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March 26, 2009

Is Mike Anderson obtainable. Apparently, so....

This article in the Columbia (Missouri) Daily-Tribune says:
A source said MU wants to extend Anderson's deal to five years and increase his guaranteed money from $850,000 to at least $1 million.

Six years ago, Missouri was willing to spend like college basketball royalty. Mizzou Arena was under construction, and Quin Snyder was the fourth-highest-paid coach in the nation. Snyder earned $1.2 million annually in guaranteed money in his last contract. Times have changed, thanks to the tanking economy. Pinkel, with his new $2.3 million deal in November, got paid before the bottom dropped out.

The athletic budgets at Georgia and Alabama are in the $70 million range, while Missouri's is about $44 million. MU can't afford to get into a bidding war with those schools.

If they are talking about pay raises in that general ballpark, they aren't remotely close to what UGA and Bama are rumored to be willing to spend on a coach with Anderson's resume. If you're wondering why we would have a shot at Anderson, that's it.

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Unrelated: Andy Katz talks about the UK / Gillispie situation.



Anonymous said...

I had a gut feeling about Marlon Brown and Orson Charles and I have a gut feeling about Mike Anderson (not just that we can get him but that he might lead us to the promised land)

God I hope I'm right.

Read the character piece below...Think it was the St Louis article.

He almost sounds like Richt in terms of his general demeanor although he is undoubtedly a snappier dresser.

Anonymous said...

Also, any particular reason for the UGA hate from the writer at the KC Star?

"If Anderson did decide that he wanted to return to his home state and take over at Alabama, it wouldn't be the worst thing ever. I'd wish him well. (If he left to go to Georgia ... 'nother story.)"

With a name like Bradford Doolittle you would think he could use all the friends he could get.

The Watch Dawg said...


I think you put the wrong quote in the second part of your article. You said "the article goes on to say" and then put the same text that you had already quoted above.

E.C.K. said...

I would prefer to pass on anyone that is from the Nolan Richardson coaching tree.

Anonymous said...

What would be a problem with someone from Nolan Richardson's coaching tree? I am aware of the stupid stuff he said in his final year at Arkansas but is there any other shady stuff he has been involved in?

From what little I know about the situation, Mike Anderson sounds like an exciting and more importantly a good fit for the Dawgs. Lets go get him!

MikeInValdosta said...

I am afraid the music is going to stop soon and we are going to be caught without a chair.


plus, more than likely 4 other schools that will lose their coach to one of the above.

Possibly: OK State, Mizzou, VCU, Oklahoma, gainesville, Xavier, wake?

Capel probably stays.
Miller probably stays.
Dino probably stays
lil' Billy probably stays

Can't see Grant or Anderson staying.

Some nut in Alabama says our search firm has rubbed Grant wrong.

The only thing we have to hang our hat on is we haven't asked for permission to talk with anyone, so we haven't been rejected. I assume the search firm has back channeled all of the above to gauge interest.

My head hurts

When is the next basketball signing period?

MikeInValdosta said...

Go Pitt
Go Memphis
Go Louisville
Go Syracuse
Go Memphis

That should start to clear things up

Anonymous said...

i wish mike in valdosta would shut the f!ck up

Anonymous said...

Well that certainly seemed sort of unnecessary.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Anderson would be a home run, no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

So did Damon meet with Grant today as rumored, or did Grant spent the day drinking tea with the Queen of England at a restaurant in Versailles, next to a table where Mike Mercer discussed a much delayed transfer to UK with Billy Gillispie?

I am torn as to the possibilities.

Anonymous said...

spend, dammit.

Anonymous said...

If I wasn't on the Mike Anderson bandwagon before, I definitely am now.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching Missouri all year and Anderson's coaching has been impressive..and they graduate, too.

Anonymous said...

Missou is absolutely whoring Memphis at the moment. Anderson won't be available for a few more days at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

As PWD said, Jimmy Sexton is his agent ... So our possible foray into the wonderful world of Mike Anderson may be getting more expensive as we speak.

Hobnail_Boot said...

He'll cost 2.2 per at least. So let's pay it.

Anonymous said...

Just to be safe... Go 2.2 plus some hefty tournament incentives... Let's put that ESPN money to good use.

The Watch Dawg said...

Well I guess if anybody had any doubts about Anderson, those doubts are probably gone now, lol. Too bad we're going to have to wait a few more days to make him an offer...

Anonymous said...

After tonight, I think a better school might scoop up Anderson. I don't get why some people think the Bama job is better than ours though. If they think UGA is all about football, then what is Bama?

Anonymous said...

The price for Anderson just went up 25% for this game alone. We'll see how serious DE is willing to play ball and fork over some coin.

Anonymous said...

On top of which, if Grant doesn't take the Bama job... Any other high profile coach would have to take the ego hit of being a second choice.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Even if you're concerned about Anderson coming from the Nolan Richardson family tree, he spent four years at UAB (and another three now at Missouri) without having gotten his teams into any kind of recruiting trouble, and without having gotten in the news for any stupid sound bites.

He got UAB into the NCAA tournament three out of four years (and the NIT the other), and as Paul pointed out in an earlier post, this was when he had to go up against Louisville and Marquette, not to mention a Bob Huggins-coached Cincinnati team, each year. Here at UAB, I think there are quite a few people who would love to have him back.

Anonymous said...

Some people are saying Mizzou will match anything we offer. Got a big bball fanatic billionaire booster that married into the Walton family.

Anonymous said...

You people are bat-ass crazy if you think Anderson is heading to UGA after last night's W! Would someone please give me 3 compelling reasons for him to come to the Classic City and lead our Hoop Dawgs?

As much I would like to see it happen, I simply see no logical reason for it playing out. If Kentucky fires BG, we are back to bottom rung on the ladder. Does anyone have RJ's number handy?

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I feel that Mizzou's win last night just eliminated any chance we have at getting Anderson. First, Mizzou will match anything we can offer him. Second, Mizzou has a new arena which is bad-ass, and their fans are nuts about basketball. Third, this is the type of win that the Mizzou program can build off of (in terms of getting recruits, etc.) Fourth, other more powerful programs (UK, Zona, etc) may now get into the Anderson sweepstakes as well.

I just don't see how we can possibly lure him to Athens, especially given our apathetic feelings towards basketball, our crappy arena, and the fact that we absolutely are a football school and always will be (unlike Mizzou, Zona, etc.)

The Watch Dawg said...

3 compelling reasons:

1. Money
2. Recruits
3. Location

Anonymous said...

Watch Dawg,

I will give you money. However, UGA is most certainly less of a program then Mizzou, which means your recruits theory is false. UGA is dead last in hoops action in the East. How happy can one be in a great city such as Athens finishing last in the East every year. As Felton just how happy he was in Athens. If you were a high school senior right now, where would you head to play ball, Athens, GA or Columbia, MO?

Nice try though!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:35, only in the past several years can you make the case that Mizzou is a better program than Georgia. I mean, come on...Mizzou has never even been to a final four (heck, even UGA has done that). Before Anderson's arrival, Mizzou slogged along with Norm Steward (who was finally pushed out) followed by Snyder's disastrous campaign.

Regarding recruiting, a good coach can recruit to UGA much easier than Mizzou, as Georgia produces much more talent that Missouri. I think that is what others are referring to, hence the reason why UGA has been called by many a "sleeping giant" in basketball.

Anonymous said...

This article is relevant to someone mentioning mizzou's bball crazy booster. You'll also see an interesting face in there as well

Anonymous said...

What he means by recruits is that Georgia has arguably the most b-ball talent of any state. Therefore, if we can get a good coach in there we can get a fair share of talent from our own backyard.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me with the question of why would someone want to come to UGA. Your making maybe after bonuses...$1M, we offer you $2M. I don't care about anything else... You would be the worlds' biggest idiot not to take. And you would be king of the school if all you did was make the Tournament every year. Who goes home to their wife and says "I was offered a job making twice what I make today, doing the same thing... But I rejected it because I have to think about my fellow coworkers....." Stupid!

The Watch Dawg said...


others have already pretty much said it, but I'll reiterate it. Missouri is only a better basketball program if you take into account the past several years with Anderson. Other than that they're just a mid-tier Big XII school that has never been to a final four.

As far as recruits, the Atlanta area is one of the most fertile talent pools for basketball anywhere in the country, far more so than Missouri. At Missouri, Anderson has to recruit from far away. 15 of the top 150 recruits in the country this past year came from the Atlanta area. It goes without saying that being at Georgia puts you in the best position to tap into that.

As far as Felton being happy, he was very happy in Athens, as was his family. I'm sure he would have loved to do better than last in the East, but he just didn't have what it takes. Seeing as all coaches have an ego of some sort, I'm sure Anderson would like the challenge to build a program and put his name on it.

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