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December 3, 2008

Tuberville is Gone per Birmingham News

Story developing. This was posted less than 10 minutes ago. Bham news reports that Auburn has already reached out to Leech and Petrino. Unofficially wink wink. Petrino's agent says Bobby's not interested. Talk about a marriage made in heaven. lol.

As for Leach. He runs a variation of the Hal Mumme scheme he learned in Valdosta and Kentucky. While working with Tony Franklin. Dear, Auburn. You're dumb. Do you not think Leach is going to call his old buddy Franklin and ask him about the "politics" of that job? Or as Barnhart just said on 790theZone..."Leach doesn't do politics. He's just give you the finger and walk off if you told him how to run his program."

Dennis Dodd says Muschamp has already turned 'em down, and Paul Johnson and Petrino are near the top of the list. Johnson at Auburn would be a punch in the balls for Tech, but it would not be a net win for UGA. PJ wouldn't put up with AU's non-sense either.



Crane said...

Wow Just Wow. Auburn is just dumb.

So to Blend numerous threads....

Tuberville as new UGA defensive Coordinator?

Crane said...

Just noticed the previous thread with Hunkering Hank...

Guess I'm not so original.

Anonymous said...

Auburn is a redneck program. Not surprising.

Anonymous said...

Crane - Great minds think alike.


Anonymous said...

Amazing that CMR is now the longest tenured coach in the SEC

Anonymous said...

terrence moore endores WM in the AJC...we HAVE to fire him now! please god give us back Mad dog Lewis for all i care!

Anonymous said...

Hire Tuberville and make a staff even stronger

Unknown said...

Tuberville's firing confirmed, per the Auburn Rivals site

Anonymous said...

TUBS FOR DC.. that would be unreal

Anonymous said...

Would he like a defensive coordinator's job?

Will said...


Anonymous said...

No. That's stupid, along with most of the posts you see on these boards.
Besides, Georgia isn't looking for a DC.

Dubbayoo said...


Anonymous said...

A return of Bowden?

Anonymous said...


JT said...


Anonymous said...

Auburn better have had someone in mind when they fired Tubs. I can't see them not catching a big fish going over well with the Wareagleplainsmentiger fans.

Unknown said...

Tommy Tuberville is an ultra successful head coach at a high profile program with meddling "owners."

Clemson's AD is beating himself over the head with a hammer right now. And so is Texas A*M.

He'll be employed by Jan. 1st at a quality BCS school if he wants to be.

Watson said...

Petrino is not eligible to take the Auburn job due to a stipulation in his contract that says he can't leave Ark to go to another SEC West school.

Anonymous said...

LOL, PJ isn't going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I think that would get the Dawg D back on track, hiring Tubs. But Im sure taking an assistant coach position at a rival school may be a stretch

Dubbayoo said...

why aTm? They didn't fire anyone

Anonymous said...

charlie strong would be better but ill take tubs... even though i cant stand the guy lol. as long as we get the junkyard dawg defense back

Anonymous said...

Paul Johnson at AU would be downright scary. They have many more resources than Tech without the extra "burden" of Tech classwork - not that Tech's athletes are any smarter. But the advantages are clearly in AU's favor.

Plus, Johnson likes that old school hard nose shit that and that fits AU very well. Add that to the tradition of RB's and you've got a recipe for success.

Anonymous said...

My reliable unidentified source close to the Auburn AD tells me the Plainsmen are already pursuing one coach out of Texas pretty hard (not Leach). He's a proven winner, disciplinarian, and a little controversial....

Bud Kilmer.


Hobnail_Boot said...

Well see Wingnut, you've gotta run the ball in this league.

You freaking jackass.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Johnson at Auburn. I know that we would still have to play him every year, it just helps me sleep better at night knowing that Tech has a sick feeling. Every day Tech loses, it is a great day for America.

S.A.W.B. said...

Tuberville may be a fantastic DC, but the only reason he'll be in Athens anytime soon is to experience the novelty that is indoor plumbing, and attractive women to whom he's not kin...

Anonymous said...

1) Anyone who thinks PJ would leave GT now, after only being there a year, doesn't understand who he is. He doesn't want to leave, especially to another school (like UGA) that (i) is not located in a big city and (ii) has a football "history" tied to one player, Bo (Herschel) and one national championship.

Just look at what he said when he was hired.

"'If I thought there was a ceiling here and we couldn't compete for a championship, I wouldn't be standing here,' Johnson told reporters, fans and several Yellow Jackets players at the news conference introducing him as the 12th head coach in school history."

"I hope this is my last job. The hardest thing you have to do in coaching is that meeting with your team when you tell them you're leaving. I've had to do that twice as a head coach, and I hope I don't ever have to do that again."

and this one, lol

"'That [Georgia game] is a game Georgia Tech needs to win,' Johnson said. 'I embrace that.'"

Your wishful thinking isn't going to change that he's not leaving Tech for a long, long time.

2) Why would he leave a school where he has ideal players for a school where he does not?

Remember all those guys that racked up 400 yards rushing and made you look like little girls? They are freshmen and sophomores. Did I mention Tech is getting a good transfer from Louisville next year (last year, 700 yards, 7 TDs) to play the third RB position. Or that Tech has another 4 star WR coming in. Or 2 more QBs and 3 OL (with an outside chance at a fourth). Those are all guys PJ wants to coach.

Why would he want to reinstall his system for the second time in as many years? So he can teach it to Kodi Burns and Ben Tate (who collectively are older than Nesbitt and Dwyer).

Just like most hushpuppie arguments, this one makes no sense.

3) Tubs isn't coaching you guys either. I don't care how often GimRicht and him go to the movie theaters holding hands or how often he picks up Richt from the old tanning salon, Tubs is simply not going to go there. For starters, he's going to want to be a head coach somewhere - not be somebody's bitch. Second, I don't think he'd go to a rival school. Third, and most important, Richt has already committed that he will not fire anyone this offseason. You want him to turn into a Petrino? He's not going to fire Willie Martinez now. You can hope to hire Tubs next year, but he'll likely have moved on by then.

Anonymous said...

Tubs already left a rival school to join another (Mississippi to Auburn)

Anonymous said...

Miss and Auburn aren't really rivals. They don't call the game anything (e.g., Egg Bowl, Magnolia Bowl (w/ LSU).

Wikipedia only lists Alabama, LSU and Georgia as Auburn's rivals, and MSU, LSU, and Arkansas as Ole Miss's.

Georgia is Auburn's rival.
Ole Miss is not.

Just because a team is in the SEC West doesn't make it Auburn's Rival.

Anonymous said...

The only championship Tech will ever compete for is the ACC championship. And they very well may do that with 3 or 4 conference losses.

My God man. You beat Georgia one time in 8 years by 3 points.

Get yourself a little perspective. Just keep telling yourself, "no matter who coaches us we are still Georgia Tech"

That should help.

the tri guy said...

Wow. Tech finally beats UGA for the first time since the Clinton Administration, and now they think their team and their coach are the dominant force in the state. Let's not forget the fact that Tech won by 3 points against the worst Defense UGA has ever fielded.

If UGA and Tech played 10 times, I'd still pick UGA to win 7 of those. I expect to have that 70% confidence in UGA vs. Tech until the day they put me under and I suspect the ratio of UGA wins until that time will hold around 70% as well.

Anonymous said...

I love it when the Virgins on North Avenue get their token victory and they draw it out to a projection of the next 15 games as being theirs for the taking. So cute. We'll gladly allow one in eight on average. I'm just ecstatic that it was during a year which didn't affect much in the bowl picture and a season in which most GA fans were already fairly disappointed. Glad to see we can make someone's Christmas special down there in the hood.
Doesn't matter if Paula Johnson goes to Aub or not really. He would ultimately fare much better on the Plains as he will have more resources, a sold out stadium, booster meetings which draw more than 48 people, and an ardent fan base. None of which the students of Warcraft can attest to.
Things will get back to normal next year, GA will win and most likely go to a BCS bowl somewhere. Tech will lose the ACC Maritime division and wind up in some new startup bowl before Christmas. But again, maybe that's not so bad. After all, that's life as a Tech fan. It's Marta, it's homeless people, and it's getting mugged weekly.
It does truly disappoint to lose to such a meddlesome bottom-feeder program, but it'd be far worse to know you have no chance of winning this game 8 out of 10 years.
Way to go boys. You deserved to win that game and we did not. But the story of the game is "wow- GA has really fallen off this season" versus "wow- look at Tech". Take it how you will but the streak begins anew in 360 days...
You guys truly are just too cute when you win. I wish our fraternities would host a big tickle pile like you guys after a big win. Maybe next year if you can win that big pillow fight against Virgina things will look a bit brighter at Historic Mark Richt Field inside Bobby Dodd Stadium.

saleebydawg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
saleebydawg said...

A.D. "We would like to welcome our new coach [Insert new head coach name here] to our school [Insert school name here]"

New Head Coach "'If I thought there was a ceiling here and we couldn't compete for a championship, I wouldn't be standing here,' . . ."

"I hope this is my last job. The hardest thing you have to do in coaching is that meeting with your team when you tell them you're leaving. I've had to do that [x times] as a head coach, and I hope I don't ever have to do that again."

I think I've heard that before.

Crane said...

Rival or not it is ridiculous to say that Tuberville wouldn't go to a rival of Auburn's. If I was fired from Home Depot why would I dismiss going to work for Lowes?

IMHO IF Paul Johnson were to leave it would be for the confines of South Bend, not Opelika.

Anonymous said...

1) It's amazing how you hushpuppies think that all Tech fans are Tech students. I'm not a nerd and I didn't go to Tech and I don't give a shit about star wars.

2) It's also amazing how you put together four solid seasons and think that you have been a national title contender for forever. The only time you were within sniffing distance of a NC was this year (and we all saw how that went). And no, you weren't close to going to the NC game last year.

3) Your entire streak was just beating Chan Gailey and Reggie Ball. Get over yourselves.

4) Right now we are the most dominant force in the state. We beat you because we had the better team, the better coach, and more heart. Was your offense the best unit on the field last Saturday? Sure. But we had the best TEAM.

We'll see you again next year in Atlanta, but without Stafford and Moreno you wouldn't even belong on the same field as Tech. This is a different team than what Gailey coached.

5) The story is how good Tech is, not how much UGA has slipped. Maybe you didn't notice, but Tech did the same thing they did to you against defenses that are just as good, if not better (Miami, FSU). We didn't start a single upper classman on offense. You thought it was bad having Tech stomp all over you on ESPN, wait until next year.

6) Yes, we are still GT, and that means we live in a world class city, not a relatively small college town (Chapel Hill is a lot better place to live than Athens too). Marta, homeless people, and getting mugged? LOL, maybe if you live downtown. Tech is in midtown which has low crime and great restaurants. Or were you referring to Buckhead, where I live? I don't think too many homeless people live in Buckhead. In fact, I'd bet most of the "entrepreneur" doggies you are always talking about live there. Guess what, it's only a 5-10 minute drive from Tech.

7) Show me six other SEC coaches who have said "I hope this is my last job." I may be wrong, but I believe you usually hear "I want to stay here for a while," not "I hope this is my last job." Also, when PJ says it I believe it. Like Richt (and unlike Petrino) he's a class act.

8) Would you rather live at Auburn or in Atlanta? Is that even really a question?

9) And for the "worst defense" UGA has ever fielded, you sure weren't that bad for most of the season. In fact, you were 15th against the run (or overall? can't remember) up until the Tech game. Your problem wasn't that your defense isn't good, its that it can't keep up with better offenses (Fla, Ala, GT).

10) Meddlesome bottom feeder program? LOL. We are ranked higher than you playing freshman and sophomores. We are significantly younger than UGA (and the youngest team in the ACC by far). We just managed 9 wins with a new head coach, a new defense, and a completely new style of offense.

Not to mention 4 national championships (and our most recent a decade more recent than yours - your last NC came during Reagan's first year), major awards named after our people (Heisman, Dodd (coach of the year), Rice (AD of the year)), and an all around better attitude. I'd much rather be a Tech fan than a butt licker like you guys.

Anon at 9:01 - that insult spewing garbage is the reason why most people think UGA has no class. I even admitted Richt is a class act. Maybe its time mommy and daddy take away your computer privileges.


Anonymous said...

"If I was fired from Home Depot why would I dismiss going to work for Lowes?"

Huge difference there.

1) You are talking about being a flagship employee of a school, not a no-name employee of Home Depot or Lowes. You are comparing apples to oranges.

2) Once you are looking at the right analogy, it's clear leaving one school to go to a rival doesn't happen in one year, and it usually doesn't happen coach to assistant.


a) Saban - spent time in the pros in between

b) OBC - spent time in the pros in between

c) Amato - didn't really go to a rival, took time off

The only one in recent memory is Curry leaving Tech. And that wasn't really a rivalry anymore at the time.

Crane said...

I would certainly agree with the assertion that it probably wouldn't happen in one year...

However Back to apples and oranges let us take the case of Lee Iacocca who was Fired From Ford Because he clashed with Lauder, I mean Henry Ford II, and then went to work for Chrysler, clear rivals.

More Apples to Apples for you?


Anonymous said...

lacocca went to Chrysler when it was almost bankrupt though. It would be like Tubs going to Alabama post-Shula instead of Saban.

Crane said...

Yes, which kind of makes the point. But enough about about the car industry, let's talk about how fat certain football coaches are.

Anonymous said...

"The only time you were within sniffing distance of a NC was this year (and we all saw how that went). And no, you weren't close to going to the NC game last year."

Georgia finished 3rd in 2002, 2nd in 2007. I'd consider that sniffing distance.

You've got a lot of pent-up anger, dude.

Anonymous said...

All of these posts from Tech fans remind me of the first time my little brother ever beat me at a video game when we were kids.

It made his life.

Tech beat one of the worst defenses Georgia has ever fielded (literally). Tech also got their asses handed to them by North Carolina and barely escaped the mighty Gardner-Webb.

It's almost adorable how quickly this has gone to their heads.

They win 9 games and you'd think they were a national title contender. Georgia wins 9 games and Bulldog fans everywhere are pissed and disappointed.

Anonymous said...

You Tech fans are sooooo cute :) And its amazing how well you can predict the future. See you at Mark Richt field next year!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:34 (a/k/a Tech Braineac)
1. You are correct, all Georgia fans assume a Tech fan went to Tech. This is because what reasonable person would pull for such a mediocre program unless they attended the Institute.
2.What? Four solid seasons? You must mean over the past four years. Since our NC in ’80, we’ve had three REALLY BAD seasons (93,94,95), several average seasons and SEVEN season where we were considered one of the best teams in the country (81,82,92,97,02,05,07).
3.Not quite. Our streak has been since Bobby Dodd’s retirement in 1966. In the 40 years since, no coach at Tech has a winning record over Georgia.
4.Tech has never and will never be the most dominant force in the State. Georgia’s fan-base is significantly larger and spans the entire State. After Georgia, Auburn has more followers in the State than Tech. Just look at the number of Auburn fans in Columbus, Lagrange and Atlanta for that matter. Your are correct to say Tech was the better team on Saturday. But heart? Are you kidding me? Only 12 years olds and geek squad bloggers try to analyze the “heart” of an athlete.
5.Has UGA slipped? We went 9-3 and our pulling our hair and gnashing our teeth. Tech did the same and were seen dancing on North Ave (go look at the pic AJC ran Sunday morning). FSU and Miami have been irrelevant to football for 5 years. Miami is now a notorious front-runner. If you punch them in the mouth, they shrink. Wasn’t this the first victory over FSU EVER for Tech?
6. Yes, Atlanta is a great city. It’s where Georgia grads move AFTER college. It just sucks as a place to ATTEND college.
7. Who cares.
8.If you are the head football coach, Auburn. Auburn has more fans, more money and a much greater desire to win.
9.What? Our defense was terrible all year. Take away the three losses, and our signature wins are USC, Vandy and Central Michigan. Auburn and Tennessee played us after firing an OC mid-season. ASU was missing their best RB, LSU used a mannequin at QB and USC played a kid named Smelley.
10.What? Since our NC in 80 (When Carter was President you dimwit), Tech has 8 wins over UGA (84,85,89,90,98,99,00,08). That’s 8 wins in 28 years. I can live with that. The reason UGA fans hate Tech so much is the kind of response you are providing. Tech is not good program. It hasn’t been since Dodd retired. It has had a rare good stretch here and there. To suggest otherwise (as you are doing) is so irrational that it’s infuriating.

Here are some “factoids” that illustrate Tech’s lot: (1) Your stadium is in a city with millions of people, holds only 50K spectators but rarely sells out. (2) When calculating home attendance, your SID includes people standing on the field (players, coaches officials). (3) Your marching band recently featured a guy on the flag line. (4) Heisman, like Pop Warner at UGA, coached all over the place. No one university claims him. (5) Speaking of Presidents, Tech has been a conference champion twice (of any conference) since Truman was President.

The triple option is exciting and it won you 9 games this year. But it’s not new and it’s effectiveness right now is based on how few teams run it (as opposed to the 80’s when it was hot). In fact, I don’t think UGA had seen it since 2000 when PJ brought it to Athens with GSU. Do you really think you’re going to dominate us and the rest of the nation based on one 9-3 season? Tech scored 45 and won by 3 points. 6 of your points came on Stafford’s arm and Bobo’s play calling, not your clever offense. The reason Dwyer and Roddy scored on the three break-away plays was because of poor tackling. Not because PJ is a genius. Go back and watch the game, Ellerbe refused to tackle Dwyer on both his big runs and Reshad Jones decided to flirt with Roddy Jones rather than tackle him on that run. It has been well documented on this blog and others that the personnel on defense is the worst we’ve had in 10+ seasons. Further, in many categories t is the worst statistical year in our 110+ season history.

These are the reasons we find Tech fans talking trash so repugnant. Last year when we beat Florida, our coaches, players and fans talked about how we had finally made it a rivalry again. Not that we were going to obliterate them for the next century, just that it could be called a rivalry once again. I guess as stupid as we Georgia red necks are, we have some sense of history and the speed at which things change.

Techies, geniuses that they are, have already run some complex non-linear calculus formula through their Texas Instruments and determined that PJ and the triple option = dominance of Georgia and multiple NC’s.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

anon 9:39,

Didn't Houston Nutt move to Ole Miss this year from Arkansas?

You are right though, it rarely happens that coaches move straight to a another school within the same conference, and it almost never happens from coach to coordinator.

Tubs as DC here would be an interesting story, but it would be really expensive. Plus, if it is this difficult for Richt to fire Martinez, imagine how hard it would be to get rid of Tubs, if it didn't work out.

Anonymous said...

Your entire streak was just beating Chan Gailey and Reggie Ball.

Not possible. It was a 7 year streak. Chan coached for 6. Reggie may have been there that long too.

Anonymous said...

Tech fans get all that from one 3 point win?

Wow. Just wow.

And, yeah, we only one 7 in a row. And we only won 6 in a row before the 3 Tech had to vacate and then got back on appeal.

That's domination. For damn near 20 years.

Georgia has finished every year under Richt as a ranked team, twice as #2. That's closer than your perpetual 8 win machine over on North Avenue is going to manage. And if anyone at Tech or anywhere else thinks that Georgia's defense is going to be that sad forever, well, enjoy your dream.

Paul Johnson isn't leaving. And I, as a Georgia fan, really don't give two shits if he stays or goes because I know that Tech might win one or two in a row, but Georgia will win 8 out of ten.

And if it does turn that way, we'll run off whomever obviously can't handle being the coach here and find someone who can.

See this? This is me still not worrying about the noise at North Avenue.

Scott said...

Let them hire Willie Martinez!
It gets him out of our hair and ensures that Auburn will not stop Georgia until Martinez is fired!

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