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July 25, 2009

Hoops Schedule Rumors

The list of known and rumored games for the 2009-2010 basketball schedule continues to grow as MemphisDog sniffs out the quality rumors. He's the star of "CSI: UGA Hoops Schedule."

Because of his prowling, we have a few more games that fall into the quality rumors category. The current list is below.

Home:Away (all confirmed):
    Virginia Tech
    St. John's (Big East / SEC Challenge) - Dec. 9th
    UAB (Same day as UK football game) - Nov. 21st
    Illinois at Gwinnett Arena (confirmed)
That's directionally closer to what Harrick would put together when he was here. Certainly tougher than anything Felton, Jirsa or Durham put together. Don't sleep on Saint Louis or San Diego. SLU is coached by Rick Majerus, and San Diego beat Kentucky in Rupp Arena two years ago.

If those last three rumors hold up, that means there's only 2 more games out there. I've heard that part of the hold up in getting the hoops schedule out is the SEC. The new TV contracts that ESPN just signed with Fox Sports South and CSS on behalf of the SEC means that the b-ball schedule probably isn't as far along at the league office as you might expect.



coreyugacubs9 said...

i think this is a dang tough schedule there is not alot of games on here if any where i can really predict a for sure win but of course we did lose to texas corpus christi last season and if we play like that there is a chance we could go into sec play with a losing coach fox better have the boys playing but i still think we will be better this season

Mr. Sanchez said...

San Diego is definitely dangerous, as their coach is a former Gonzaga assistant under Few who has beaten Fox and Nevada each of the last two years (and is 2-1 vs. Nevada in his 3 years there).

Anonymous said...

thanks for your work PWD. you always have good hoops info.

bigtuck said...

Hey PWD, you have any idea when tix for the SEC/Big East Challenge are going to be available?

StandupifyourUGA! said...

anybody know if tickets are separate for each game that night? Do season ticket holders have opportunity to buy? If not, that ticket may be hard to come by, because the game following us that evening is UCONN vs KENTUCKY.

todd said...

I'd like to see us do one of Hugh Durham's early tricks to shore up recruiting in southwest GA. Schedule FSU in either Albany or Columbus. We both recruit the same guys from that area. And we're losing too many of them. So what's there to lose except a basketball game?

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