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July 15, 2009

Hartman Fund Cut-Off Scores

Georgia Bulldog Season Tickets for 2009 Update:

The cut off score for renewable season tickets was 4,205 this year. Down from 10,500+ last year. Per the Athletic Department:
  • Hartman Fund contributors who did not have 2008 renewable season tickets must have a cumulative score of 4,205 or higher to receive 2009 renewable season tickets.
  • Hartman Fund contributors requesting additional/new renewable season tickets with a cumulative score less than 4,205 will not receive additional/new renewable season tickets. These patrons will receive the renewable season ticket locations held in 2008 (excluding patrons requesting season tickets to be dropped during the renewal period).
In other words, if you got tickets last year and wanted the same amount this year, you're fine regardless of your point total.

Per the Athletic Department, these are the cut-off scores for other single home and away games:

Single Home Game Tickets (if you ordered extras):
    Arizona State - 18,050
    LSU - 32,500
    Tennessee Tech - All filled
    Kentucky - 10,000
Away Game Tickets
    Tennessee - 21,950 (lowest cut-off in probably a decade)
    Arkansas - All filled
    Others TBD by end of July
Faculty Scores are:
    Season Tickets: 1A thru 30F were filled
    All Arkansas, Tennessee, Tenn Tech and Kentucky orders were filled.
    Others TBD by end of July
Hope that helps.



Newt said...

Hoping the lower demand this year means I can finally get my seats moved to a different location.

The Watch Dawg said...

Dang. This would have been a good year to get in on season tickets. We'll probably go to the Sugar Bowl and be back up to 10,000 next year.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that we will be up to $10k again next year.

We definitely would need a victory over the Gators, a trip to the BCS and a much better US economy.

The drop this year was a combination of a disappointing year coupled with the coronation of the Gators, the losses to the NFL, and a horrendous economic meltdown just a couple of months before the donations were due.

In our group of 10-12 alumni who hang out together, 2 in our group dropped their tickets outright due to the economy and all of us donated less than we had in the years prior.

Even if the Dawgs made the NC game and came away a winner, I doubt that I will send more $$$ than necessary for a 2010 donation.

PWD - did you see that Coach Fox closed out his 2009-10 season hirings?

KY_Dawg said...

I'm still a little fuzzy on how this all works. I'll be visiting family over Thanksgiving, does this mean I won't be able to buy tix for the UK game on gameday?

Anonymous said...

KY Dawg,

If you have fingers that can be held above your head, you'll have as many UK tickets as you need for probably $20-50 on gameday from scalpers.

Anonymous said...

It was a great year to start donating. Some really prime seats were freed up, probably by businesses that no longer had the donation in the budget. Pretty awesome for newcomers.

Anonymous said...

If you get tickets one year, do you have to make the minimum donation each year to keep renewing them?

SSB Charley said...

Anonymous at 5:40: Yes you do have to continue making the minimum donation for those seats in order to keep renewing them.

The Watch Dawg said...

Your point total does roll over each year does it not? Sorry, I just graduated so I haven't gotten into the details of the Hartman fund yet.

Anonymous said...

Watch Dawg,

There are two components to the Hartman Fund score - annual and cumulative. The annual amount is what you must pay each year in order to retain/renew existing seats with an option to improve seat location. The cumulative score is the sum of all past contributions that ultimately determines your "place in line" for the option to buy away game tickets, purchase extra home game tickets or improve your seat location. Hope this helps to clarify.

Ben in Georgia said...

This whole being an alumni thing is too expensive. No wonder much of Sanford is littered with old, quiet people that never get out of their seats (not speaking to anyone on this blog; if you're reading a Georgia blog in July you're probably a great fan). Maybe I'll make enough money to attempt to get tickets next year. Although, by then I'm sure we'll have won the Sugar bowl and finish no. 2 in the standings to vault the cut off back up around 8,000 or so. Curse the new electronic student ticket system and not being able to use my old ID to get into games anymore!

BTW, if any of you recent alumni have figured out a way to game that system, let me know. I've thought and thought and I've got nothing.

Football Dude said...

Anon 4:05....

I'm not sure what your definition of "Prime" is, but newcomers get just about the worst seats in the house. For all you newcomers reading, plan to get upper endzone seats or piggyback seats (one behind the other - not side by side) your first few years. Over time, your seats will get better. Or if UGA has a few bad years in a row, or if the Athletic Association changes their donation requirements, your seats will improve a little faster.

If you must have better seats, stubhub is the way to go. Use a link from this site to help PWD pay the bills.

Anonymous said...

Ben- I agree. It sucks that more young alumni can't have season tickets. But those quiet old people are paying a ton of money that helps the program. Do what I did - scalp tickets and save up for about five years. Then make a really big donation. That plan got me 108, row 3 this year. I have to say it was worth it.

Anonymous said...

Football dude- understood but not necessarily true. Taking last year as an extreme example, new ticket holders had more points that over half of the other donors by virtue of the high minimum, meaning that they had a superior claim to the open seats over a lot of the people wanting an upgrade.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:50-

When you say you got 108, row 3 "this year", do you mean for the upcoming 2009 season? Did you have to call to find out where your new tickets are? Thanks and Go Dawgs

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:26-

Yes. The lady in the ticket office was nice enough to tell me where my seats will be.

Football Dude said...

Anon 7:04.....

Again, it depends on what your definition of "Prime" is. While 6k points will get you into the lower level this year, endzone is not what I consider to be "Prime".

Anonymous said...


I know of one person who requested 6 tickets (in addition to his current 2) and he got them in the lower level endzone corner. His contribution level was in the 7-8k range.

I had 2 and added 2 more this year, and I ended up with 2 on the 35 yardline upper level. I have about 12,500 points.

tacocasadawg said...

Question about LSU and Tennessee. In order to order those in the first place, you have to have scores of 40,000 and 25,000 respectively. Since demand was lower, the cutoffs ended up being 32,000ish and 21,000ish, respectively.

So how did they fill orders for the lower cumulative scores when those lower scores were not allowed to order in the firt place? Did they literally start calling people at 40,000 and lower and just worked down the list until the rest sold out? That's the only was I can figure out that they did it, but I'm not certain.

Ubiquitous GA Alum said...

It astounds me that the final cutoffs are not know for UF, AUB, GT and freakin Vandy???

I swear I could create an access database, load the cummulative scores and parameters (e.g. total seats and exisitng tix holders) and I'd have the cutoffs announced by lunchtime!

They've had since March to crunch these numbers.

Ubiquitous GA Alum said...


When a season tix holder orders his tickets he also orders any extra games (home & away). He pays for them at that time, but doesn't know if he actually will receive them until these scores are announcned. If he doesn't qualify, he gets a check in the mail.

tacocasadawg said...

I've never understood why it takes so long either. Especially with Florida. It's not like they don't know how many seats Jacksonville has and they can't divide it by 2 for UGA's half.

I'll bet there are a lot of corporate sponsorship type deals that they have to work in outside of the normal priority system and that causes delays. That may also be what has caused a shortage of tickets (i.e. higher cumulaitve score requirements) over the past few years.

tacocasadawg said...

Ubiquitos Alum,

I know the system because I'm in it. But what I'm saying is that if you did not have 40,000 for LSU or 25,000 for UT, you were not allowed to order those games in the first place. But later they filled orders below those scores.

tacocasadawg said...

The Vandy cutoff will be higher than most people expect because Vandy cut UGA's ticket allotment this year.

But if you pay more than $10 on gameday in Nashville, you pay too much. They are always giving tickets away up there. Besides, you can always watch the game for free from the parking deck behind that end zone corner if you want to.

Ubiquitous GA Alum said...


Gotcha on the points & LOL at the parking deck tip! Me and the Mrs are heading there this year for the 1st time. I'll tell her those are our seats!

tacocasadawg said...

Vandy is a great game to go to. It's almost like a high school game in a little stadium where you are close to the field. Nashville is a great town to. Make sure you go to the Grand Ole Opry. There is also a great pancake house for breakfast near the stadium, but I can't rememebr the name of it.

Regarding the parking deck, we really did watch a game from there one year. We went up without tickets and planned on getting some tickets when we were there. Turned out that is was a rainy day, so we paid about $20 to park in the deck and just stayed dry under the cover there and watched the game. Kind of neat to get out of your car, walk about five steps and watch a football game.

The deck is literally right behind one end zone corner. It would be about like having a tall parking deck where the bridge is in Athens, but slightly closer to the field.

PTC DAWG said...

So true about Vandy, anyone who pays FACE pays too much. WAY too much.

Anonymous said...


RE: Lower cutoff scores

A poster in another thread said they received a letter from UGA in May with the option to order UT tickets. Their point total was 21500 so I guess they didn't get them. My point total is 19500 and I didn't get a letter. I would assume they sent similar letters for LSU tickets.

Anonymous said...

Re: Why it takes so long.

Different schools present different problems.

Vandy's problem do they sell their tickets to their own fans. It's not like they are all sold yet. And do they turn a few extra over to UGA at the last minute to address our demand and unload some tix? That's likely an issue.

Florida...last year the delay was caused by a few things.
1. For the Bama vs. FSU game, The City of Jax found a way to add some extra seats to the stadium's temp seat configuration. Well...obviously UGA and UF wanted that same configuration. Which meant some re-seating.

2. One of UF's ticket execs either got really sick or died last year during the re-seating process. I forgot. That delayed a lot of things.

You'd think that the UF game would be pretty quick. It's already sold out. We just need to know how many of each type of ticket and boom we're done. But that was the complication last year. Not sure what they are waiting on this year.

tacocasadawg said...

That's bad about UF's seating exec's passing, but that shouldn't affect UGA. That would only affect the assignement of FL's allotment.

But why should say Oky State take extra time? Wouldn't they have already negotiated how many seats we were getting four or five years ago (or whenever the home and home was agreed on)? Yes, I know they have the new stadium, but if the contract says we get X,XXX seats, then that's what we get (new stadium or not).

Anonymous said...


If you're Ok State, what do you gain by telling UGA how many fans did or didn't get tickets? That just eliminates ambiguity for the fans who didn't get tickets so they can start working on tickets through the secondary market.

In other words...if I'm them...I stall.

Anonymous said...

In May, the athletic department sent me a letter informing me that not all of the Tennessee tickets were sold in March, so I was given an opportunity to order them. I had 22,500 points, so I was able to get the tickets, barely.

PCK said...

does anybody know about when the tix will be mailed this year? I always miss the delivery, then have to find the UPS mail center to track them down...

tacocasadawg said...

Tickets will be mailed beginning Aug 3. They come from the printer and not from Athens, so delivery may take a day or two longer than you expect.

tacocasadawg said...


What I'm saying is that I thought when home and home contracts are entered into, the two teams agree at that point how many tickets each will get when they go to the other house. So I'm saying that back in 2002, 2003, 2004 or whenever it was that they agreed to do a home and home, Ok St would have agreed to give UGA X,XXX tickets and UGA would have agreed to give Ok St X,XXX tickets. So when time comes for the two games, the # tickets to be given to each team was already contracturally agreed upon.

So UGA should have known about five years ago how many Ok St tickets they were getting.

But maybe they don't make that part of the contract and just agree to wing it on tickets when the time comes. They obviously did not agree in advance not to gouge the opposing fans on ticket prices because UGA really got screwed on that deal ($45 vs $100 each).

Anonymous said...

Yes, hopefully, we have learned our lesson on ticket prices. What okey state is doing to us is just plain wrong!

Anonymous said...

They are going to get $100 worth of butt whoopin' on Sept 5.

Anonymous said...



I quit in 2006 because of work, money, etc... and I regretted it in '08 when I tried to get back in. Despite having 7,150 points, I wasn't able to get season tickets because I didn't have them in '07.

Donate on YOUR OWN NAME, don't give a buddy money and expect those tickets to be there every year. The next thing you know, the minimum donation is 10,500 points and your buddy has moved to California!


You can always sell them on eBay and make your money back if you end up not going to the games!

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