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April 2, 2009

Baseball Coverage

UGA had two big wins against the Top 20 ranked Clemson Tigers this week, and we've got a gigantic series against the LSU Tigers this weekend in Athens. UGA is ranked #1 in multiple polls, and the Tigers are ranked as high as #2 in the Baseball America poll. This weekend is as big as it gets for college baseball fans in Athens, and this team is really fun to watch.

However, we don't cover every baseball game with recaps. It's just too time consuming.

Quinton and I have the bandwidth in our real jobs to combine to cover about 1 or 2 things at a time. Right now, it's the basketball coaching search for me. Quinton does a Monday or Tuesday recap of the weekend series, and he sets up the next week's series in an article each week. We also do a baseball poll blurb when we can.

It's not like we're totally oblivious to the Diamond Dawgs. In fact, I'll be attending one or two games on average for the rest of the season. We just don't have time for more coverage. If you want more baseball coverage, you should check's exhaustive recaps. Kyle King is long winded in his baseball post-game articles, but if you want coverage he has most certainly got it.

Coverage of baseball will ramp up some after the Basketball Coaching Search and Spring Football end.

As for football....we haven't done much of anything on Spring Football. That's mainly because I'm bored to death by Spring Football this year. I haven't expected anything of interest to come out of Spring due to the overwhelming number of injuries, and the lack of position changes. And so far I'm right. The beat writers have the info here.

So that's why we cover what we cover right now.



Wild Bill said...

totally with you on the spring football. very boring spring thus far with all the injuries.

Anonymous said...

I was just tired of all the Football/Cocktail discussions...especially when baseball is kicking so much arse. If the game is moved it'll have nothing to do w/ the fans.

Andy said...

Gigantic series it will be, IF THE DADGUM RAIN WOULD LET THE HECK UP. Enough already, ma nature. Let's play ball!

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