiod that Bama sucked, Zook was a Gator and the punkin was "coaching", we failed to seize the day.

Now we are seeing our wave recede. Bama & Florida have already surged past us. And the same is certainly possible at UT with a young, engergetic coach. Let's just hope he can't coach.

Is is the end? No.
Is Tech now going to reel off 7 straight? No.
Will we start losing to Mississippi teams and looking forward to the Peach bowl? No.
Will CMR hold his coaching staff and himself responsible for the worst season at Georgia and our biggest flop since 2000?.......I don't know.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand this --- did ya'll not watch the same game that I did? Our players were IN POSITION to make plays. They simply had to make them. Why does CWM get blamed and have to take the wrap for players not wrapping up or simply making tackles?!?

I know it was pointed out by Richt after the game, but it is still worth noting that we had 18 season ending injuries compared to just one last year according to Coach.

I'm not saying CWM is the best answer for the job or that his particular defensive scheme is best suited for our team, but it is simply unfair to throw him under the bus when players didn't make plays.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to name any names, but I was bothered by the number of players I saw downtown last night. They just lost a game to their instate rivals that they had no business losing. They don't deserve to hit the dance floor and have women hang all over them after a performance like that. It seems that many on this team are more concerned with the campus-celebrity status that comes with being on the team than they are about winning games. They should feel sick after a game like yesterday's.

Anonymous said...

1. Reshad Jones was not the problem yesterday. CJ BYRD is the safety who absolutely sucks. He lost contain on at least 4 of Gtu's big plays. Gtu runs the same offense as 3/4 of the jr high schools in the state of GA. How can you not have someone going to the pitch man?

2. UGA has more talent than Alabama and Gtu. The coaching has simply sucked this year. We really should have lost to Ole Miss last year and Vandy the last couple of years. Talent is not the issue. The coaching sucks.

To have a player get a DUI the week of the Gtu game shows that CMR has lost the program. If he continues losing to inferior opponents as he did on Saturday, he will be fired soon.

Anonymous said...

"Gtu runs the same offense as 3/4 of the jr high schools in the state of GA. How can you not have someone going to the pitch man?"

And that Jr. High offense just burned you for 400+ yards.

Anonymous said...

I'm just baffled at why CMR didn't go for the onside kick at the end of the game. He does it against Florida in the 1st quarter down by 7 pts, but he won't kick the onsides when the GT game IS ON THE LINE? He said he wanted better field position if they stopped GT, but GT only had one sustained drive all game; the rest all contained HUGE didn't matter where GT got the ball it was only a question of if the D was going to stop them...

Give your team another opportunity to get the ball back w/ the onside kick...

dstarnes said...

Anon 9:42

168 total yards is a No Show. You geeks certainly have high standards.

Enjoy your one win every decade or so. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I think Martinez deserves one more year to turn this around. We have a lot of guys returning so we should be pretty stout next year.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dan, you guys are funny when you are pissed.
You lost to a team with 65 of the available 85 scholarships filled. New offense, new defense, new quarterback. The youngest BCS team in the country.
All 11 starters that just ran up your ass for over 400 will be back and better next year.
Knowshon and Stafford are leaving and we get you at home.Get ready for 2 in a row.
We now have the best team and the best coach in the state. You need discipline and intelligence on defense to stop the option, and UGA is short in those areas. Soulja boy you hairy dawgs.

Anonymous said...

"Anon 9:42

168 total yards is a No Show. You geeks certainly have high standards.

Enjoy your one win every decade or so. You deserve it."

It's not that he vanishes for the whole game, he just vanishes when it matters most.

Look at his third quarter stats - 3 carries, 8 yards. That's the whole quarter.

By comparison

Dwyer was 7 for 98
Roddy Jones was 6 for 90.

So let me ask a question - who was the No Show in the 3rd quarter when the game was actually won and lost?

Gotta give it to good ole No Show though, he does great when it doesn't matter. He has so much heart he's gotta pull himself out of games for fear of it exploding.

Mark said...

I think Martinez should get another year. Defense clearly sucked this year, but part of that was talent and Willie has shown in the past that he can do better.

I agree with everyone putting a good bit of blame on the coaching staff this year. Still love CMR, but this team has looked very un-Richt like the entire season. Good coaching goes a long way - just look at what Bama is doing with a good bit less talent than UGA.

Anonymous said...

That game was Erk telling CMR from the grave that he needs to get his s**t together.

I want blood on Richt's forehead after every practice right up to the Ok St. game.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Why not an onside kick? It is just as good as a kick out of bounds. At least you have a chance of recovering it.

Anonymous said...

I've had some time to think about this loss now and get my thoughts in order.

1. Giving up 45 points after a bye week is unacceptable. The whole team was totally flat coming out of halftime and never recovered.

2. The tackling was flat-out embarassing. I've personally never seen a Georgia defense tackle so poorly, not only in one game, but throughout a season.

3. The seniors deserved better. When your offense has a day like it did, you deserve to win the game.

4. Special teams is another huge concern. I want to say it was twice that Walsh kicked the ball out of bounds, giving Tech the ball at the 40....that simply can't happen. Another thing which I have wondered is why Richard Samuel is returning kick-offs. Not only did he have a fumble in the game, but he just looks slow once we catches the ball.

Anonymous said...

I really have to dissagree with ya that the penalties cost us this game. Really was I the only one paying any attention. Our defense really wasn't prepared for that kind of option attack and when they did have them contained or take a good line to catch the back with the ball they couldnt tackle them. This has absolutely nothing to do with penalties but everything to do with why we lost. HELLO Mr. Martinez wasnt this your job???

Muckbeast said...
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Muckbeast said...

The Georgia Tech smack talking is hilarious. After losing 7 in a row, winning one game when the Bulldog team is clearly in severe disarray does not justify this level of asinine bragging.

And the "No Show" comments. LOL. Absurd.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you would think by some of these Tech comments that they won by like 30 points or something. They won by 3 to a UGA team that obviously wasn't as good as they were supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

I remember when the Fla. game was on and the announcers were talking about how Fla. did as many push-ups as yards Moreno had in '07. Well I damn well expect every person on the team to do 400 push-ups, up-downs, or what the hell ever every day spring-fall. I think ole Martinez should join in too if he is still there. Maybe then the players will have enough endurance to not get injured every other freakin practice or 2 plays into a game. And maybe, just maybe one of them will actually be pissed enough to show up for the games that matter...seems like we left the will to show up over there in Arizona...cause we sure as hell didn't do crap after that game.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Georgia was clearly more talented. How bad will it be when Tech closes the talent gap and Coach Johnson opens up the "run & shoot portion of his offense. Remember Tracy Ham ? over 3000 yds. rushing and 5000 yds. passing, scary.

80dawg said...

Guys, A loss is tough. I have been saying all year we may be loaded with talent, but we lack discipline and heart. It is time for tough assessment. These guys were not coached well at all. We were beaten in every game that mattered. Coach Johnson did not have one player to be locked-up this year. We had numerous. Coach needs to reign this team in, kick some asses and if we have to lose because "the star" is on the bench, so be it! It can't hurt any worse than this under-achieving year.

Tech was the better team on the field, but the trash talking is crazy. You beat a pretty undisciplined Georgia team. You won, the players and coach Johnson deserve the credit. That is a lot of trash talking for 1 win.

Bottom line, I like CMR, but he better take a close look at this program. He did not coach this talented team up. It hurt badly to see MoMass go out like that with the way he has come thru for us.

Great Talent is no substitute for Discipline, effort, and hard work.

I don't want to accept mediocrity!

Anonymous said...

Column: Tech not motivated to win, just better coached

By Adam Krohn

Word on the street is that on the morning of Oct. 26, Mark Richt – head motivator of the Georgia Bulldogs football team – was in his living room, listening to the Carpets of Dalton theme song and relaxing with a cup of coffee as part of his daily routine. With a copy of The Daily Citizen in hand, Richt nearly fell out of his complimentary recliner upon reading my column predicting a Nov. 29 Georgia Tech victory in Athens.

As head motivator of the Bulldogs, Richt realized a column predicting Georgia’s fate would surely make for great bulletin board material. So he gathered his assistant motivators for a meeting to discuss the column and other important factors for the Georgia Tech affair, like which color jersey the team should wear and how it should celebrate its first touchdown of the game. After the meeting, the motivators and players hit the film room to study Richt’s Carpets of Dalton commercial.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, poor old Georgia Tech‘s football program doesn’t even have a motivator. All they have is a coach. The Jackets are missing out on all of the fun with head coach Paul Johnson at the helm. Instead of picking their favorite jersey color, the Jackets had to learn the stupid triple-option offense. How boring.

And they’re supposed to execute this offense with a sophomore quarterback, a sophomore running back and a freshman running back? How was that supposed to work? Are you telling me a coach is going to teach them how to play? Even if this crazy plan were to work, how would the Jackets get motivated to play?

Somehow, the Jackets adapted to Johnson’s offense and marched into Athens with an 8-3 record. But they were still missing a motivator. Heading into the Georgia game, they were in trouble because Richt was mastering his motivational ways by coaching less, even saying so in an Associated Press story that ran on game day.

“When I called the game, I had to stay calm so I could think straight and make the best decisions for my team,” Richt said. “Now that I’m not making as many decisions throughout the game, I have more time to be outwardly emotional and still keep my head in the game for the decisions I do need to make.”

Decisions like whether to wear his Ray-Ban sunglasses, or bring an umbrella.

Nonetheless, Richt’s Dawgs were 9-2.

And there Richt was, before the big game kicked off, jumping and giggling with his team in a huddle during the pre-game rally, motivating his troupes for the in-state showdown. It worked. By halftime, Georgia was ahead of Georgia Tech by a score of 26-12.

In the Georgia locker room at halftime, Richt and his team celebrated. By leading the Jackets at halftime, the Dawgs had just accomplished both of their season goals. The first was to be 2008 Preseason National Champions. Richt then gave his players a group hug.

In the Georgia Tech locker room, Paul Johnson told his players that their families would be missing by sundown if they didn’t outscore Georgia 26-0 third quarter, compile 409 rushing yards and get a victory. Johnson then gave his players a game plan.

Surely enough, In the second half the Jackets outscored Georgia 26-0 in the third quarter, compiled 409 rushing yards and got a 45-42 victory.

And just like that, Round 1 of the motivator-coach rivalry went to the coach.

Now the Dawgs look like the ones who are in trouble in this series. Their quarterback, Matthew Stafford, will likely forgo his senior season to enter the NFL draft. He has Detroit Lions written all over him, but that’s OK because at least he’ll have Calvin Johnson to throw to. Plus, he has a great arm (funny, experts thought Ryan Leaf had a great arm). Knowshon Moreno might be gone as well and Mohamed Massaquoi graduates.

And with Josh Nesbitt, Jonathan Dwyer and Roddy Jones available for Rounds 2 and 3 of the rivalry, the Jackets are now poised to begin a series win-streak of their own.

With factors such as these working against the Dawgs, one has to wonder if they can get motivated for next year’s big showdown. One thing is for sure: Georgia Tech will have a game plan.

Adam Krohn is a sports writer for The Daily Citizen.

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