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February 10, 2009

You Owe Damon Money, Slaves

The financial version of mat drills for the UGA season ticket holder is at hand.  If you want to keep your season football tickets, the Hartman Fund donation deadline is Sunday.  Per ticket contribution levels are the same as last year.  What will not be the same as last year is the preposterous demand for tickets.  Based on national economic conditions and the soul-crushing malaise of Bulldog Nation, I'd bet that you won't need a ten grand contribution as a new season ticket holder.  
This might even be a good year to try to move up if you're not happy with your seats.  Although, that last statement is a relative one.  If you are comparing any year with last year, one's chances of moving up are better. I'd still expect a hard time.  As much as I would selfishly enjoy moving from my seats to the fifty, a ten and three season won't clear out the prime seats.  Enjoy the pain of writing your check!


Anonymous said...

"Soul-crushing malaise"...beautifully but depressingly spot-on observation

Anonymous said...

I used to say you have to pay up or Vince will come to your house and beat you like Ike Turner. Now I can say we better pay up or Damon will show up at the door and beat us like Chris Brown.

MikeInValdosta said...

Supply and Demand is a far better principle when you are on the supply side.

As we watch the so called "Arms Race" in the SEC with coaching staff salaries and stadium renovations I bet ticket prices will move up without correlation to demand or performance.

Anonymous said...

Any ideas on what the new cutoff will be?

Quinton McDawg said...

A ticket office employee said she had no idea when I called yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Obama is prez now all will be fine!

Anonymous said...

Well, for all the info available online about Georgia football, the ticket office is still operating according to the prevailing information channels and work ethic of the Wally Butts era, at best. Nice people, to be sure, but not very helpful.

As someone whose fiancee gambled fruitlessly for an upgrade last year, I know it would be easier now, but we won't fish in again, and I expect other burn victims feel the same. The home game package is, however, a lot more attractive.

I'm one of those rare Dawg fans who always thought 2009, not 2008, would be "our year," and actually, 2010 looks even better. So if you've got some money to burn (like the couple that sat in front of us last year and flashed lots of jewelry and Republican insignia), this really might be a good time to go for the upgrade.

I'll grit my teeth (which need some work), gird up my loins (which have seen better days as well) and enjoy the seats we have, when I can afford to get to Athens. Then as always, class or political distinctions will become irrelevant, and we will all bark.

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