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December 7, 2008

Auburn Coaching Search Rumors and Innuendo

Auburn's coaching search continues to aimlessly push forward like lava inching down the side of a volcano. Anyone that sees the oncoming flow runs in the other direction for safety and a contract extension.

Turner Gill, head coach of the MAC Champion Buffalo Bulls, is the latest name to get added to the list (via the Columbus-Ledger).

Image: the Buffalo Athletic Dept.

The latest headlines:One other name I've seen floated around is Derek Dooley at Louisiana Tech. Dooley is a promising up and comer with an exceptional reputation as a recruiter from his days at LSU. I think most of us in the Dawg Nation want to see him do well, but let's be honest for a minute. Derek has a 12-12 record in two seasons at Louisiana Tech. The idea that Auburn would give him the keys this early into his career seems pretty far fetched.

I could see Derek posting another strong year in the WAC in 2009 and making a run at the Virginia job. The appeal of coaching at his alma mater would be strong, and Al Groh can't keep dodging the executioner for ever. Can he?

As for the Auburn search? It's anyone's guess at this point.



Anonymous said...

Love your site. Thank you for not wasting space on the UGA men's basketball team today. This program is in the gutter, and I don't see it leaving for quite some time. Can't even score 50 points?

Scott said...

Who do we have to pay to get Auburn to take Willie Martinez?

Anonymous said...

Hey Planetigereagles, I hear this guy named Tuberville might be looking for a job.

Anonymous said...

I have a coach for them. Steve Kragthorpe, University of Louisville. He has already destroyed the program up here in a matter of two years, considering where Auburn is, he would be a perfect fit. Plus it would guarantee a Georgia beat down every year that he's at Auburn.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone please, please, please give me an explanation why Charlie Strong does not even get interviews? Is it as simple as pure racism? He is is WIll Muschamp, but with a much, much better resume.

Anonymous said...

I agree on Charlie Strong at least on the surface. Maybe he just does not have the off the field "skills" to be a head coach. A HC at the D1 level has to be part fundraiser, part politician, part "glad hander" as well as a good coach. He also has more non football related tasks than a DC.

At some point I would like a former AD to go down the list of why a coach is hired or not hired and name names. Maybe do it anonymously.

Paul, thanks for posting Dooley's record. I never did look at his resume, but 2 seasons at La Tech and being 12-12 is not impressive. I also recall he was out of football for a while. If Auburn gives him the job, then I am thinking everyone else turned it down. Who knows, he might be the perfect fit, but it would take a gutsy AD and president to hire him and I am not sure there are many of those out there. It is not 1963 where the JV coach is given the reins of a major college football team that has expectations of conference and national titles. (Yes, I know there is no JV football now).

Anonymous said...

Come on 12-12 at La Tech...who wants to play at La Tech? He's been a fine assistant and with the right talent and coaches in place, Dooley might do well at AU. I personally do not want to see another Dawg coaching the Tigers...watching Dye eat our lunch got old to me.

Unknown said...

Anon 12;13,

Technically Derek isn't a Dawg. He played at UVA. Although, I guess genetically, he sorta is. And he went to Law School in Athens.

Just saying. He's got some Hoo, Tiger and Dawg blood all in there.

Anonymous said...

Radny Edsall of Uconn is your man..if you don't respect what he has been able to do with no recruits at a basketball school your not paying attention. The SOb brought that lowly team to division 1 and has ad them ranked high at times and been to bowl games ...WITH NOBODYS!! WTF The man is a class act that can flat out motivate and coach.

Huge loss to be overlooked!!

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