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November 18, 2008

Georgia Beats Eastern Michigan 61-60 in Preseason NIT

The Hoop Dawgs are now 2-1 after defeating EMU today in P-NIT play. The victory puts the basketball team back on pace in terms of quantity and quality of wins, but not on the desired pace for quality of losses. Most folks expected UGA to exit the second round of the P-NIT with this record. However, most anticipated a loss to Purdue instead of Loyola-Chicago.

Today's game was marked by 2 of 12 shooting (unofficially) to open both halves, but Georgia recovered behind big shots by Corey Butler and Dustin Ware to squeak out a win. Per the AJC:
Ware nailed a go-ahead 3-pointer with 49 seconds left as the Bulldogs rallied from an 11-point deficit in the final nine minutes to escape with a 61-60 victory over Eastern Michigan in a consolation game of the NIT Season Tip-Off on Tuesday.
Felton called an outcome changing timeout with about 7 minutes remaining. The Bulldogs were down by 11, and things looked bleak. Coming out of the timeout, the Bulldogs scored 7 quick points and got back into it. Last year, the timeouts often seemed to be called well after the damage had been done, and they did little to alter the game. Good call by the coach.

The team should find out tomorrow who will be in their next "pod," and where the games will be played. In theory, we should be playing two games in Athens in a grouping of three mid-and low-majors.

If I were guessing, I'd say the Athens pod will consist of:
    James Madison
    Florida Atlantic
Don't everybody go buy their tickets all at once. We'll know more tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Cornell! I wonder if the 'Nard Dog will make the trip down from Scranton?

Anonymous said...

I love how Cornell has been boiled down to a fictional character.

Anonymous said...

enter anthony grant.

Anonymous said...

If thats the poll, its going to be a sad crowd for those games. All the students will be out of town all next week with thanksgiving break.

Anonymous said...

So what!!!

the tri guy said...

If we play Cornell and someone doesn't come decked out as the 'Nard dog, then I've lost faith in the UGA student body. I bet Cornell's rivals (if they have any) have a field day with that. Maybe I'll get some of my boys and we'll be "Here comes treble", class of '93.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Grant still has things to prove.

Thankfully Eastern Michigan didn't have as much "experience" as Loyola. And Presbyterian is mostly sophomores and freshman, so that should be a better matchup for us too. If only we had more juniors and seniors this year, oh wait, that's right, they all left.

Anonymous said...

Random question for those who might know: Is Dustin Ware the son of David Ware, an attorney and sports agent that practices in the ATL?

Jarred said...

Can we do an over under on SEC wins for the dawgs? The line seems to be set at 3... but I think 4 is more likely

Anonymous said...

Well, the Blue Hose(love that name) of Presbyterian have 4 returning starters and signed a hotshot guard named Bo King out of Fork Union that Lindy's describes as "an outstanding shooter who is also known for his defense". This UGA team has already shown that they can take nothing for granted...I'm afraid at least 1 or 2 more embarrassing losses are on the way.

This preseason NIT sure isn't going to help our SOS, but I think that's the least of Felton's worries. SOS only matters for NCAA consideration. He's looking to build up some wins early so they might somehow eek into the NIT or that other postseason tourney for those who don't make the NIT(CBK?). Anyway, he needs to finish .500 somehow and we'll have a pretty good idea of this team has any chance to do that within the next week or two.

Anonymous said...

Two people ought to go as 'Nard Dog and Dwight because he goes there or threatened to go there now, too, right?

Anonymous said...

Btw, just to comment on the last basketball blog post...We lost to a team you've likely never heard of, who lost to team you've most definitely never heard of.

ChiliDawg said...

Per the NIT website, UGA is hosting Mississippi Valley vs. Arizona at 5:45 Monday, then Santa Clara vs. Georgia at 8 pm

Anonymous said...

The next coach of the University of Georgia's men's basketball team: Jeff Jones.

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