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February 1, 2009

Is it 1985 still? No? Then tell Bobby Knight to go away

Furman Bisher says Bobby Knight is interested in the UGA basketball coaching job. Bobby Knight is 68 years old. His antics would go over with local AAU coaches and recruits like a pregnant high jumper.

Regardless of Trey Thompkins' comment, this would not be a good thing.

If you want to see what happens when you hire tired old legends who are way, way past their prime check out exhibits A and B....Lou Holtz* and Steve Spurrier at SC. Knight would give us three years tops, and leave us with what? No recruits and right back where we are now...looking for a coach.

The guy left his own son with nothing to work with. They were 16-14 last year, and they are 11-10 now. What do you think he'd leave us with? We aren't even family.

Over their last three seasons both Felton and Knight each coached 86 games, and each left their jobs before the end of the season. Their records were:
    45-41 for Felton
    48-38 for The General
Knight won exactly three more games than DF, and they went to the same number of NCAA tournament games. Some upgrade that would be.

It'll never happen. Although, I did like the line from "SAWB" who sent this to me, it is nice to "see Furman Bisher write about something other than golf and hating people under age 74."

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*As a point of comparison, Lou Holtz was 68 (Knight's current age) when he retired at South Carolina.


Anonymous said...

If this ever happened I'm done being a UGA fan.

Unknown said...

Don't worry. It won't happen.

But there certainly are a lot of fans (who thank heavens aren't in the decision making process) who are intrigued / excited about the idea.

Worst. Idea. Ever.

Anonymous said...


I take offense...not the worst idea ever.

See Jirsa, Ron.

Anonymous said...

I am with you PWD. Bisher is just using his space as a way to pander to the idiot UGA masses, in an attempt to put pressure on the UGA administration.

Knight would be a publicity stunt at best, but would certainly appeal to those "sidewalk fans" who think that Harrick is still here. He is a dinosaur and a pr*ck.

I would give him an interview, and make sure that I do so very publicly. That will assuage the idiot masses, and give whoever is actually hired some automatic juice-"hey, this guy is better thank Knight"

JJ said...

I'm not sure what I'm surprised about more, Knight actually being interested, or the fact that Bisher "broke" this story.

Regardless, this outcome is way down the list of "best possible" for UGA with this hire. I just hope we don't feel like Knight gives us the best opportunity to make an early decision and get it over with. I'd like to see it drawn out through a typical search process.

Anonymous said...

i think you're right, pwd--it'll never happen. but one-half of one percent of my general anxiety can envision this as a situation for michael adams to assert himself. or is it "insert"?

coaching ability aside (which since 1993 has been average at best): bob knight is a despicable human being that no institution of higher education should ever, ever touch with a ten-foot pole. i say this as a uga undergrad alum *and* and an iu grad alum.

Anonymous said...

He's the greatest coach in the history of the game, so the hand-waving freaking out, is a bit much Paul.

You're also fudging around with the numbers a bit. Knight had a Sweet 16 run at Texas Tech in 2005.

We've immortalized Tubby for a such season.

With the crap-hole that our basketball program is in, it provides at least *some* good press to have Knight's name associated with our job.

That said, it's not 1995, the time period when Knight should've left Bloomington, after 25 years of Championship Coaching and gone somewhere else.

I agree in principle. The fit is not a good one given the window of time and the state of our program.

But don't be confused about who needs who less.

Anonymous said...

I dont think hiring Bob Knight is a bad idea at all. Given his considerable record of disliking interference from his school president, I would think the chances of him dough popping one Michael Adams sometime between the first minute of fall practice and the end of the obligatory warmup game with Athletes in Action, Marathon Oil, or whoever, would be pretty high.

Let's face it, UGA basketball has mostly sucked since they played at Woodruff Hall (said to be the only arena in the SEC where the wind was a factor). Isnt about time we got SOMETHING useful from the basketball program? What could be more useful, and more entertaining, than Bob Knight leaving the imprint of one of his NCAA championship rings on the end of Czar Mike's nose?

Sadly, the Czar would probably prefer the sock puppet from The basketball would be worse, but his nose and his ego would be safer.

Anonymous said...

If Mike Adams tries to bully Evans to hire Bob Knight I'm hiring somebody like Vincent from "Collateral" to pay him a visit. Find someone young and promising, and try to build a program, not a sideshow. Adams is an arrogant prick, but surely he's got more foresight than this.

Anonymous said...

On another note, I saw superstar CB prospect Greg Reid in Athens last night, and he said he had just got done committing to UGA. He was downtown with the likes of Bryan Evans and Jeff Owens. I guess we will see on signing day...

Anonymous said...

Yea anon 10:44, I am so sure that Reid would give his committment to someone he sees downtown before it is made public.

SlawDawg said...

For the first time in a long time Paul, I whole heartedly disagree. Bobby Knight is one of the greatest coach of all time in any sport. As a UGA student and one of the biggest georiga basketball fans ever, this hire would mean everything.

Anonymous said...

What is a Coach Hermann? Hmmm....
Who would want to Coach in Bogart, GA and follow the heralded legacy, of ,let's see, Jim Harrick, Dennis Felton. HA!

You whiney mutts are in disarray. Wait until the NCAA rips the covers off your sordid, cheating football bed and you'll be spinning like a bunch of tops at a birthday party.

Anonymous said...

It looks like that Bob Knight is trying to maintain some sort of relevancy in college basketball.

He did some great things for the sport.

He needs to stay away and continue doing fantasy basketball camps.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56, i dont know if you have ever been downtown Athens on a Saturday night, but there are certain things that could make one a little more talkative. It also didnt help that he was wearing his Lowndes County letterman's jacket and was surrounded by football players.

Anonymous said...

I really dont want our coach to have a bucket list. That prick can stay at ESPN. The only reason he wants to come back is to pad his win total. This would be the dumbest move we have ever done in basketball.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for popping everyone's fantasy bubble, but UGA basketball has a tradition about as rich as South Carolina football. Holtz and Spurrier have at least put SCar in football conversations and taken them to mid-level bowl games that excited the fan base. This is exactly what Bob Knight would bring to UGA, put us in the conversation and on Sportscenter every once and a while.

Here a rundown of our basketball tradition:

1933 to 1979 - Zero
1980-82 -Dominique Wilkins
1983 -Final Four under Hugh Durham
rest of the 1980's and early 90's
-Cedric Henderson, Alec Kessler, Litterial (sp?) Green and a few tournament appearences
1995-96 -Tubby Smith, two 20 win seasons, and a sweet 16 appearance
Post Tubby -the embarassing regimes of Ron Jirsa, Jim Harrick, and Felton, and our first SEC tournament title.

Bobby Knight:
1) a pain in the ass to college administrators (a plus)
2)runs a clean program (a plus)
3) consistently has a winning record (a plus)
4) usually gets his team into the NCAA tournament (a plus)
5) you know what you are getting (a plus)

I will take him as the UGA basketball coach right now, while the rest of you flail about looking for the next "hot young coach", who might turn into Tubby Smith (and leave for greener pastures) or be the next Dennis Felton. Either way, we are right back where we are now, out of the conversation unless we are in NCAA trouble or hiring/firing a coach.

-Mid 80s Dawg-

Anonymous said...

I couldn't disagree with you more Paul. I love what this hire could do for the program.

Anonymous said...

I also disagree with Paul. Imagine what Knight could do with the recruiting hotbed of Atlanta, GA. And I don't care what you say; kids will want to play for Bobby Knight. He has the most wins in history and recruits want to play for a winner. He also knows how to get the very best out of all of his players; think about how much he could improve a young team with players like Tompkins, Leslie, and Ware.
True, Knight might not stay forever. But he would bring immediate relevancy to Georgia basketball, which is exactly what we need. If he can come in, stay for 4 or 5 years, and take us to the Dance 2 or 3 of those years, then it would be a very successful run and build the program up for the future.
Hiring an up-and-comer is appealing, but it is just as risky (if not more so) than bringing in Coach Knight (See: Felton, Dennis). Damon and Co. need to seriously consider this option.

Also, Bobby would at least change our uniforms back to something classic and get rid of the monstrosities we have now.

Anonymous said...

Bobby Knight can do nothing with the recruiting hotbed of Atlanta. He is an out-of-touch prick who cannot relate to today's youth.

Also, the only thing Knight would bring to UGA basketball is a cult of personality. Yes, people would be fascinated waiting for his next blow-up, but after his 2-3 years in Athens, he would blow away leaving us with nothing.

Dont be an idiot. Furman Bisher hates UGA and is publishing this ruse as a way to divide the fanbase. He knows that the only people who would support a Knight hire are the idiot sidewalk fans who do not give a damn about basketball anyway. They would simply be happy to have a dumb, redneck 'W' lover just like themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yea, knight would do a great job with recruiting lol. We have a 70 year old prick walking in the door and then we have a bunch of young energetic coches like pearl, billy d, billy g, dino...ect coming in and getting the talent.

Anonymous said...

You got something wrong Paul, he will be family. What do you think Pat would do after being fired by Texas Tech?

Anonymous said...

Knight is a thug who pulled a Petrino on Texas Tech. Please don't hire him.

Anonymous said...

I posted this in another blog, but I'll repeat it here. I'm on the fence with the Bobby Knight thing. I'm not sure we are in a position where a coach can turn us around without some notoriety. Bob Knight could do that. Say what you want about his personality, but guys would want to play for him. I don't see him as THE answer, but more as a bridge. Someone who can get the ship righted and point it in the right direction so a young up and coming guy can take over with something truly positive with a solid foundation. Felton's a good coach and he did restore the program's honor, but perception wise for recruits we are in no better shape than the day he started. It's apparent he couldn't get the players for him to be successful, and part of that is the state of the program. As much as I want an up and comer to build something at Georgia, it may take too long to accomplish out of the gate. Maybe Knight could be our 'Bill Parcells', but its hard to say.

Anonymous said...

Um, Paul, did you notice what Adams said?

We might need to apologize.

Anonymous said...

If you want someone who can "relate to today's youth" hire damn Paris Hilton to come in and coach. So what, Bobby Knight may be old, but he can coach. 3 NCAA titles, An Olympic Gold Medal, and a career 70% win percentage. He is the top most winning coach of all time. His programs have always been clean, and while he has caused controversy with his actions, all his institutions have steered clear of any NCAA violations while he has been coach. I grew up in Bloomington, IN until age 15 when Bob Knight was coach. On the court and in the locker room, Knight is "The General" and gets work done. Off the court, Coach Knight is a kind, reserved, approachable individual who gives back to the community. And oh no, "a cult of personality" at UGA? What a terrible thing for a basketball program. You mean fans show up for EVERY GAME... and CHEER? Wow, that sounds pretty bad for a program in fan peril like UGA (I hope you understood the sarcasm). The fact is, this is about coaching basketball, and as far as basketball goes, Bob Knight is clearly one of the greatest coaches to grace the hardwood, regardless of temper.

Anonymous said...

yeah, Anon 12:14, god forbid UGA hire someone who's honest, has a record of success, and actually expects kids to go to class and stuff.

Obviously, Bob Knight isnt a long term solution, and there's no way a control freak like Adams would agree to hire him, but I dont understand the vitriol. We'd only be fools on the level of South Carolina football fans if we hired him AND started running our mouths about how he's have us in the national title game in a year or two.

Right now, getting things turned around to the level of what he did at Texas Tech looks like a substantial improvement from the black hole of suckitude we're currently in. Knight got Texas Tech to the sweet 16. Other than Tubby's one trip there (with Hugh Durham's recruits), wouldnt that be better than any season we've had at UGA since 1983?

Sure, Knight's a tough guy. So what? Long as he's honest and can finish over .500 in the conference, he's better than anything else we've ever had at UGA. Maybe he can get us turned around to the point a bright young prospect would want to come here long term.

It wont happen, but short of us scarfing up Coach K or Bill Self, we could do a lot worse. And frequently have.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. You guys are missing the point. Knight can be the bridge to get the program back on the right track. He is a WINNER. He gets the best out of his players. You can't just look at his numbers at Texas Tech without thinking about how much he did with little talent there. We already have more pieces in place than they did. He would be drawing from Metro Atlanta now instead of Lubbick.

This gets us to national exposure and credibility. Fast. He single handedly will pack out Stegman.

Great hire even if he does stay 5 years. THEN bring in a young coach to take it from there.

Anonymous said...

We dont need knight to sell out steg. We sold out steg almost every SEC game when Harrick was here. As long as you win steg will sell out easy. And we will be on TV a lot more next year without knight because of the new ESPN TV deal. Knight can stay the hell out of town.

Anonymous said...

Don't take this the wrong way, but (as someone else pointed out) the reason it might make sense to hire Knight is precisely because you're basketball program is a lot like South Carolina's football program. Don't kid yourselves by thinking that your hoops program is any different than our football program. Also don't kid yourself by saying that the Holtz and Spurrier regimes have been utter failures; while things haven't gone quite as some of our more optimistic fans have hoped, the past several years have been relatively successful by Carolina standards. You guys have very little basketball history outside of a fluke Final Four run in the early eighties and a couple of good seasons under Tubby Smith. Like we were when we hired Holtz, your program has more or less hit rock bottom, as you're staring down the very real possibility of going winless in SEC play. As Holtz and Spurrier have done for us, Knight could bring you national attention and, if he has some success, make the job more attractive for his successor five years down the road. I'm not saying I think it would be a great move for you guys, but you can see why it would be worth exploring. The main thing I'd be concerned about if I were you is how long he would stay. I don't know if the circus would be worth it if he's only coming for two or three years, and he is pretty old. If he were to commit to five or more, then maybe give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but no thanks. Beyond his holier than thou attitude, habit of getting himself in trouble and the fact that he simply quit on his team midway through the season last year, we don't need this albatross.

He is completely out of touch with the high school players of today. The man is 68 years old and brings nothing to the future of our program - we would be in the same position in 2-3 years (unless, of course, he "appoints" another family member as head coach). He is simply about himself and proved it last year (got the record, and then got the hell out). The only winner would be Bob Knight.

As one of about 1,200 people that actually go to basketball games, you can count me out. I hope Adams and Evans are using this as a way to get the word out that the UGA job is attractive in order to get someone with a proven track record (ie, someone who has been to the Elite Eight since 1990).

Anonymous said...

Worst idea ever? Honestly, how could it possibly be worse than the last waste of half a decade in UGA hoops... if anything it'd bring a little excitement back and notoriety to the program. Recruiting GA is a little different than trying to get kids to go to lubbock Texas, genius. Another sh*tty update on a dead blog.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see I'm not crazy in my thinking. Again, I'm on the fence, but the important thing to do is to recognize a hire for experience and notoriety for what it is.. a means to an end. He's not the answer, he's the first step towards the future.. and if you look at it that way, it could work out well.

Unknown said...

"Imagine what Knight could do with the recruiting hotbed of Atlanta, GA"

Same as what he'd did with Texas' hotbed recruiting I imagine. Which was nothing.

Unknown said...

Jerome makes several good points.

Mainly, the headline should say 1995. But that's Knight's only Sweet 16 appearance in 14 years.

I will say that hiring Knight 6 years ago would've been outrageously better than what we have now.

Lastly, my comment wasn't properly stated. When I said, "some upgrade."

I should've stated....that's not much of an upgrade in results.

Knight is certainly a better coach than Felton. However, Felton shouldn't be our yardstick. Pearl and Donovan should be.

And their results over the past 6 years have far exceeded Knight's.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I hear ya but I think we're in a position to sway someone of the caliber of Donovan and Pearl, or even someone that's highly regarded and up & coming. We thought Felton was up and coming and able to overcome those obstacles and he couldn't. Knight would be a great intermediary between where we are now, and where we want to be. The last time we got someone that really seemed to be on the way up, we got Tubby Smith and he left before he could get us there for a better job. I don't see anyone else who's stock is rising sticking with us if they have moderate success. Knight has nothing to prove, and as long as everyone understands he would not be anything more than our immediate future, he's worth the risk.

Anonymous said...

Gamecock Man, dont kid yourself. Our basketball program is UCLA compared to your football program.

What has South Carolina ever done in football to equal UGA's trip to the Final Four under Hugh Durham? Or UGA's regular season championship under Durham? Or the SEC tournament championships under Durham and Felton?

Let me save you the trouble of responding: nothing.

Our basketball program has never been consistently good, but it's had a couple of glimmers of adequacy, which is a lot more than the War Chickens can claim. Dont go getting delusions of adequacy in football. You guys are the gold standard for futility combined with unrealistic expectations. UGA basketball is just mediocre (well, ok. This year, we're truly awful).

PWD, I can understand why Knight wouldnt be your first choice (and why he's the last guy an anal retentive control freak like Adams would approve hiring), but we could do a lot worse. I mean, I'd prefer we hired Jeff Capel, or Sean Miller, but absent a clear home run like that, I could live with a bridge to competitiveness for 3-5 years.

Anonymous said...

oh, and +1 for the Dave Chappelle reference. Well played, sir.

You better thank Dave Chappelle.....

Anonymous said...

Adams is a poon. We went out on a limb hiring Harrick. Coaching legeng with a shady past...

Last thing Adams or Evans wants is having to answer questions on why Coach Knight choked Woodbury during practice.

I like Coach Knight, but not at my school.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously, Bob Knight isnt a long term solution, and there's no way a control freak like Adams would agree to hire him, but I dont understand the vitriol."

--Well, you could start with the fact that the man could not recruit worth a damn at IU at the end, or ever, really, at Texas Tech. His reputation precedes him, and there are plenty of less megalomaniacal coaches for players to learn from.

--Secondly, Knight was a complete embarassment to Indiana University. Not because his ego is bigger than some eastern states; not because he will take on the administration; because he is completely out of control and always has been.

--Third, when he did leave TT it wasn't in much better shape than when he started, plus he dumped his unproven son on the school. Given his unpredictable and self-centered behavior, the one thing that can be guaranteed is that Knight would leave the program quickly (at his age) and in the lurch in some way.

PWD is absolutely right. Knight's upside is slight and his downside is monumental. Hire a guy like that after having a complete shyster like Harrick--count me out.

This is exactly the line of thinking that got us into trouble with Harrick. Hey, that drunk Eddie Sutton's available, and he's a great coach, too! May as well throw him in the mix with the sexist/bigot/tyrant Knight. Can we get Woody Hayes back from the dead to coach a little basketball? What's Frank Kush up to these days?

Anonymous said...

I am floored that so many of you would be against the General leading the Dawgs! Knight is the best X's and O's guy ever to coach, bar none. This hiring would bring instant credibility to the Hoop Dawgs. If nothing more, we would see the Dawgs on ESPN 3-5 times early in the season (read recruiting!) I a world where young men across the nation lack discipline and guidence, Bobby Knight would assuredly provide ample amounts to our team. How about the concept of "team basketball"? You bet ya. Look at Knights past teams and tell me what you see. You see selfless hoops and team defense. What do you see when you watch the Dawgs now? Oh, that's right, we can not find the Dawgs on TV. Turnovers, individual play, and an overall lack of consistancy. With Bobby Knight the Dawgs are 10-15 games better next week! Yes, he is a tad crazy, but who cares when he delivers NCAA tourney bids. I say bring him in tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Lol, instant credibility for hiring a 70 year old has been. I hope that prick stays far far away from Athens.

Anonymous said...


He took Texas Tech to the sweet sixteen in 2004-2005 season.

I will say that I agree that an up and comer will want to leave after a few years. We don't have a reason why for a good up and comer to come here, but after Knight puts us on the map, we will be a lot more attractive.

Sweet Clyde said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

To begin with, all of this vehement disgust/hatred is completely ridiculous. Say what you will about his temper tantrums and his antics, the man coaches and trains good men. Forget about basketball for a second, forget about winning and losing just for a moment, just focus on the fact that he coaches boys and turns them into good men. All of his old players vouch for his style and the way he molds them into respectable human beings. I would think after we are attempting to shed the shackles of the Harrick days, we would be somewhat open to this sort of thing. Instead, we want a young guy that probably would pull a Tubby and leave our sorry asses at the bottom of the SEC. Honestly, what incentive does he have to stay? To be the little brother of the football program?

Whether you like it or not, he absolutely would bring attention to our stagnating basketball program. Is he a great long term solution? Hell no. Does he provide a media flurry? Of course. Also, he could possibly get the guys that we have right now to play with solid fundamentals and lay a foundation for a big future coaching hire.

As for the "He is out of touch" argument. I think you are out of touch if you think a young coach can go to a recruits house and get them to commit on a hope that we MIGHT be somewhat proficient as a program in the future. He really can't pitch facilities, because ours aren't anything special. We have no prestige or tradition... I don't know what else a new coach could pitch besides the possibility of being a viable school... in the SEC east. At least Knight is the winningest coach in College basketball.

I say give the old guy a chance.

Anonymous said...

He's a friggin' dinosaur. I'm curious how everyone's going to feel when he embarrasses the crap out of Damon Evans and the University for doing something hopelessly stupid (grabbing a player by the throat) or just plain mean (by insulting half the folks he comes into contact with). Recruiting in GA is not going to be any semblance of what it was like at IU. He's a misogynist. He's also an average coach, by the only yardstick that matters in the last ten years. I'd like to fish with him, but Evans can do better than that ass clown. He knows the talent base within 200 miles of Athens and so does everyone Evans will interview.

Paul said...

No, thanks. Interview him if you can, but no way you bring that sort of public misbehavior to represent the university. The next thing you know 'lil Jeremy Schaap is springing out from behind trash dumpsters playing gotcha while some fratty's neck is clinched in The General's fists because he ended his sentance with a preposition. Or, alternatively, Coach Knight squeezes off a few rounds at some poor sap's trailer in Madison County. *sigh*

There's something to be said about bringing in an experienced coach that knows what to do, but you've got to look at the whole picture and Knight just doesn't fit our university's profile at all.

Neither does Mike Davis by the way. He's got the PR skills of... well, I guess he learned from the master, eh?

Oh, and anon 4:08? Thanks for posting. Everyone loves a critic.

Anonymous said...

All School, I guess I should have expected to be flamed after coming here despite the fact that I meant to be civil (it's happened before), but, in answer to your question, we have done a few things that compare to UGA's brief hoops success. We would have played for the national title in 1984 if we hadn't lost to Navy. That's about equal to your Final Four run. We won an ACC title back in the 60s. There's your SEC regular season title under Durham. We've played in a handful of New Years Day bowls, particularly under Joe Morrison and Holtz. There's your handful of NCAAs appearances.

I didn't come here to glorify our football program. We have the second-worst winning % historically in the SEC. We have a pathetic football history. I'll be the first to admit that. But you're kidding yourself if you think your basketball program is UCLA compared to our football program, because your program, like our football program, is historically one of the very worst in the conference. For both programs, futility has been the norm and success has been the very brief aberration.

Anyways, all I was really trying to say in the first place is that Holtz and Spurrier have been good for our football program. Some folks might like to poke fun at them for not attaining their former levels of success while at USC, but where were we before they got here? We were 1-10 at the end of the Brad Scott era, i. e., the absolute worst program in the conference. Worse than Vandy. Now we're middle of the pack. We're not close to winning the conference, but we regularly go to bowl games and net an upset or two each year. We also expect more than we used to. In the 90s, we were ecstatic about winning the Carquest Bowl. Now, we expect better. That's improvement. Knight could mean the same thing for you in basketball.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, gamecock man, those old dudes either stay way past their welcome and can't be budged (most of JoePa's last 15 years; Sonny Lubick at Colorado State; Knight at IU; Bowden at FSU), or they retire because the cupboard has dwindled because they stayed too long and they don't have the energy to fix it (Bill Snyder at Kansas State, but now he's come back to try).

I'm not into age-ism, but there is a point where hiring an old dawg doesn't fit some programs. When Georgia State hired Lefty Driesell, it was exactly the right move. Knight needs to take something more like that, maybe go back to Army, and otherwise get the he** out of the way.

Anonymous said... can say what you want, but the man has a record of winning..and that's what we need now..and we've got some damn good hunting in south GA..which is what he's looking i say bring him on and let him lead us..No matter what you saw PWD, he can coach a basketball team.

Anonymous said...

Public embarassment, misbehavior, blah blah blah blah blaaaaa..when you have a chance to hire the winningest coach in NCAA history, and you're program is god-awful, you do it..I don't care what everyone thinks...It's a good idea.

Anonymous said...

just like football...

Alabama 75
Georgia 70

look on the bright side, theres always gymnastics

Anonymous said...

7 out of 10 UGA fans want the Dawgs to hire Knight. Hey how bout that, looks like 7 out of 10 UGA fans no longer take this site seriously too, imagine that.

PWD is a tool.

Anonymous said...

OK... so with as long a winning record (800) as Andy Landers has had at UGA, is it impossible and improbable that he couldn't win with the Men? Unfortunately, he's probably smarter by staying where he is and he knows that.

Other choices? How about Steve Lavin? Good recruiter and successful at UCLA before their Alums spoiled nature ran him out of Westwood. Would he leave ESPN and do we have the$$$$?

Steve Alford from New Mexico (though he's likely happy there)? Tommy Amaker at Harvard? Revitalized the Michigan program, but couldn't seem to win the "big ones." Here's two: Assistant Coaches Mike Hopkins or Rob Murphy from the Syracuse program. Well schooled under Jim Boeheim, both in recruiting and coaching though neither has held a major college role, but could grow into their own. It should be noted that they both recruited and coached major talent in the Big East that went on to the NBA.

I've got time for coach Knight, but he's just not the right fit in Athens. The "standard" is the guy that can beat KY, at least once each season and knock off TN, FL, and Vandy both home & away WHILE handling the politics. Pretty tall order.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually quite shocked and disappointed that PWD doesn't endorse Coach Knight. Georgia basketball is pathetic and has been for quite sometime. This program needs some help. And Coach Knight would bring excitement, winning, respect and at least give this program some credibility. Hell, Bob Knight just being interested in this basketball program gave me hope and got me excited. If he doesn't get hired. The one and only good thing that would come out of this about him being interested in Georgia would be the attention that this could have on other big name coaches.

Anonymous said...

Good one, anon 1239.

Oh and by the way, Bear Bryant is the Suzanne Yoculan of football.

Anonymous said...

I'm always baffled when people talk about the "discipline" that Knight instills in young men. Discipline is a lifestyle of doing the right thing based on ethics that one genuinely believes in. Knight simply does whatever the hell he wants whenever the hell he wants. His players may obey him out of fear of violence, but deep down the smart ones can identify the difference between morality and just being a thug/bully.

Also, can people please stop calling him "The General". I know he coached at Army but the loud mouth has never served his country to my knowledge. Lets reserve terms like that for service men and women, not jack asses who serve themselves only (Knight).

Anonymous said...

best idea ever

-1000 PWD

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