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May 28, 2009

Gordon Beckham Jumps Closer to Majors

Gordo's on a vacation far away
Go to Charlotte and get promoted
So many hits that I wanna see
You know Sox like their bats a little bit bolder

Huge Dawgly Baseball News...Gordon Beckham was promoted last night from AA Birmingham to AAA Charlotte. He's racing through the White Sox organization. The South Side Sox blog has the info (btw -- he's talking about a different Josh Fields in his article):
The White Sox top pick of the '08 draft -- a guy you've probably heard of, Gordon Beckham's his name -- was promoted to AAA following Wednesday's Annual Rickwood Classic game. Beckham was hitting .299/.366/.497 for the Barons, and .350/.380 (approx.) /.575 in his last 10 games since returning from an abdominal strain. At the time of his promotion his 17 doubles ranked second in the Southern League despite the time missed with the ab injury.

...the White Sox have three positions they could concievably use him at on the big club; 3B, 2B, SS (in decending order of likelihood).

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EmotionalFescue said...

You know you're a top flight prospect when during the proposed Peavy to ChiSox trade, the ESPN Bottomline mentioned specifically that the trade would not involve Gordon Beckham.

The guy has that "it" factor (like Knowshon) and I wish him nothing but the best. He was awesome to watch and when I ran into him at the South Carolina game this season, he couldn't have been more humble and outgoing.

DGD! GATA Gordo!

Anonymous said...

Who is better? Gordon or Keppinger?

Anonymous said...

In his first game at AAA, he went 1 for 4, with a double, scored a run, no K's, no BB's. Batted second and played third. Didn't make an error. (Lillibridge played SS.)

Anonymous said...

Love Kepp, but Gordon is a potential All-Star.

I am glad that he got promoted, but hate it for the Barons. That team this year was like the Macon Braves in, like, 1992 or '93, when they had Chipper, Klesko, Javy, Nieves, etc and won 100 games.

It has also been fun reading the B'ham paper's take on Gordon.

Hope he is on the South Side in July, lord knows we do not have a local team to cheer for anymore.

Anonymous said...

GT fan here. It's amazing that two of the biggest baseball prospects are from uga and gt. Wieters and Beckham are a pretty solid duo and well-represent the state.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Wieters, he's been called-up and makes his MLB debut tonight for the O's. One of the most-anticipated rookie debuts in MLB in a looooooong time.

the anonymous suckup said...

Anon 8:51

You mean the Durham Braves...not the Macon Braves.

Anonymous said...

The Sox fans here are in love with him. Especially the women.

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