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July 19, 2009

Coach Fox finalized his Basketball Staff

About a week ago, Coach Fox hired his last assistants and operations guys. The big name among them is Mark Pope, former UK player under Pitino. Pope started his career as a player for Coach Fox at the University of Washington before transferring to the Wildcats and ultimately winning a national title.

Pope will serve as a basketball operations coordinator for Coach Fox. It's sort of an entry level hoops position, but it's interesting that he left Columbia Medical School and his position at New York Presbyterian Hospital to return to coaching.

Already on staff is Coach Kwanza Johnson a former Tubby Smith player who has a law degree from the University of Tulsa. Coach Fox is probably the only hoops coach in America with a doctor and a lawyer on his coaching staff. If we ever recruit a Jewish kid, their mother will LOVE us. It's a lock I tell ya.

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Yes. This is a week old story, but there have been some nice follow-up profile pieces since then.


Anonymous said...

Well, he is not a doc. Welcome aboard though. Heck with ObamaCare, this might end up being a far more lucrative job.

spechou said...

I love this staff.

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