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February 16, 2009

National Indoors Update

There's not much good news from Chicago.  The women's tennis team lost to #1 Northwestern 4-1 in today's final.  The doubles point could have gone either way, but Northwestern really handled us on the singles courts.  Only freshman ace Chelsey Gullickson was able to win a court.  The girls still have a star-studded, young lineup and the future looks bright. 
It was a similar story for the guys.  The doubles point was decided in a tie breaker and the Dawgs couldn't get enough singles courts to overcome the deficit.  Hunt and Garrapiz were winning, but Josh Varela lost 7-5 in the third set.  The 'Hoos took the national indoor championship, 4-1.  Considering the losses of Flores and Helgeson from last year, this was a superb performance by Manny Diaz and the team.  Before the year, Diaz said this team wouldn't be as good as the last two consecutive national championship teams.  To finish as runner-up this wekend was a pleasant surprise.
The upcoming outdoor season should be fun if the tennis teams continue to play at this high level.  The girls just need to gain experience.  The guys need to figure out the right mix on courts four, five ,and six.  These courts were key to the 2007 championship.  The guys didn't win court four once in Chicago.


Jim Wood said...

Hey Quinton. Check your spelling on Chelsey Gullikson. I'm wondering if she's the daughter of either Tom or the late Tim Gullikson...

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