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June 12, 2009

Kickoff Time Announced for UGA vs. South Carolina

The Augusta Chronicle reports Damon Evans told the Exchange Club of Augusta that Georgia would host South Carolina for 7:45 pm kickoff. I'm guessing this means that our game will air on ESPN while UCLA at Tennessee will be an ESPN2 night game.

Evans also said that he expects Georgia to play around five night games on the season. Since it's extremely unlikely that he meant 5 home night games, I have to assume he meant overall. That sounds about right to me.

Update: Jim emailed me. He thinks ESPN2 for us because Ohio State hosts USC on ESPN that night. Fair enough.



AuditDawg said...

I would think we would still be on ESPN. All of ESPN's big Saturday night games are shown on ABC.

Bdavis said...

There is a Nextel Cup race that night that I believe ABC is obligated to, which explains why Ohio St/USC would be ESPN

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is our record at night games? What about night games at Athens.

Bryan said...

Thank you Evans. Nothing like a night game in athens. The student body is loving this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. We blow in home night games. See: Last year Bama. '07 USC. '06 Tennessee. '05 Auburn. It's time for change we can believe in. And it starts with kicking some ass on national TV to show the dawgs are back.

Anonymous said...

Auburn 07 was a pretty amazing night game win.

Joe Cox has alopecia said...

Except for the fact that kickoff was at 3:30.

Anonymous said...

maybe he's talking about an "off the field" win.

Hobnail_Boot said...

So long as there's no parachutists, we should be fine.

cabyrd11ugacubs said...

yea the usc vs osu game will be on espn

Anonymous said...

Clemson night win in 1991 after Braves clinched division. Great day to be a Dawg.

Anonymous said...

I think the last time we won a true night game was the '02 game against Ole Miss. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

I was at that Clemson game! I believe they were top ten and we weren't that highly ranked. The whole crowd did the tomahawk chop. Amazing day all around. (Didn't a bank of lights go out at one point?)

Anonymous said...

What's a night game? When it's dark at kickoff? That rarely ever happens. So is it a game at dusk? 5:30? I don't know.

But here are some games AT HOME off the top of my head we won that kicked off after 5:30 pm

2001 - ARK
2002 - Clemson
2002 - Ole Miss
2005 - Boise
2005 - SC
2007 - Ok State

lawdawg said...

We've won a lot of night games - just not a lot of home night games since 2002.

Also home night games is basically equivalent to 1/2 to 3/4 of home games against ranked opponents.

Time of day seems to have much less of a correlation with our performance than home vs. road when it comes to ranked SEC opponents.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Not surprisingly, most of our night wins lately have been on the road.

2004 - Arkansas
2006 - Carolina, Ole Miss
2007 - Alabama, Tech

Andy said...

2005 was a fun year. But, 2007 Tech was not a night game, right? That was an afternoon match-up on ABC where Butt Nessler tried to give Munson a cigar in the booth during the broadcast. That was dumb.

Andy said...

I mean, your comment wasn't dumb. Brad giving Larry the cigar was dumb.

mitch said...

These are the games that richt has played at night(7:45) at home.
South Carolina- lost 14-9
Clemson- Won 31-28
South Carolina- Won 17-15
Auburn- lost 31-30
Tennessee- lost 51-33
Alabama-lost 41-30

There are a bunch of games that have kicked off at 5:30 on ESPN2 and we have won a good bit of them. Bottom line is we dont lose because its a 7:45 game, when its a 7:45 game, its usually a pretty good team we are playing.

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