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January 5, 2009

Richt's Post-Season Recap Press Conference

David Hale has the transcript. Here's my favorite part:

On whether he would address issues with the staff:
"I think we've already had a little bit of time to reflect, and one of the things that I know for a fact affected how we played defense was how we prepared, how we practiced. I know that we practiced different this year. It was directly attributed to the number of injuries we had in camp. So we already began to address that issue when we practiced in the bowl. We probably tackled more in our bowl practices than we did all season long, and I think our defense improved. I think the defense had a better edge, I think we tackled better, I think we had more swagger going into that ballgame because we knew we prepared the way we had to.

"We kind of bit the bullet a little bit. We had a couple guys get banged up. We didn't think we'd have Dobbs, but Dobbs actually played. I think that was part of what we needed to address was making sure we practiced like we needed to. I know there's risks when you tackle somebody to the ground, but if you don't, there's a risk you don't do well in a game you need to have it the most.

"There are other things. We'll address personnel, make sure we've got guys in the right spots. We'll make sure we're asking guys we're asking guys to do things they're able to do. We've got to be honest with ourselves about whether or not or how we're going to create pressure, whether it comes from individuals or more from scheme. We've got to look at all those." (emphasis added)

If Richt does all those things -- particularly more tackling, scheme changes, and better player utilization (ie. having the right people in the best spots) -- it'll go a LONG way towards addressing many of my concerns.

On the personnel side, I mentioned this in the comments earlier -- Richard Samuel is a key player the team needs to look at from a position move standpoint.

Many coaches would look at a player who is big, strong, fast, relishes contact, was an elite high school linebacker, and who fumbles or bobbles the ball regularly and they would say...."That is a linebacker." If Samuel doesn't learn to hang on to the ball, he's not going to play. That's pretty evident by his decreasing minutes to bobbled balls ratio this season. Giving him a long look at LB in the spring makes enormous sense to me.

Having him at LB is particularly intriguing given the speed we're facing in Jacksonville. The idea of having a guy with Samuel's wheels going against Demps and Rainey is much more appealing than a guy with Gamble, Washington, or Dent's feet. Richard is blessed with great speed, but it won't do him any good on splinter patrol due to fumblitist. He's a kid to watch.



Anonymous said...

Paul: Since the kid is only 17 years old, if they switch him over now, he might be the next Rennie.

Anonymous said...

Or he might be the next Bo, we don't know yet. I saw some pretty impressive speed/strength at TB. He didn't seem to have the natural vision for finding space, but that may just be my uneducated eye having no clue what it's looking at. That said, if he doesn't have the natural vision, that's not something that gets taught; it's an innate gift that some RBs have, and some don't (see TJ Duckett, or any number of backs who constantly run into their OL).

One move I'm curious about is Kiante Tripp. He's been buried on the depth chart over the year, and I can't see him staying as our 5th or 6th OT next fall. This talk of Bean Anderson (starting OT) moving to DT made no sense with Tripp collecting splinters behind him and having DL experience. Maybe he moves to DT, maybe TE, I don't know, but I'm expecting Kiante to move somewhere. Other than those two, I can't really see anyone else switching sides of the ball. Maybe S to LB, LB to DE, or DE to DT, but no other O to D or D to O moves.

Anonymous said...

Damn, when I first read that Richt said he'd "We'll address personnel, make sure we've got guys in the right spots" I thought he was talking about Coaches. Was salivating at the thought of Willie getting demoted & Garner taking over as DC.

Just damn.

Anonymous said...

All of the defensive coaches are responsible for the defense. Not one part of the defense was consistent including the defensive line. Frankly, if they do not fix the defense, the entire lot should be let go especially at these salaries.

Anonymous said...

Same scheme as the last few years. when we have the players healthy who can properly execute it, we will be fine.

We should not abandon scheme and go to something crazy like a 3-2-6 just b/c we under performed.

Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

What about special teams? Why can't we kick long and why can't we stay in bounds?

Anonymous said...

Samual to LB would be awesome! I will have a party with a few other dawgs if we make that move. I got a feeling he would look much more natural at LB rather than at RB. Fumbles way to much to be dependable.

dean said...

I agree with you on the Samual move to LB. We've got plenty of speed at the RB position. The LB position not so much (except you Rennie). Plus I think we're a little deeper at RB than we are at LB. I honestly think it would be the best move for Samual and the dawgs.

Jarred said...

You should of added the Kiffin quote... Ironic he was going after our best recruiter, and fails, but then proceeds to call out our recruiting.

Anonymous said...

Samuel is OBVIOUSLY not a natural ball carrier. The guy nearly falls over his feet everytime he carries the ball. He doesnt break his falls either, which is just weird. We might as well try him at linebacker, because from what i've seen the guy is awkward and looks to be a bust. I cant believe he was ranked as one of the top 2 athletes last year.

Personnel moves - I think we need to look at our defensive secondary. Why stockpile guys at Safety?

Why cant Rambo and Commings be looked at as corners? I am so sick of these small, no-playmaking corners. Ok, well Jennings and Wansley made plays...but i think having some bigger more physical corners could be a huge boost to our defense as a whole.

Now we just have to find someone to coach them. Because our secondary coach lacks the skill and knowhow to help these kids. Who is our secondary coach?!!!!!!?????? wow.

Unknown said...

I have to disagree with some of the comments about Samuel. Although I do agree moving him to LB makes some sense due to his speed and the fumbling, to me he seemed to be much more explosive and hold more potential as a replacement for Knowshon that Caleb King.

Can anyone name a time this season when CK broke a tackle or had an exciting run? Not too mention his durability has to still be in question.

I saw some good, explosive runs and returns from RS. Although fumbling negates the positives but hopefully off-season and good coaching can cure that issue.

Anonymous said... has a story up that Moreno and Stafford will announce on Wednesday if they will stay or go. It does not give a lot of information, but says the team will have a meeting at 8PM for those players that are returning.

Anonymous said...

Well, if the reporters have it right, both Moreno and Stafford will be leaving for the NFL. Rivals has a story that both will enter the draft and make the announcement on Wednesday. Best of luck to them, the Bulldog Nation will miss you.

Muckbeast said...

The wait is over.

Sources: Stafford, Moreno to leave Georgia for draft

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