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January 28, 2009

A blistering comparison between Felton and Gottfried

Image: Lindy Dugger

Darren Epps of the Chattanooga Times Free Press wrote an opinion piece in Tuesday's paper comparing Alabama's decision to terminate Mark Gottfried vs. UGA's decision to wait a little longer to address the Felton situation.

All of his points are valid. Earlier I wrote that there isn't much upside in terminating your head coach in the middle of the season if your in UGA's situation. That is to say a roster without a lot of talent won't suddenly become world class by simply removing the head coach.

However, the biggest positive that comes from a mid-season transition is addressed in Epps' piece. It gives you the time to get organized and properly research your replacement opportunities.

Closer to home, Chip Towers discusses the tough road ahead for Felton, and Mark Bradley asks which program is worse....Tech or UGA?



Anonymous said...

best caption EVER.

Anonymous said...

There is an easy solution to all of this.

Let Felton continue to suck, as he has his entire career, until we lose in the SEC tourney.

Then patiently wait for Maryland to lose in the first round of the ACC tourney...wait...and then when they fire their own Gary Williams, swoop in and hire him within an hour of said firing.

Anonymous said...

The benefit of firing a head coach in the middle of the year is that you get a jump-start i the coaching market. Now that Alabama has fired their coach, they virtually have the first pick of coaching hires.

Anonymous said...

I used to favor waiting til the end of the year because I thought it would make UGA look better to a prospective new coach (ie. "UGA did the classy thing and didn't humiliate the last coach by firing him mid-season. UGA respects coaches.")

But now I think it would look better to prospective coaches to go ahead and fire Felton now, because the commitment of UGA to basketball is being seriously questioned in various circles. Firing him now would show that there is a passion, at least on the part of the AD, to have a successful basketball program. Usually "knee-jerk" firings are a bad thing, but in this case it would serve to counteract what is shaping up to be the convential wisdom that Georgia just doesn't have the desire it takes to win in basketball and probably never will. Mark Bradley wrote a column this week to that effect and (perhaps worse) the same thoughts can heard from some UGA fans.

I know Evans cares a great deal about our basketball program and its' success. He has said so repeatedly. But an immediate firing would SHOW just how much he wants basketball to work at UGA, and that in turn, should impress any coach he tries to woo.

Anonymous said...

i ask you again, have you EVER seen a better caption in your life? i mean "Get in the car?"

i never type this, but here goes, lol.

The Watch Dawg said...

You need to warn people to put down their coffee before putting up captions as funny as that. I agree.... best caption ever.

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