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March 25, 2009

Good Vibrations From Spring Football

Mostly positive headlines from yesterday's practices:
  • ESPN says Richt is going old school. The first step in getting better is admitting you have a problem. They are focused on fixing something they acknowledge was broken last year. It took a little long for my tastes to admit there was a problem, but it's being fixed now. The Banner Herald also discusses the renewed emphasis on defensive toughness.

  • Jeff Owens is thrilled to be back. If his blog post on his first practice doesn't fire you up, nothing will. He's not the only DT in the news. The ABH profiles DeAngelo Tyson's development.

  • Dave Hale profiles AJ Green. It's scary to think what this kid will do when he's fully healthy and recovered from the nagging groin injury.

  • Lastly, the AJC looks at our tailback situation. I've got to tell you that I'm not at all excited about the situation back there right now. Maybe I'll feel better after G-Day, but I think this is something we'll be nervous about until Sept. 5th.


Anonymous said...

Its all talk untill I see the changes on the Field...and not just the first game...the whole Flippin year!!

MikeInValdosta said...

Regarding TBs, we are definitely young, but I believe we are talented. Obviously, when you loose Moreno you are going to take a step back, but the improved offensive line should help.

I expect the offense will look good Sept 5 against a Big 12 defense. I am more concerned about how they will perform on Sept 12 against a defense that has basically shut us down as far back as I can remember.

My largest concern will be the defensive in Stillwater. I am afraid it is gonna be a shoot-out, and after last year, I do not think my heart can handle any more games where both teams score 35+.

Anonymous said...

Supposedly our defense is getting the better of our offense which makes you wonder how good our offense will be. Hopefully our defense has really improved.

Anonymous said...


I'm actually very excited about our TB situation. Between Caleb and CT, and then add to that Richard when he gets healthy, I think we have all the skills and more that Knowshon brought to the table last year, just dispersed among three different backs. Although I'd love to have the complete package in one back like we did last year, the combination of the three skill sets each back brings should be very productive--especially with the depth and quality we have on the O-line.

Carlton is getting similar hype to what we were hearing about Knowshon following his redshirt year... Caleb seems to have turned a corner and finally has the necessary confidence to play RB in the SEC.... I'm very excited.

Anonymous said...

Has everyone forgotten about Dontavious Jackson? This guy is going to turn some heads once fully healthy.

I think DJ and CT will utilized extensively, especially during the latter-half of the season

Anonymous said...

Hadn't forgot about DJ, he just hasn't practiced much at all since he's been here. We'll see next week when he's at full speed.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Whoever can protect Cox will be the starter.

I love Green's attitude too..kid is hungry to be great.

Anonymous said...

What happened to DJax? I know he had his knee scoped in December but that doesnt take long to recover from?

Anonymous said...

I am okay with Richt's public admissions on the short comings. My guess is that the coaches did an in-depth evaluation before jumping to conclusions. Too often when you leap to conclusions you end up making big mistakes.

The backs will be fine if the line is as good as I think it will be.

Could be a tough year statistically for AJ if Cox cannot get him the ball and get the ball down field. If Cox can only throw slants and screens, it could get tough.

Anonymous said...

Anybody notice this little nugget in Weiszer's article?

Meanwhile, Martinez said after Tuesday's practice that he did in fact turn down the chance to be defensive coordinator at his alma mater, Miami, this winter.

"I just think it was the right decision to stay here," said Martinez, who spoke to head coach Randy Shannon about the job by phone. "It was like with anybody else when somebody calls you up, 'Are you going to be interested in this?' It happens all the time. I didn't want it to get to that."

Maybe I was a bit out of the loop, but I didn't know Martinez had turned down the UM job for sure. That's pretty interesting.

Dubbayoo said...

Defense always ahead of offense in spring ball. If it isn't then you've big problems. On Defense ultimately all you have to do is find the guy with the ball and go hit him. On offense there's blocking schemes, checkoffs, reading defenses, etc.

Anonymous said...

I can see the TB situation becoming like Brown, Lump, Ware. Always touted as great but were always average.

Anonymous said...

Damnit, I didn't realize we were that close to him leaving. I would have prayed if I had known he was offered the job!

Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting on Richt to admit to the problems on the KO team.


I'm so tired of hearing about King and Samuels. They came into this program thinking they rated the starting TB position...and both played that way as well. Both are just average, no "wow" factors for either. If you've been redshirted and going on your third year and questions are still hovering about the starting position....get out of the way. I would much rather see Dontavious Jackson, Carlton Thomas and even Washaun Ealey at this point in time.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like the RB by committee thing. It takes away from the learning curve for the RB. He won't see all the defensive schemes he needs to see because someone else will be there. His blocking and running will suffer.

Also, it takes away from the flow and intensity a running back must have in order to do well. He has to get into the game completely. If he has to share time then I think something will be lacking.

However, I do think that the RB by committee over the last few years was hampered by a less than average offensive line. Those running backs were awesome when everything hit just right but too often it did not happen that way.

So here is to the hopes that one RB emerges and do so quickly.

Go Dawgs.

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