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November 24, 2008

Now that you mention it. Tech does suck

Really, Daddy? A Reggie Ball jersey? (Image: AJC)

I took advantage of the bye week, and I didn't post much. Next thing you know even the Tech folks are emailing me asking...why aren't you making fun of Tech? What's wrong with you? Are you ok?

When The Sporting News says:
"Georgia plays Georgia Tech this Saturday, and if there is one thing Georgia fans will be doing this week, it will be finding new and elaborate ways to call Georgia Tech fans nerds without girlfriends. No one does this better than Paul Westerdawg on the Georgia Sports Blog, where you may also find the latest UGA news, discussion and pictures of Florida fans in jean shorts."
Hell, even Wes Durham emailed me to give me a heads up on the TSN news (not to ask my why I wasn't making fun of Tech). You know you're falling down on the job when the Tech folks are disappointed in your lack of mockery.

So, I'll step it up.

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Anonymous said...


Make sure you get it in for the Wes Durhams of the world that Tech may lose on Saturday, yet still get to go to the game in Tampa formerly known as the world's smallest outdoor cocktail party.

Can anybody keep those randomly assigned ACC divisions straight?

Anonymous said...

Thank God you are back! I just experienced the 4 most boring days of my life constantly refreshing the georgiasportsblog homepage.

Anonymous said...

PWD - you didn't even put up the yearly Thursday Night Lights poster for our Miami game. You've been seriously slacking in the "mock Tech" department this year.

Anonymous said...

The GTU Nerdbone offense does look quite daunting at times. We'll really need to improve on our tackling this week.

Also, was anyone else as surprised as me to discover that Jaybo Shaw is in fact Caucasian?

Unknown said...

+1 Nerdbone.

I will call it that til the end of time. Is that a Carter original.

Unknown said...

Re: Jaybo's whiteness.

Yes. I didn't see that coming.

j.leonardjr said...

The expression on that kid's face is classic. He looks like he is getting ready to receive a flu shot or something. That sounds about as much fun as being a Tech fan.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing he is the first Jaybo to ever go to school on North Ave. His brothers Claybo, Deebo, John-bo, and BoBo are very proud.

Anonymous said...

Actually his brother Bobo stood 5 yards from the door to the school, but despite 3 attempts, was unable to gain entry. Oh wait, that was our brother Bobo. My bad.

Anonymous said...

We can poke fun of Tech all we want, but the fact is that they are well-coached and will give us all we can possibly handle. If Tech doesn't turn the ball over, and we commit our usual bone-headed penalties, the streak will end at 7.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:53 - Lighten up.

Anonymous said...

Bill Curry could have made them relevant again as AD. This offense is a joke in my opinion. The DAWGS are much better equipped to stop the option than against an effective passing team.

On my usual pissed off DAWG note, if I hear Richt, Stafford, Knowshon say that Tech, Florida or Auburn ... is "just another game on the schedule etc." I am going to lose it.

A random Tech victory is eminent at some point, but not with Rennie sniffin.


Anonymous said...


I consider the Nerdbone a Carter Original (TM).

By the same principle, if they start using direct snaps to the running back, it'd be the Nerdcat Formation.

Just as the NATS obsess about us Dawgs all year round, I delight in the mockery of all things Tech more than most. I have several GTU alumni relatives. I consider myself to be a refugee of sorts who battled against the odds to become UGA alum. In a way, I'm kind of like the rare kid who makes it out of the ghetto and builds a real life for himself. However, instead of overcoming drugs and violence, I overcame the inferiority complex and social awkwardness that was almost my birthright.

Anonymous said...

Clemson '91, in everything I've read, seems like Richt has said this is "the biggest game of the year" as he tries to stop fans from worrying about next year. He's won all 7 against them, and not by thinking it's just another game. We'll be ready. Besides, what they say to the media really isn't all that's important. Richt was groomed in Tallahassee when FSU/Fla. was the most bitter non-conference, in-state rival in the nation. He gets it. Let's all be spittin' venom in Sanford on Saturday! Wreck Tech!

Hobnail_Boot said...

@ Anon, 2:52..

I've finally figured out which other schools the nerds are in a division with. VA, VT, Duke, UNC, Miami.

I sure as hell couldn't tell you if that's in the Mediocre or So-So Division though.

Anonymous said...

I like Wildnerd formation for any direct snaps to Dwyer.

Anonymous said...

I hope the groundscrew paints vaginas in the endzones to naturally keep the NATS from getting in them.

NCT said...

Carter: I've got lots of GTU relatives, too, including two older brothers. Our folks (both UGA alumni, and students during The Drought) said they had to keep trying until they got it right.


Anonymous said...

PWD- Don't worry about not making fun of the nerds. They pretty much do it themselves. I happened to be at the Miami game last Thursday, and sat in the Miami section right next to the student section. I would say 50% of the students that walked past us spoke some sort of Asian language. We have our Tech stereotypes for a reason -- they are true.

Also, at a "tailgate" with my buddy who happens to be one of "them", I noticed they were cooking turkey burgers. Upon questioning the choice of meat, he said "I don't know man, the girls chose it." First, I was surprised to find these people in question were actually women. Second... Turkey Burgers? At a tailgate? In which the women brought the food? Its a crime against football, a crime against manhood, and a crime against humanity.

To Hell with Tech

Unknown said...

That's a morgan burnett jersey, pal!

Unknown said...


Morgan Burnett wasn't in college when that photo was taken.



Joe said...

in this post, Msgr. Orson Swindle himself used the phrse "nerdbone" several times.
if you invented it for him, you need to let him know it is copyrighted.

-the board of ethical blog-commenting

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Joe, try again.

I've been using the term "Nerdbone" amongst friends and family since Paul Johnson was hired last year.

Growing up in a largely Tech family, I throw around the nerd label quite liberally.

Furthermore, I watched games Paul Johnson coached @ GSU during the Adrian Peterson (the other Adrian Peterson) era, and I have been familiar w/ his offense since the late 1990s.

Hence, Nerds + Flexbone = Nerdbone.

It’s not really that difficult (or clever) of a concept.

- blog-commenting ombudsman

Anonymous said...


It's great that you found your true self. Working at Taco Bell is quite a feat.

I heard from friends that during your wedding, your pals threw manure to keep the flies off of your b(ride). Is this true?

Bull Gator

Anonymous said...

Westerdoog was out of commission, arrested for stealing a police vehicle.

The dumb doogie saw 9-1-1 on the vehicles side panels and thought it a Porsche.

War Damn Eagle

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