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January 8, 2009

Boomer Sooner

I won't kid you.  I hope the Gators lose by 200 points tonight.  As Quinton posted earlier...the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

SEC fans keep saying that the Sooners haven't seen a defense like the Gators.  That's true, but I can assure the Gator defense has seen nothing like the Sooner offense.  The best offense the Gators saw all season was Georgia's....seriously.  The three best quarterbacks they saw all season were Matthew Stafford, John Parker Wilson and Jevan Snead.  That's not exactly McCoy, Harrell, Robinson and Daniels in terms of depth. 

The Gator defense has only seen two offensive lines anywhere near the OU group, and that was LSU and Alabama. LSU's offensive line was handicapped by having an imbecile freshman at QB. Bama's line -- aside from Andre Smith -- simply isn't as good as Oklahoma's group.

If I'm Sam Bradford, I give the Gators a steady diet of crossing patterns at various depths. This isn't a defense that you beat with bubble screens and draw plays.  They are going to need to attack them down the field and over the middle.  Leverage that big boy tight end to create mismatches.  They'll need the pass to set up the run.

I like the Sooners tonight, but what do I know.



Anonymous said...

I agree in the meaning I hate UF and want them to get run all over. But then again I like seeing the SEC at the top of the BCS so I can some small pride in saying we are a SEC school. I will be happy if UF loses and happy for the SEC if that win.

Anonymous said...

Just 200?

Anonymous said...

Something that gets lost under the 49-10 score is the fact that our offense out-gained Florida's that day. In the first half, Stafford was lighting up the Gator secondary, and Moreno was averaging almost 6 yards per carry. We just couldn't get into the damned endzone. The Sooners, on the other hand, not only have one of the best offenses in the country, but they've also got one of the best red-zone offenses in the country. I just don't see Florida keeping Oklahoma out of the endzone. If the Sooners have to punt more than twice in this game, I'll be surprised.

And I know I'm probably going to get blasted for saying this, but ... I actually think Oklahoma's offense is faster-moving. Florida's got faster guys, but the Sooners' offense, as a unit, can move the ball down the field faster than anyone I've seen in a long, long time. The no-huddle is going to throw Florida's defense off more than a few times tonight, and the Sooners are going to sprint, not march, down the field.

I'm clearly in the minority here, but I actually think that Florida may get embarrassed tonight. I don't think the Sooners are going to hang 60+ on them, but I really won't be surprised if they beat Florida by a double-digit margin.

D. Smith said...

I agree with the above comment, however, OU winning tonight will only solidify all the comments that the BIG XII is better than the SEC. No matter how lewd that argument may sound, everyone at ESPN is pulling for OU because deep down, they all love the BIG XII, with the exception of a select few. I like UF to win this game, but I'm not wearing Gator Hater Shirt either.

JADAMS said...

If Mark Richt stated that he will be cheering for the Gators, why would we cheer for OU?

Anonymous said...

D. Smith...

I couldn't disagree with you more. Even if OU pulls this one out it does not solidify the Big 12 being better than the SEC. I don't even think that is the preception anymore after this bowl season anyway.

And how can you say that ESPN loves the Big 12? ESPN has every incentive to hype up the Gators after the huge deal they signed with the SEC. I mean Herbie basically ejaculates on camera when talking about the Gators.

I'm an OSU fan so I'm right with you on being a Gator Hator. Afterall they did put my Buckeyes in a nutcracker and white knuckle crush them. That said, I am not an SEC hater. I actually was in Athens for the UT game this year (Georgia fans are some of the best people I have come across btw). The SEC is still clearly the best conference despite Alabama and the outcome of tonight's game.

As for the game, I like the Gators. If Harvin is even 80% I like the Gators big.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:52, we absolutely choked near the goal line in that game--wide open TE missed, missed block for a sack, passes bouncing off our helmet. It really illustrated that we just couldn't power into the endzone with a freshman OL.

Go Sooners. 200 points sounds good to me...Meyer is just so damn full of himself-- he needs a dose of arse-whupping in the worst way. Like Spurrier used to. (which reminds me, when are we going to beat SC 52-10 or so? I want it!!!)

Anonymous said...

Before anyone starts pulling for Florida tonight out of SEC pride, consider this:

Tebow and Harvin could come back next year...Florida could win the MNC again next year with roughly the same group of guys. That means at the conclusion of next season Florida fans could say they've won 4 national champioships in 14 years. We all know how relentless and obnoxious this would be.

Is that really something you want to root for?

I take the position that a 3rd MNC for Florida tonight is the sign of a coming apocalypse. After tonight, either Bradford will be carried off the field on the shoulders of his teammates or hell spawn will be marching side by side with an army of jort-wearing undead.

They will be marching northward from Gainesville, which as we all know is the most prominent hellhole on the planet.

Prepare to defend civilization, Sam Bradford. I'll be cheering you on in full Dawg regalia.


Josh M. said...

Um, the Big 12 was better than the SEC this year.

"If Mark Richt stated that he will be cheering for the Gators, why would we cheer for OU?"

So how many foreign children have you adopted?

Anonymous said...


How can you make that claim after this bowl season?

Ole Miss absolutely handed it to Texas Tech.

Oregon handily beat Okie State.

Texas barely got passed an OSU team who's QB is zero threat as a passer.

Mizzou needed overtime to beat Northwestern (not exactly a power in a bad conference).

No way is (or was) the Big 12 the better conference this year.

Anonymous said...

F Florida to hell.

Everyone one of them.


SEC be damned - this is about hating the most disgusting team and fanbase in the history of CFB.

Give 'em hell OKLAHOMA!

Anonymous said...

I pray OU wins. but the Big 12 has been unimpressive this bowl season.

I'm not Sure OU's defense can stop Uf's offense and special teams.

Anonymous said...

Lot's of different teams from the conference winning national championships = good for the SEC.
Florida winning several national championships = good for Florida.

Mike said...

I hope Oklahoma kills them as well... but Florida is going to destroy Oklahoma.

The question of the year has been resoundingly answered this bowl season: "The defenses were that bad."

Brandon Spikes is going to destroy Phil Loadholt.

Anonymous said...

Preacher from Blazing Saddles when sheiff arrives:

"Are we not men (women) of the SEC? Can't we all pull together for the common good of the conference. Shouln't our southern loyalty out weight our petty differences? For once, can we don the orange and blue and act like gators."

Shot rings out. Preacher. "Son you are on your own."

Anonymous said...

I equate the Gators with USC. Does it help the Pac-10 that USC dominates its out-of-conference opponent in the Rose Bowl almost every year? Nope. If USC had won another NC against Texas in 05, would that have made the Pac-10 any better? Again, nope.

Screw Florida. Their winning benefits us in the most miniscule ways. Their losing leads to yummy Tebow Tears.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:16: Nail. Head.

Mackie said...

I hate Florida, but respectfully disagree.

Anonymous said...

I heart Red Crake. It's on you, Sam. The galaxy is on your shoulders. Grab the gator by the horns and tell that reptile who's boss. Everything good and decent in the world is on the line tonight. There is little good that comes from UF winning 2 titles in 3 years. Recruiting, bragging affects it all.

Go Dawgs & Boomer Sooner!

Of course, if UF wins, I'll say, "You see what we had to go up against down in Jax?"

Enjoy it while it lasts, Urban. We're coming down to the banks of the river to rip you a new on in '09. And we might just call timeout a few times while we're doing it, just to make the fun lasts longer.

Anonymous said...

After it became apparent that our beloved Dawgs would not participate in this event, I lost rooting interest.

I root for one team and one team only ... The University of Georgia Bulldogs.

I could care less who wins tonight and to be honest would almost prefer that neither team wins but the game goes into an overtime that is never completed. Sort of Groundhog Day/Truman Show hell that tortures Gators and Sooners alike for centuries.

Mickey McCale said...

I hate Florida with everything I am, and have felt that way long before moving to SEC country four years ago. In fact, there's only one team I hate more in the entire country. Unfortunately, that team is Oklahoma. I'm a born Texan and hating Oklahoma is in my blood. So, that said, I'm rooting for the meteor.

P.S. I wonder what the over/under is on how many writers/analysts/bloggers have mistakenly pluralized Chase Daniel's over the past three seasons?

Anonymous said...

Meteor Bowl Game if you asked me. To hell with both schools and their prissy coaches.

Anonymous said...

I just want a call worse than the 2002 Fiesta Bowl to decide the game.

Anonymous said...

I expect Florida will do to Oklahoma what Ole Miss did to Texas Tech.

At least I hope they do.

Anonymous said...

I hate the Gators with a passion. I am for the Sooners tonight. That being said, I suspect Florida is going to destroy the Sooners. Has anyone watched the supposedly invinceable Big 12 South in the bowl games. Ole Miss averaged 26 points a game and 369 yards. They torched Texas Tech for 47 and 515 yards. Hell, even Miss State held them to less. These Big 12 defenses are hideous. OU is tied with GEORGIA in scoring defense. Our Dawgs, whose defense was a sieve all year long.

Boomer Sooner, but I am afraid Tebow and company are going to win in a laugher. I hope I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Rule #1 - pull for Georgia

Rule #2 - pull against Florida

Rule #3 - pull for SEC

Can't recruit against the Gators if they win a 2nd in 3. Bad enough they are even playing in the NC. I do understand the SEC loyalty, but not for the Gators. The positives of pulling for the SEC do not outweigh the negatives that a Gator win presents for Georgia.

That said, the Gators are going to win.

Excuse me, I've got to go throw up.

Anonymous said...

Umm, you cant seriously like Oklahoma in this game.

I HATE Florida just like the rest of us, but Tim Tebow and the Gaytors are going to crush that Big 12 garbage.

Gaytors 63
Sooners 17

Anonymous said...

Hate Florida all you want. The simple fact of the matter is that they are well coached and very talented.

Unlike some others in the conference they take special teams seriously. Watch tonight and see how that makes a difference.

I guarantee you that you won't see Florida score and then watch their kicker kick it out of bounds on the kick off.

It. Won't. Happen.

Florida will win the championship tonight and very possibly will win it next year.

And that has nothing to do with luck.

Anonymous said...

I'll take OU and 46, name the price.. I need the money.

Anonymous said...

I have said that and my friends tell me that I need to root for an SEC team because they are the SEC. My ass. I'm wanting a major beat down of the Gators. I'm sick to death of the smugness of Tebow and Meyer. 300 to 0 will be to kind on the lizards if you ask me.

Crane said...

The only time you should ever root for the Gators is if they are Playing Georgia Tech

S.A.W.B. said...

Crane, in that game, I'm rooting for the earth to open up, and swallow both teams, and sets of fans, into the black abyss.

Anonymous said...

"PTC DAWG said...
I'll take OU and 46, name the price.. I need the money.

I'll give you OU +14.

Anonymous said...

Go Sooners, I am freakin sick of hearing about Florida and the great Tim Tebow.

Anyhow, we're gonna stomp em in Jax '09. (if so many of you can assume we're going to lose, I can assume we're going to win)

Anonymous said...


No reasonable fan here thinks florida has bad players and is poorly coached...

It's their FANS (and Urban's jackass attitude) that we can't stand and pull against.

That said, I would pull for North Korea and the Fighting Kim Jong Il's against florida.


Anonymous said...

For those of you claiming SEC loyalty and rooting for the Gators, may I remind you that your loyalty is not chiefly to the SEC, but to the University of Georgia? Bryan's rooting order above is correct: 1) For UGA, 2) Against UF, 3) For the SEC.

That means that for tonight's purposes, 2) outranks 3). And in fact, doing 2) is inextricably related to doing 1).

In case this doesn't suffice to convince you, please remember the following:

1. Urban Meyer's use of all 3 timeouts in the 4th quarter this year.

2. SOS passing in the 4th quarter to hang 50+ on us at home.

3. Years of losing and frustration to UF in JAX. I've never, ever, had a good time there. Ever.

4. UF fans taunting me and jingling their keys at me in the 4th quarter when we're losing.

5. Mullets and jorts. Classlessness. For that matter, toothlessness.

Need I say more? If I hear one more UGA fan say they're pulling for the Gators tonight out of SEC loyalty, benevolent altruism, or any other such motivation, I'm gonna puke. And all of your fan cards should be stripped away. Repeat this to yourself tonight as you watch: "Gators are the enemy. Gators are the enemy." Click your heels together as you say it, if that helps.

This is an irrevocable rule of Georgia fanhood. You signed on for the wrong thing if you didn't sign on for Gator hating.

Anonymous said...

I'm fully on the Boomer Sooner wagon. My God, can you imagine the Florida fans? They will be so insufferable if UF wins that I will be praying for an oncoming apocalypse. Hasn't there already been enough Tebow ball washing by the media? (By the way, I heard he's having one of the Filipino boys he circumcised brought in so he can rub his groin for luck).

Sorry, no SEC loyalty here. If it was Alabama or LSU, sure, but not Florida. In fact, if I lived in Miami I would probably hijack a flaming propane truck and crash it into their team bus.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank,
Florida's kicker kicked it out of bounds against Bama.

Yes. He. Did. You. Arrogant. Dipsh*t.

As for next year, contemplate this:

1. Harvin gone
2. Troutwein gone
3. Murphy gone
4. Spikes gone
5. and many more GONE (maybe Rainey)

Don't count on a NC just yet. We have a week off and UGA ain't chopped liver.

Anonymous said...

"Unlike some others in the conference they take special teams seriously. Watch tonight and see how that makes a difference."

Hey, Frank, NICE punt block technique by UF. I think you want to hit the ball, not the punter. But I don't really take that seriously, so what would I know....

Anonymous said...

Thom Brennaman is poor. So far I've seen him miss

* A waived off 5 yd penalty in first half
* 3rd and goal called 4th and goal (multiple times)

More to come, I'm sure. At least we ain't advertising Jumper this year.

Anonymous said...

Now that Florida has won the NC the disappointment of this season is complete. Our two best players left for the NFL and we couldn't even reach the SEC Championship game when they played for us.

It sucks to be Dawg tonight.

Anonymous said...

Alright Cox....this team is yours. Time to shine brighter than Greene, Shockley and Stafford.

Anonymous said...

Wow, we all thought UF was the luckiest team ever but after tonight it has to be official. They got dominated on the field by a better Oklahoma team and still won by 10 points. Where do we get some of that luck? The sad part is nobody will remember what happened, only that UF won. It's happened all year just not to this extent. Utah is this year's real champion, as bad as I hate to say it. At least next year we will get to play with everyone doubting us once again. Business as usual, Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Man it hurts to be a dawg right now. High hopes ends with a loss to Tech and a UF nat'l championship. I can't help but think we'll never be a top program. If we can't beat Tech, UF, or Bama with Stafford and Moreno, what will we do without them? Right now, I'm just praying we make it to a bowl next year and don't end up like Tennessee or Auburn.

Anonymous said...

It just means we'll be hearing how great St. Tebow is for the rest of the off season into next season. I couldn't believe how those announcers last night were fawning all over him. I had to mute the TV on several occasions. It's not much better on ESPN Sports Center this morning either. Makes me want to barf.

Anonymous said...

WOW, a top ten final season ranking again for the Dawgs! I know this season didnt turn out well but to finish in the top ten again speaks very highly of Georgia. Go Dawgs! I hate Florida.

Anonymous said...

They got dominated on the field by a better Oklahoma team and still won by 10 points.

How do you figure that? Total yards was 480-363 favor Florida. What stats are you looking to draw your conclusion?

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