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January 20, 2009

Felton's excellent adventure

As you may know by now Felton is attending the presidential
inauguration in DC. He'll be away from campus for 2 days.

As I understand it, he won't lose any practice time. With the ncaa
mandated limits on practice time, he'll just make up the practice time
later in the week.

However, it doesn't look good from the outside. And I know the message
boards have exploded with added frustration over this.

Personally, I don't care. My list of things to be frustrated about is
so long this doesn't even register.

If he's not missing any net practice hours what does it matter beyond
the perception?

Not saying I'm right. Just saying I don't care.


Ps - Still on wireless device. Pardon typos and formatting.


The Watch Dawg said...

I don't care either. It's not like devoting time to the team in the past has done anything to improve it... hell he's just incompetent. So I could really care less if he spends his time coaching basketball or knitting mittens for the little school-girls that will be sitting on the front row for the inauguration. All I care about is finding a replacement for him. This season was lost before it began.

Anonymous said...

Someone tell Miami we'll give 'em a "two for one" deal.

Anonymous said...

Chaaannngggge!!! Wooooooooooo! Chaaaaanggge!!

Anonymous said...

Paul, like you say, in reality, it's not that big a deal. But the perception, for a man with a tenuous job and will be looking for a new one soon, how does it appear to your current and perspective future employers that when your team is in shambles and getting progressively worse, has yet to win a conference game when it's almost February, and you're going on vacation for a couple days? As it has been since almost the beginning, the guy couldn't be worse with pr if he tried.

Anonymous said...

I don't care either, but then I'm now apathetic to UGA basketball.

If I wasn't apathetic, I'd care, but like Watch Dawg noted practice hasn't really made a diff in 6 years so why would it now?

Anonymous said...

The thing about defense is, You don't really have to be very good to be good at it. You just have to work hard. Like rebounding, it doesn't take that much practice unless you're using some exotic zone press or something; it takes knowing what to do and trying very hard at it.

Being good at offense--that takes practice. Lots and lots of practice.

So what's different?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Felton is probably priming the pump for another job as an assistant to the "First" Basketball coach at OSU.

Anonymous said...

Change we can believe in - NO MORE FELTON!

Anonymous said...

I'd feel a little better about it if he'd taken the team with him. Maybe it would do them some good to get away together & re-group.

Sure as hell can't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its time to let the kids play more. Ware, Leslie... let them play more.

Can't hurt at this point.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Knight said he would be interested in coaching again. Why don't we get him at Stegman? He would sell out the stadium and he would motivate whatever players are there. Recruiting would also get a boost. Right now we are the laughing stock of SEC basketball. UGA has the money to bring the program up to the level where we can compete.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not practicing will help the team.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Damon will give us mid-season hope and change.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Knight and Mark Richt at the same school ? Would that be a kinda ying-yang thing ? I'll take it.Impossible but fun to think about.Felton could stay two weeks and no one would notice.

Anonymous said...

We already the "Odd Couple" with Harrick and Richt.

The "Odd Couple II" is Felton and Richt.

I don't want to see another sequel. How about a new movie?

Anonymous said...

no way a black AD fires a black coach for attending the inauguration of our first (half) black president.

he might fire him next week, however, and that would be a good thing. actually, the janitor at stegeman is a better option at this point.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Coach Felton has gone back home to lobby for an appointment to the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and know, in case the current gig doesn't work out.

SteveODawg said...

The thing is... Even if our players cannot practice, doesn't mean that Felton can take a break. He needs to work on coaching. If the NCAA rules state that a coach can only spend a specific amount of hours at work, then fine let him go to DC. But to spend time like a vacation, away from his job, which is on the line, shows arrogance and incompetence. If we were ranked in the top 25 and finished up our recruiting class, I might give him a break. But he has a lot of work to do to get the team back to being competitive.

Anonymous said...

Come on everyone, it's a new era. "Ask not what your coach can do for you. what can you do for your coach."

Anonymous said...

Bob Knight at UGA? Oh hell, you made me puke on my shoes.

Come back Tubby!!!! You can beat UK at least 2x a year at UGA.

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