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January 29, 2009

Press Conference Available Free at Gxtra

Damon is in front of the camera.


Anonymous said...

Evans spoke well and made some good points. It will be an interesting coaching search to follow as this appears to be the first time we are willing to put down some big money for a good coach.

Anonymous said...

Glad UGA is going to put the Cash to get a big name coach*

Anonymous said...

Congrats on playing a major role in getting Felton fired PWD and Quinton! Great job...

Now if you would only attack Willie like you did the last few weeks with Felton, we might just get some needed change in football too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on playing a major role in getting Felton fired PWD and Quinton! Great job...

Dude, are you high? No disrespect to PWD or Q, but do you think Damon reads this blog and says to himself, "Damn. I've lost Westerdawg and Quinton. Felton's got to go!" (I'm sure Damon picks up lots of insight from this place, but let's not go overboard.)

I think Felton's a hard working coach who knows the game, but this season has been a suckfest of Johnny Guthrie-like magnitude. You want to thank someone for getting him fired, call Mike Mercer, Takais Brown, Billy Humphrey, etc. etc. etc. Or call Coach Felton, who brought all those guys in.

I feel bad for Coach Felton, who came in under tough circumstances, worked as hard as he possibly could, and probably didnt catch any breaks in the commitment level of some of the guys he brought in, but it's year 6 of his tenure, and we seem worse off than year 1 or 2. It's probably the best thing for him and for UGA. I wish him no ill.

Unknown said...

I wish Damon Evans or Arthur Johnson read this blog. Believe me. They don't.

But I'm flattered that you think otherwise.

Quinton and I are VERY hopeful and optimistic when it comes to the long term future of the basketball program.

There's NO REASON that UGA can't be successful given the natural geographic, demographic, and financial assets in our possession.

I may be wrong, but I think that I speak for Quinton when I say that neither of us have posted a fraction of our true feelings about Felton's abilities / limitations.

Neither of us called for Felton's head at any point. We simply pointed out the obvious. This was a team that was poorly constructed, lacking in overall talent, devoid of shooting guards, and looking very much like a program without near term hope due to the lack of competitive fire / effort late in the season.

And we pointed out that this is a VERY deep state in terms of talent, and we are NOT getting our fair share. And even on that point, we've been mercifully tame in our commentary.

If you think we weren't supportive enough, you're nuts. I can send you links to what unsupportive blogs (non-Dawg) look like.

I'm a lot of things, but a guy throwing tantrums and drumming coaches out of town isn't one of them.

In 6 years, I've really only delivered 2 or 3 Felton rants. And they were areas where he off about fan support. Given the quality of product he was putting out on the court, my fiery responses were simply answering his comments head on. As a fan.

I don't want to be Paul Finebaum, and I'm not.


Anonymous said...

If Damon is really serious about getting the program on the right track, he needs to do much more than simply hire a good coach.

I think that there is already work being done on the gameday concessions, and that is important. The gameday atmosphere is like a JV girls' game. Someone needs to shoot that damned joke of a mascot, the inflatable abomination, with a pellet gun. That thing should NEVER be at a real sporting event.

Damon needs to revise the seating chart. The blowhard old farts who donate money and do not come to games should be juxtaposed with the students. It will make for a better tv atmosphere, and it will change the culture around UGA basketball, and make people reexamine what being a "fan" is.

Obviously, getting a good coach is of the utmost importance, but there are a lot of ancillary things that need to be done to get UGA on the right track to be successful in basketball.

Anonymous said...

Screw you anon 4:01. I love Spike.

JT said...

Anon 4:01 nailed it.

Bobby Knight would be a sexy hire. But really, then we would be the Gamecocks of basketball.

The Watch Dawg said...

I'm ecstatic to see Felton gone and hopefully we can bring in either Sam Mitchell or Anthony Grant....

but 4:01 can go to hell. Spike is awesome.

We do need to get some more vocal fans up on the floor though.

Anonymous said...

truth to tell, anon 4:01 is SPOT on. when i think of lame mascots, only the atlanta knight's Sir Slapshot deserves more ridicule. come on folks, what's worse than watching those lame broadcasters on lf and seeing spike bobbing around prior to tip off.

there is so much that needs to be done in athens regarding our basketball program. step 1 actually involves REALIZING we do have a basketball program. step 2 involves prioritizing (ie building a new arena in lieu of a practice facility that shares space with the gym dogs). no offense to coach yoculan and the gym dogs, but we need to step on on hoops. what's going to get a recruits attention more, a nice practice facility or a dump of an arena. my god i hate that place . . . what we are right now is a JOKE. it's ludicrous. come on Damon, do us right. pull a foley and make the right hire.

Unknown said...

If I was being recruited, sharing a facility with the gymnastics team would be a selling point to me.

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