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December 18, 2008

Hoops: Wofford at UGA on Saturday at 2:00 pm

Saturday's game starts at 2:00 pm, and it is being televised by CSS.  There was some miscommunication about it starting at 4:00.  That information was incorrect.  We've confirmed that it tips off at 2:00. has special holiday ticket packages available for the game Saturday vs. the Wofford Terriers and the game on the 22nd against Texas A&M Corpus Christi.



Anonymous said...

Anything more than free is too much, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Wahoo, or Georgia Tech like 2 for 1 deal. That might increase attendance by, say 2?

Can we get an actual halftime show too?

Anonymous said...

anyone in town needs to go and be on the lookout for Marlon Brown if nothing else. Hes coming for another unofficial and needs to see some support.

Aj on one side, Marlon on the other, and Tavarres in the slot? I could play QB after Stafford leaves and be fine.

Anonymous said...

If your in Athens on Saturday, make sure to go to the game and get a chant going for Marlon Brown. We have to make another good impression on him. We can't afford to lose a WR prospect like him

Anonymous said...

I love that having a good showing for perspective football recruits is used to help bring fans to a GAME INVOLVING ACTUAL STUDENT ATHLETES WEARING THE RED AND BLACK AND GEORGIA ACROSS THEIR CHEST.

Man, we really need a winner so our basketball games can be more than just a nice afternoon event for football recruits.

Anonymous said...

its not saying that people shouldn't support the basketball team. I was at the Dome last year when the tornado game through during their tourney run.

I'm saying if you were thinking about going but might not b/c its Wofford, that there is a legit reason to go.

Anonymous said...

Actual attendance against wofford I say is 2,000 people. No students in town and playing a crappy team=not many people there.

Anonymous said...

I know at least two people that are fired up for the game on Saturday!

My son and I are going to the game. He's 5 so it will be his first Georgia basketball game. He'll be wearing a black #24 Georgia t-shirt which will likely have food spilled on it shortly before tipoff, he will also likely have food all over his face, sugar coursing through his veins, and will be yelling "GO DAWGS!"

I intend to be in a similar state.


Anonymous said...

Watching the game now. Mercifully, there are only a couple of months left in the Dennis Felton era. We have some pretty good talent on the current roster that a real coach can come in and quickly mould into a watchable, winning team. UGA is a sleeping giant in hoops. Please, Damon Evans, help deliver on that!

Anonymous said...

I feel terrible for Wofford. As we know, the better team does not always win. Dennis Felton must have stolen the Rabbit's foot that Ray Goff used to wear against Gtu every year.

Our b-ball program is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Who do we think might be the next bb coach? Yes, the program is in terrible shape in terms of players, but that's really easy to fix in basketball. We have lots of in-state talent, plenty of money, and no real competition in the SEC; Our one big obstacle is facilities, and it sounds as though we're working on that.

Who would be interested, and good? We seem to keep getting mediocrity since Tubby left (let's not even discuss Harrick).

Unknown said...


I'm not going to call for heads or write obit articles until the body is in the ground.

However, I have already started writing profiles on coaching candidates. That process started before the SEC Tourney. The articles just need updating.

If a change were to be made, we'd start rolling out articles on candidates pretty quickly.

With the Practice Facility, QUANTUM LEAP improvements in state talent, lack of NCAA sanctions, stable roster, Trey Thompkins, the proposed Steg renovation happening sooner rather than later AND our extremely deep wallets...the UGA job will be an attractive position.

It won't be UK gig. But it'll be good enough to hopefully draw interest from some interesting folks.

Anonymous said...

A very respectable and appropriate position re: holding off til the deed is done.

Re: Plum jobs, even the UK job was not that much of a plum two years ago or they would have done better than who they got.

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