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May 17, 2009

What Happened?

On April 21, Georgia was 32-8 and had just beaten Kennesaw State in Athens  The next day, the team left for a road game at Jacksonville State.  If you just look at the numbers, one would think that the bus to Jacksonville crashed.  The Diamond Dawgs are 3-12 since that trip.  32-8, then 3-12.  The latest disaster was a series sweep at South Carolina by a combined score of 20-7.  We were never really in any of those games.
It used to be that the team couldn't function well in all three phases of the game at one time.  Now, the team can't function in any phase at any time during conference play.  The only bright spot has been the emergence of Justin Grimm.  Grimm has looked strong in his Sunday starts and Saturday's game in Columbia.  But Grimm can't hit for himself and no one else can seem to get anything going.  Our biggest run producing game in the final two sets of conference play was four runs Friday night.  Four runs with the hitters in our lineup should be a given every time we play.  
Everything has just fallen apart.  At this point, a single win in this week's SEC tournament would be monumental and that's so sad.  Tournament play starts Wednesday at 2:30 when Grimm and the Dawgs face Ole Miss. 



Anonymous said...

Never know when they might get hot again. Hope it happens this week and carries over.

PTC DAWG said...

Yep, crash is the best way to describe it.

Andrew said...

It's the odd-year Georgia baseball curse. Just roll with it and shore things up for 2010.

JJBA said...

Ive ben saying for 3 weeks that its better to slump now than come post-season time. However, I think that even if some hitters do come around and McCree learns where the strike zone is again, I don't think this team is ready or capable of getting through the regionals. Inconsistent pitching, No middle infielders, and 3-4-5 guys are just not seeing the ball well.
I hope I'm wrong and I surely won't give up on the guys, but to change the direction we are going now we might have to insert Beckham, Piesel, Keppinger, Fields, and Startup into the lineup.

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