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May 27, 2009

I wonder if Gene Chizik feels like Jan Brady?

"It's always 'Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.'" - Jan Brady

Do a Google News search for "SEC Media Days" and sort by date. Virtually every headline involves Lane Kiffin. His gaffes, his miscues, his apologies, his non-apologies, his confrontations, new rules to shut him up, etc. It's a bit much.

Even Gene Chizik -- who hasn't traded any barbs with Kiffin yet -- got asked about Kiffin by the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa papers. As Kiffin's mouth sucks all the media's attention, Chizik avoids his 5-19 record from being the #1 question of the weekend.

Of all the articles on the subject of MouthGate, The State in Columbia does the best job of covering the issue. Particularly of Spurrier in person responding to one of Kiffin's latest dumbass remarks.

What a freak show. I liked Orson Swindle's comparison a few days ago. He said Ed Orgeron is evolving into some sort of cajun-fried Dick Cheney to Kiffin's GWB.

On the flip side, Tony Barnhart is sort of giving Kiffin the benefit of the doubt for now.



PTC DAWG said...

I think Kiffin accomplished his goal.

Anonymous said...

Kiffin is one those people in life who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. Everything he has in life (indirectly including his wife) is because of the respect football people have had for his father. He has parlayed his father's name into a string of well paying, high status, jobs. These jobs helped him land his wife. There's nothing wrong with being born with advantages in life, but it requires a certain self-perception Kiffin appears to lack.

Dawg19 said...

In sales jobs, one of the ways to spot a bad salesman is the guy who talks negatively about his competiton all the time. It means that he has no clue how to sell his product's features, advantages, and benefits (if there are any). I'm getting that with Kiffin. Also, Kiffin has completely thrown away any chance of the element of surprise in this coming year. EVERYBODY has his game circled because of his audacity towards the SEC.

rbubp said...

I have no love for CLK and think all the comments herein are justified. However, Spurrier was wrong on this one; who doesn't believe he was insinuating that Kiffin was cheating, if not outright saying it?--and how big is the difference, really, anyway? Why didn't anyone point that out to the Ol' Snark Coach?

Plus, Spurrier doesn't know you can take the test online, but he'd going to publicly say something about it given his status? A; That's total bush league, and on par for the OBC; B. He should know that ignorance of something as common as online testing does not excuse the responsibility in questioning someone's integrity and intentions in the media.

Two arseholes for the price of one, if you ask me. I'll be happy to enjoys the carnage while the league's newfound bevy of classless bigmouths (Meyer, Saban, Miles, Spurrier, now Kiffin) duke it out in the media over the next few years.

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