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November 17, 2008

So Long, Nomar Moreno

Last week, we discussed the BCS bidding war between FOX and ESPN.  Both networks submitted bids to broadcast all the BCS Bowls not hopelessly enslaved by Big 10, Pac-10 "tradition." Each bid was at or over $100 million a year.  You can go ahead and set your TiVO's to ESPN for those bowls in 2010 because FOX has pulled out of negotiations.  Now listen to me, mouse ears, Ron Franklin should be the new voice of the BCS.  Make it happen.  He'll never refer to Knowshon as Nomar or call us the Gators.


Anonymous said...

Where have gone Nomar Moreno
Our nation turns it lonely eyes to you
Whats that you say Mr Brennaman
Joltin Know has left and gone away
hey hey hey

We are going to miss Knowshon when he leaves but nobody will miss FOX on the BCS. They are the skidmark beneath my shorts

Will said...

For a horrifying second, I thought this was news Moreno had opted for the NFL draft.

dean said...

And lets not foget we're a classless program for playing hard for 4 quarters (according to Mr. Brennaman). Thanks to the WWL for putting an end to this travesty.

Anonymous said...

To Wong Foo:
Thanks for Everything,

Nomar Moreno

Mike said...

1) Chris Meyers set the tone for the BCS on Fox in the first FOX BCS game: the 2007 Fiesta Bowl (Boise/Oklahoma). First he humiliated the halftime contest winner by awkwardly making the guy get in the giant, inflatable Tostitos bag on the field... then he spoiled Ian Johnson's marriage proposal. Total clown.

2) I'd love Ron Franklin being brought back to the premier ESPN CFB games as much as anyone, but I don't think it's going to happen. Blame Holly Rowe.

Anonymous said...

Political Correctness has ruined many talented careers...

As for fox, I like the quality of their video but that's about it. I'm tired of that stupid dancing transformer robot before and after every commercial break...

dstarnes said...

Glad you are waiting to see if Moreno and Stafford go to the NFL.
I'm still hoping Champ Baily and Tubby Smith stay.

Anonymous said...

The Rose Bowl tradition will die when the auto industry is not bailed out by the rest of the country. All those midwesterners will not be able to afford to go to the Grandaddy of Them All.

Anonymous said...

This is not a good thing. ESPN will be able to control (in some circumstances) who plays in the BCS and who does it. All they need to do is throw their weight around -- do some Gamedays here, do some stories there, and all of a sudden one 10-1 team loses out to two other 10-1 teams just because ESPN wants it so.

I guarantee that it'll happen.

One other thing: I have it on good authority that Moreno and Stafford are both leaving. Can't blame either one of them, but I would have LOVED to have them for one more year.

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