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November 26, 2008

GT: "What opponent has scored the most in Sanford"

Well...I guess we know for sure now that the Miami beat down issued by Tech has most certainly thrown all sense of reality out the window. Tech fans on The Hive and on Stingtalk are discussing what's the most points ever scored in Sanford ... so Paul Johnson can know what to shoot for.

You have got to be kidding.

It amazes me that there's so much discussion of our defense vs. their offense and so very little discussion of how on earth their defense is going to stop our offense. (Image: The Hive at Work. From

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Anonymous said...

UGA only has to tackle to stop Tech's offense. Tech on the other hand has to get a pass rush, cover two receivers, the likes of which they haven't seen all year (unless of course Mr. Johnson came back to play on their scout team), and oh yeah, try to stop Knowshon. UGA has better athletes and players on both sides of the ball. The only way they lose is by turning the ball over a minimum of 4 times.

Anonymous said...

Mr Meyer,

Why don't you piss off ?

31 - 30


Anonymous said...

Jeezus, those posts on the nerd-boards are douchey.

I've a feeling the team we've waited for all year shows up Saturday. I want to see an overwhelming ass-whoopin', thank you.

Brett Lacy said...

Weren't we supposed to have an equally tough time stopping the almighty Calvin Johnson?

What was that stat line? 2 catches, 13 yards, 0 TDs.....while being defended by an undersized and outmatched Paul Oliver?

Anonymous said...

what im sick of is the 400+ rushing yards again UNC stat and other crap, THEY STILL LOST THE GAME 28-7!! as long as we keep them out of the endzone we win...and its about time we started playing defence again,because the AUB game didnt do a damn thing to impress me, poor tackling and being picked apart because the run that BS soft zone cover 2...WILLIE EVERY YEAR YOU SAVE YOUR ASS AT THE END OF THE SEASON, TIME TO SAVE IT AGAIN!!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at the hive since the day after the Miami game and here are some of the sentiments that have stood out to me:
1) Ugag...haha Ugag is so funny to type, Ugag (you see we put a g at the end so it's like the word gag)
2)Hey Ugag get ready for your third blowout loss this year!
3)When CPJ gets his players in we will be a consistent Top 5 team and dominate Ugag in the next decade like FL has in the last decade
4)CPJ's offense would not have been stopped by OU like Texas Tech's was
5)Dwyer is Earl Campbell but faster
6) (they leave this blank for some reason)
7)tech will dominate Ugag, but maybe not this year because "we have no depth and we don't have the right players yet"
8)They will create an equation to answer a question in a more complex way than needed
9)Ugag grads work a)at McDonalds b)selling pizzas c) for tech grads

Lucid Idiocy said...

They never surprise and always disappoint.

Barstool69 said...

One of the best pictures that has ever graced this blog

Anonymous said...

I will never understand Techies. They always refer to us as retards but the average GPA of the two schools is only 0.6 different with Tech holding on to the slim margin. That has always bugged (every pun intended) the hell out of me.

1). Hotter (more) women
2). Equal academics
3). Better football team

What is there to hate?

Anonymous said...

1 in 6 Tech grads is a millionaire. What's UGAg's stat?

Anonymous said...

Yeah and 0 out of 6 Tech grads have ever been laid. Where the hell you'd get a stat like that, oh yeah its the "43% of all statistics are made up on the spot" kind of stat.


Anonymous said...

Is that in $'s or Yen? Current exchange rates make that rather unimpressive.

Anonymous said...

4 out of 6 UGA grads are Gazillionaire's! They also have hovercrafts. Where's the statistic of tech grads with hovercrafts?

Anonymous said...

yeah--1 in 6 tech grads is a millionaire in pakistan maybe.

if techies are so smart, why don't they understand that this is the lamest retort one could possibly make in a conversation about *football*.

i doubt that if tech wins again some day any uga people will be screeching the functional equivalent, "yeah, but what about that cold fusion bullshit? huh? huh?"

but we could. . . .

Hunker Down said...

Anon 11:51,

Do you mean 0.6 out of the 4.0 scale? If so, that is a 15% difference. Maybe you mean 0.06. Anyway, if you didn't graduate from Tech, you will, indeed, work for a Tech grad. That's a fact.

Kevin said...

I did some research and found some interesting facts about the "difference" between tech and UGA's academics and wrote a lil email to my friends about it.

Check it out

Anonymous said...

1 in 6 tech grads is a millionaire my ass. I work with a building full of them.

None are millionaires. Unless there's some exchange rate issues that I'm not aware of.

Anonymous said...

As a UGA Alum, I work for....*gasp*

More UGA Alums. So try again.

Anonymous said...

4 out of 5 Tech grads have never touched a woman's bare breast. Mothers don't count Jugdish.

Anonymous said...

1 out of 6 Tech grads wants to be a terrorist.

1 out of 6 Tech grads doesn't spend the year fixated on beating UGA.

1 out of 6 Tech grads isn't highly frustrated regarding sex - and they're all girls.

1 out of 6 Tech grads is not a complete nerd, believe it or not.

1 out of 6 Tech grads can spell UGA.

1 out of 6 Tech grads looks good in the color urine.

1 out of 6 Tech grads is an American.

1 out of 6 Tech grads is named "Taz."

1 out of 6 Tech grads was in a "fraternity" - and no chicks without hairy forearms came to their "parties."

1 out of 6 Tech grads really, really, really believes they're going to win on saturday.

1 out of 6 Tech grads doesn't have a massive inferiority complex.

Hunker Down Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

You know whats funny. All the tech grads I know work for some large company in a cubicle and make $60,000 when they get graduate and $65,000 when they retire. I know more UGA grads that own their own business and work for no one. And if you definition of a millionaire is adding up your salary for 20 years then i guess that 1 in 6 holds true.

Anonymous said...

5 out of 6 Tech grads need a nut punching.

1 out of 6 Tech coeds doesn't look like a dude.

That ridiculous millionare stat is the lamest and the most outlandish thing I've read from a Techie yet. Get over yourselves, dorks, you're good at math, so what.

Anonymous said...

Some of the more ridiculous puppy arguments (and for the record I didn't go to Tech)

1) Tech doesn't have girls. Who cares. Unlike the township of Athens, Atlanta has some absolutely gorgeous women that actually live in Atlanta year round (not just during the school year). I have yet to meet an attractive girl that lives in Athens but doesn't go to UGA. Most people that went to Georgia are too short-sighted to realize this.

2) Not all Tech fans went to Tech. Why would someone be so stupid to cheer for Tech over Georgia, you ask? Well, for one, if you became a sports fan sometime after 1981 then Tech has (i) won more football national championships than UGA and (ii) gone to more NCAA final fours. Also, many people might actually prefer driving the 10-15 minutes from their house in Atlanta to see a game, than to drive over an hour only to park two miles away from Sanford. Finally, there are just some experiences that Athens just cannot match. Athens is not a city.

3) Georgia fans are relatively trashy. Don't get me wrong, a lot of them are good friends and great people. But, as a whole, many of them take football a little too seriously. For example, I'd guess that there are more UGA fans that would get into a brawl over their team than most other schools in the Southeast. I can only think of few exceptions: LSU, Florida, Virginia Tech, West Virginia. It is bad to the point of giving the good UGA fans a bad rap.

4) Many UGA fans have an overinflated opinion of the history of UGA football. Yes, y'all have put together some very good football teams recently. That doesn't change the fact that significant Georgia football history essentially starts and ends with Herschel. Put differently, don't clog the radio waves complaining about how your ten win team isn't worth a damn. I remember not too long ago that UGA couldn't buy 10 wins in a season. Y'all don't have enough history (nor does anyone, really, besides maybe USC/Florida/Texas/Michigan/etc.) to complain that you aren't winning 10 games year in and year out. Maybe if Richt can do it till he has no hair left, but as long as his dome is covered you don't have the right.

5) No matter how you look at it, Tech grads as a whole are smarter than UGA grads. Sure, maybe more UGA grads are "entrepreneurs," (and that may not even be true) but that doesn't mean that their businesses contribute or earn anything. What is true, however, is that even the nerdiest losers of Tech grads leave school making 60-70k. Georgia is a fine school, no doubt, but Tech is a top-of-the-line engineering school. Not many of UGA's programs are recognized as being some of the finest nation wide.

Cheers for a good game tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon at 7:16 p.m. - sounds like you went to Gwinnett Tech to me.

Anonymous said...

"I'd guess that there are more UGA fans that would get into a brawl over their team than most other schools in the Southeast."

Gee, I'd guess with much more evidence to back it up that more Tech fans would get into a slap fight over Star Wars characters than most other schools in the Southeast.

Yes, Tech is a good engineering school, but what else does it offer? That oh so elusive management degree? UGA has a great law school, business school, journalism school, etc. I'll wager a finance major from UGA ends up making as much or more as a "management" major from Tech.

Anonymous said...

UGA does have a good business school. It's ranked 49th in the nation. That's definitely better than Tech. Oh wait, Tech's business school is ranked 29th. So no, it's not even close.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Anon at 7:16 p.m. - sounds like you went to Gwinnett Tech to me."

Good one. How long did it take you to come up with that? Stay classy bulldawg.

"Gee, I'd guess with much more evidence to back it up that more Tech fans would get into a slap fight over Star Wars characters than most other schools in the Southeast."

Another zinger. You guys should write books of these jokes.

Let me rephrase my earlier post. I did not go to Tech. I am not a nerd. I couldn't give two shits about star wars and I went to two top ten schools out of state, one for undergrad and one for grad.

Nothing you said disputes the fact that UGA fans have more jackasses than pretty much any other fan base in the southeast (with the few exceptions I named above). Maybe you guys are the jackasses, who knows? I've seen more fights in the 2-3 trips I make to Sanford every year on average than I ever have at any other school. The only schools with noticeably less class are Virginia Tech, LSU, and West Virginia.

"Yes, Tech is a good engineering school, but what else does it offer? That oh so elusive management degree? UGA has a great law school, business school, journalism school, etc. I'll wager a finance major from UGA ends up making as much or more as a "management" major from Tech."

1) Tech isn't a "good" engineering school. It's an elite engineering school. U.S. News has it #4. Again, I didn't go there, but it's pretty clear to me the engineering program at Tech is bar none better than anything offered at UGA (at least in terms of major programs, I think y'all do have a really good vet school though.)

2) I wouldn't classify most of those as "good." The Law school isn't even in the top 30 and the only decent job prospects it gives you are in Atlanta (as opposed to most "good" schools, which cater to recruiters everywhere - or in at least 3-4 major cities).

As someone else already posted, UGA's business school is ranked 49, but Tech's is ranked 29. I would call UGA's "mediocre" and Tech's "decent." Shit, UGA's business school is bordering on third tier.

More importantly, for all you asking for proof and talking about comparing finance salaries, the average Tech salary coming out of business school is 88k, whereas UGA's is only 76.5k. Way to go law dawg, I guess that is why people like me always have to double check your work (or from your fellow uga law colleagues) to make sure we don't get sued for malpractice. Any other facts you want to make up?

3) I'll also give you journalism, seeing as my wife went there and would kick my ass if she found out I trash talked about it. Still, journalism is not a major degree (I'd classify "major" degrees as everything that takes longer than two years to get + MBAs.) For example, U.S. News doesn't list "Journalism" on its rankings front page - rather just business, law, medical, engineering, and education.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love Tech "fan" with a sidewalk degree. Thanks for your research. It does not negate the fact that we have won 6 in a row. Other than that, I think Tech grads and UGS grads both do a good job of putting food on the table. You guys just suck at sports right now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Big Stinger says,

"And Roddy Jones is still runnnin' !!!!!"

Anonymous said...

"You have got to be kidding."

All kidding aside, what's the most GT has ever scored at UGA?

Answer: 45, in 2008

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