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November 25, 2008

It's True, It's True

I feel fairly confident that the Georgia offense can score enough points to win Saturday.  On defense, though, there are a host of concerns that have been well documented by Paul and myself all year long.  What we need this week, however, is a little lesson from Olympic champion and pro rassler, Kurt Angle.  Kurt has numerous fake accomplishments to go along with some very real ones.  How did Kurt do it (other than following the script)?  The three I's: intelligence, intensity, and integrity.  These three I's are exactly what the Dawgs defense needs Saturday.
1. Intelligence:  Defending the triple option is all about assignment football.  The Dawgs need to stay focused on their keys and maintain discipline on their assignments.  A missed assignment can turn into a big play.  Don't be stupid trying to make a big hit by coming off your assignment.  You'll get burned.
2. Intensity: Not only does the defense need to focus on their assignments and keep with them, they also need to finish their assignments by wrapping the Techsters up and bringing them down.  We've struggled tackling this year.  Everybody knows it.  If you miss tackles against the triple option, this is what it looks like:
(Not that Josh Nesbitt is Tommie Frazier, but you get the point.)  We must wrap up and bring the ballcarrier down. No nudging, Rashad Reshad.
3. Integrity:  Do the right thing, boys.  Keep your hands off the quarterback's facemask.  Don't hit them out of bounds.  Every extra snap is an extra chance for someone to miss an assignment.  Play clean.  
None of these points have been particularly evident this year.  The frequency of defensive penalties, particularly 15 yarders, have been laughable at times.  Tackling has been inconsistent.  Despite the heat he takes, Willie Martinez will have the guys in position to execute, but they have to do when they get there.  
One thing I really like about the match up is that one of our big weaknesses, pass rush, is largely irrelevant this weekend.  Josh Nesbitt isn't going to drop back and light up our secondary.   The defense has had some excellent games against the run, including three where they've held the opponent to less than twenty yards rushing.  We're not going to hold Tech to less than twenty, but they shouldn't be running up 472 like they did Thursday night.  We just need to play smart.

I don't think I'm asking for a complete reversal of our defensive efforts this year.  We have had some good defensive games, but they haven't come lately.  The week off should help clean up the tackling issues.  Guys that are healthy are more likely to tackle better than guys who are banged up and tired.  Plus, the extra week  gives everybody extra study time for defending the option.  If we can follow the three I's, I like our chances.



Anonymous said...

As a fan of rasslin back in the 80s & 90s, I have noticed that there are several qualities that GTU shares w/ Goldust.

Anonymous said...

It's Reshad, not Rashad. Yall need to at least get his name right if you're going to bash him every week

Anonymous said...

Goldberg! Goldberg!

Anonymous said...

"I won an Olympic gold medal with a broken, friggin' neck!"

Kurt is one of the few legitimate BAs is pro wrestling. He used to work over Brock Lesnar in the gym and Lesnar is the UFC Heavyweight Champ, you know, the real stuff.

Anonymous said...

I hope the team is studying everything they can.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Rennie will have 20 tackles. Reshad is going to finally have a change to Ben Smith a Jacket.

Pollack for DC

Anonymous said...

You should have kept it to three Is y'all actually have...


ignorance or incompetence (I'll give you intensity).

Squarebush said...

For whatever it is worth, Stafford acknowledged today that it will be on his mind Saturday that it could be his last game in Athens.

Hobnail_Boot said...

LMAO @ 1:53.

That's the most half-assed smack talk I've seen in a very long time.

Squarebush said...

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