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June 15, 2009

Some recruiting nuggets

This and That on the recruiting front....
  • I'm particularly excited about the athleticism in this class so far at defensive end. B.J. Butler's (4 star DE/ high school coach lists him currently at 6'2" 255 lbs. He's most intriguing to me because he's athletic enough to play a little QB in high school ($). His background (not body type) reminds me of a thicker Boss Bailey coming out of high school. Boss came in at 6'3" 225 lbs after playing QB and Linebacker. I'm also pretty interested in seeing Jalen Fields (DE) on campus.
  • On the uncommitted front, the player that most intrigues me is five star all-universe middle linebacker Jeff Luc (6'1" 250 lb / 4.57 40). By all reports ($), Luc had an awesome time ($) at the UGA camp, and it really opened his eyes to the opportunity in Athens. One of the weaknesses at Georgia the past few years has been the lack of a punishing, brutal hitter at the MIKE position. Rennie Curran plays with the sort of violence the UGA LB corps needs, but he's at the WILL. The last true connisseour of well crafted collissions at MLB was Odell Thurman (before coming a nut case) and Tony Gilbert. Luc is bigger than Odell and faster than Gilbert. Two of the easier ways to make Willie Martinez look smarter would be to add devastating edge rushers and a mauler at MIKE.*
Don't get me wrong, I'm intrigued by many other kids in state and beyond, but Luc...he's a kid that could transform the style of play and bring the violence back up to '02 and '03 levels.

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* = Sorry to the DawgVenter I popped off to last week about Luc. He's a bad dude.


Anonymous said...

I, too, am intrigued by Luc. Watching video of him makes me want to spear tackle unsuspecting strangers. That dude is mean.

Anonymous said...

Luc is certainly a much needed prospect, but Jackson Jeffcoat and Alec Ogletree have definitely stood out.

Anonymous said...

We need to get all three of them. Luc, Jeffcoat and Ogletree.

Anonymous said...

no chance with jeffcoat, i have family in the area and he's taking the money and going to texas or usc

Anonymous said...

I bet Luc will go out of state to USC or somewhere else that has a better LB coach.

Crane said...

I like Scout's
Arm Length

What sort of T-Rex's are we recruiting?

Perhaps Searles has a rack to stretch him out a bit.

Definitely a good get for us

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure Odell was a nutcase when he was in Athens.

CMR just managed to keep him close enough to in-line to play most of the time.

NTM said...

Yeah, poor Odell has a lot to overcome. He got in some small trouble while in Athens (traffic related) but nothing like what's happened since. To quote Biggie Smalls, "Mo money, mo problems". All that talent couldn't overcome a lack of any foundation.

Anonymous said...

And this morning, we got another commitment from Alpharetta wide reciever Michael Bennet

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