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March 16, 2009

Dawgs Salvage a Game

The great ball the Diamond Dawgs have been playing this season had to even out right?  Well, sure, but not all in one series, right?  Maybe not.  This weekend's games on the Capstone were as bad as the team has played this year.  Seven errors (including two dropped fly balls), sixteen walks, and six unearned runs led to a Bama series win, two games to one.  Tuscaloosa has always been a house of horrors (last series win there was in 1993) and this week was no exception.  
I'll look at the bright side, though.  Avoiding the sweep this early in the season was crucial.  No SEC East team won their series this weekend, so we didn't lose any divisional ground.  The freshmen got a taste of SEC ball which should give them an idea of what it takes to compete at a serious college level.  They had varied reactions in Tuscaloosa.  Johnathan Taylor only had two hits this weekend, way under his early season production.  Levi Hyams, though, was great, leading the team to the Sunday victory with a pair of hits.  So good was Hyams, in fact, that Perno may move him to short and slide Demperio back to second. 
The team has better baseball in them and I'd expect them to show it this week.  Alex McRee will be back soon (we hope).  Perno plans to platoon more in order to help the offense.  The Dawgs travel to Georgia  State midweek, before returning to Foley Field to host Moo State this weekend.



Anonymous said...

There comes a point when the Freshmen realize that their talent alone will not win them games anymore. That point was Saturday. They had yet to be challenged, but now understand that they must refine their games. I do not anticipate it being difficult for kids with their talent.

Anonymous said...

What's the rumors on why Moody is having his offer rescinded?

Anonymous said...

From Moody's coach, according to the ABH:

“They kind of had a plan for him to finish up the year as far as eligibility and schoolwork and behavior,” Turner said. “He’s kind of gotten off track there, and I think they felt it was best to give him an unconditional release and let him kind of decide what he wants to do.”

Turner said he was unsure whether the university made the decision or if it was made independently by the football program. Turner said Moody had no legal issues that were a factor.

“I think there’s some disappointment there, but he’s a senior in high school, and when they give you a plan to follow and you don’t follow it, you kind of reap what you sow,” Turner said.

Turner said Georgia had a weekly plan for Moody to follow in hopes of showing progress academically.

“It had to do with grades and test taking,” Turner said. “I just don’t think he was following the plan that was set up for him.”

The 6-foot-2, 205-pound Moody played in the Under Armour All-American game and was rated No. 101 on the ESPNU150 rankings.

Moody also considered Florida and LSU.

“I’m sure there will be other folks interested,” Turner said.

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