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February 10, 2009

Jeff Owens on Student-Athletes

As I pointed out last week, Jeff Owens (UGA defensive tackle) is putting together a pretty solid blog. Today's article is about stereotypes facing college athletes. He specifically looks at the "dumb jock" label, and he compares it to what he faces at UGA in terms of course load, requirements and time commitment. Good article.

If you missed his "What it means to wear the G" article last week, you need to get with it.



Anonymous said...

can someone please remind me why this is a good blog? because it seems to me that pwd seems to just point us in the direction of articles or blogs that actually have news and interesting reads. it is unfair to say that he never has original thoughts, but it seems to be more links to other peoples articles than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest douchebag. You come on here and comment in every single post about how much this blog sucks. If you don't like it, don't come here. Most Dawg fans find it not only informative, but a good place to see what other news sites/blogs are saying about UGA, the SEC, and other pertinent areas of the sports world. If you didn't notice, the blog is called Georgia Sports Blog: Unofficial Dawg News. I think that accurately describes exactly what the blog gives us.

Scott H. said...

Anon...That's pretty much what blogging is all about. Generating some good content, but also linking to content that your readers will find interesting. Now go get daddy another brewski and play with your little brother while Daddy watches the game.

Anonymous said...


HUH? this is the first time i've ever commented on this blog. I usually don't even look at the comments, so i dont really know what you are talking about, sorry. And also, I'm not expecting PWD to break news, but at the same time I feel like a blog is supposed to have more personal insite than i generally get from this blog. I respect PWD, so much that I would rather him do more of his own stuff.

Unknown said...

Anon 2:14,

Original stuff takes time. Time that I frequently don't have due to this being a hobby. Not a job.

It's a slow news period. There's only so many ways to say "Lane Kiffin Sucks" or "Our DEs need to get healthy." or "Our RBs scare me to freaking death." (all of which are true...and most certainly how I really feel)

The most prolific bloggers who provide original content (EDSBS and MGoBlog for example) do this as a job.

Most other great blogs that I read combine link aggregation with brief commentary and some original content.


Unknown said...

Personally, I love this blog. And I really wouldn't change anything about it. It gives me just enough information that I want. And PWD does give his own insight quite often, at least I believe so. See "Three Basketball Teams We Need to Start Winning"

Anonymous said...

I think football is the least egregious of the major sports (basketball and baseball being the other 2 major sports) in terms of student athletes. How baseball players do it is beyond me since their travel schedules seem to be terrible. Basketball players have similar issues in that their season spans 2 semesters.

I am reading Feinstein's "The Last Amateurs" about basketball in the Patriot League. So far it is a decent read (just a few dozen pages into it).

I appreciated Owens' comments. While there are many privileges associated with being a scholarship athlete, there is also is more pressure in that everyone knows you are an athlete (or assumes it based on one's size--maybe not so much with baseball or golf). If you screw up, everyone knows it. If you screw up you could face student court, criminal court (depending) and Richt court!

That said I am not sure how much stock I take in GPAs considering the courses athletes are often encouraged to take. Yes, there are exceptions; however, when half the football team is majoring in something it makes me wonder about that degree and the course work for it.

dawgnotdog said...

Whether it takes 5 minutes, or 25 minutes, you will be a better person if you read Jeff Owens blog.

Anonymous said...


I doubt you are fretting about anon's remarks, but I for one love this blog. This is my jumping off point to others like Doug's and the Senator's. I love the original stuff and the links you provide. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Anon Haters,

If you can do better, start your own blog, and I'll read your stuff every day. After I read this blog.

Unknown said...

For the record,

I don't mind the criticism as long as it's not douchy. Personally, I think walking into a guy's store and saying in front of all the other customers...."This place sucks" is about as dickish as it gets.

But whatever. Some folks have no home training. Or maybe they don't know that they can email me directly.

I say negative things about players. So I should expect negative things said about me.

HOWEVER, the Athletic Department DOES know who I am. It's just that you guys don't. Well ... except for the other dude at the b-ball games who knows this isn't his blog (to use MaconDawg's CLASSIC line).

Just seems childish to not at least use a username so that we can at least compare the track record of the complainer to my own.

But whatever. I don't mind feedback.

And the blog is most certainly NOT as good as it was in Aug-Sept. How could it be? We were all riding sky high, and I had more downtime due to a variety of reasons. Easier to write about our awesomeness than struggles.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, is there a way that you can disallow anonymous comments? Ever thought about the pros and cons of that? Would it discourage interaction via the comment thread? Maybe. But would it discourage *quality* interaction? That is the question.

Mr. Bulldawg said...

Jeff = DGD...I love the guy.

Unknown said...

Why have a problem with someone linking to Jeff Owens' blog? I mean, the guy has poured his heart into this program. He's clearly the defensive leader and the one who gets after people not acting right. He has sacrificed time, future money ( could've gone to the league before his senior year) and his acl all for the betterment of our program.

All I see PWD doing is trying to get the word out about his blog and help him get the ball rolling. Don't hate.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Anon at 1:16 got directed here from the AJC. Sounds like a typical poster from there.

AuditDawg said...

I truly believe this guy missing last year is the difference between being humiliated against Florida and 'Bama and keeping those games respectable. I don't necessarily believe we would have won with him in the lineup, but I assure you the team wouldn't have balled up and played scared with his leadership out there. 2007 was a breakout because Coach Richt took the leadership by the horns after that Vanderbilt game and the players fed off him the rest of the season. I believe this year he expected someone to step up to be a leader and once Owens went down that never happened. Here's to a DGD getting to play between the hedges for one more season. Let's make it a special one as fans. This guy truly embodies what we want all our student-athletes be and he is a fine representative of my alma mater.

Trey said...

I know when blogs suck from past experience. This blog doesn't suck.

shliknik said...

Keep up the good work and ignore the anons. Most people can understand this is a HOBBY and not your full time job. I'm actually amazed at the amount of original material you DO post.


Josh M. said...

I'm wondering what Richt things about the blog. I know Donnan put the kibosh on The Red & Black when we recruited Hines Ward for a weekly column.

Of course, to be honest, Owens' writing is a helluva lot better than what Hines turned in for his one and only column.

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