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May 29, 2009

Mark Fox Era to Launch on Auburn Football Weekend

Andy Katz of is reporting that Georgia will host New Orleans next season with an added twist:
New Orleans coach Joe Pasternack is hoping for some good karma in his opening game at Georgia. Billy Humphrey, who sat out last season at UNO, has a chance to go back to his former school and shine.
To add to Katz's info, the game will be the Home Opener for the Dawgs on Friday, Nov. 13th, the day before the Georgia vs. Auburn football game in Athens. Kudos to Coach Fox for leveraging the football schedule to give us the best possible opportunity for a quality crowd during his big debut.

The confirmed 2009-2010 schedule includes:
    Georgia Tech - Home
    New Orleans - Home
    Illinois - Neutral (Gwinnett Arena)
    Virginia Tech - Away
    Missouri - Away
    St. John's - Away (Big East / SEC Challenge)
For what it's worth, I'm also glad to see Billy Humphrey coming back to Athens one last time. Billy's not a bad kid per se, he just did something incredibly stupid (DUI) after he was already on thin ice for being around the wrong kid (Mike Mercer) at the wrong time. I look forward to giving the guy a round of applause. Hopefully, we beat them senseless, but I'm clapping for the kid regardless.



Dawg93 said...

PWD - agree completely on Humphrey. I didn't realize he was at UNO, good for him.

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