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July 21, 2009

Larry Munson Clips from the Vault

ChopDawg has a deep, deep library of Larry Munson calls from '66 to '86. He also has calls from '59-66 before Munson came to UGA. Including the Flea Flicker vs. Bama in '65 and the epic thriller vs. Auburn in 1959. For those older calls Ed Thilenius was the play-by-play man.

The sound quality on the old stuff is pretty rough, but what do you expect? It's 50 year old audio that's probably been converted to different tapes and formats a half-dozen times.

Enjoy. Your productivity for the day has been officially ruined.



Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? I will not work at all this week. Thanks for the link!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if anyone has some old Larry Clips from his Falcons & Braves days ?

Anonymous said...

Between this and my futile search for the "Erin Andrews Peephole Video" I will get NOTHING done this week.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather hear the movie reviews from Larry Munson and his coeds. Does anyone have that link?

Ball-U-Dawg Triangle said...

That site is amazing. I had never heard the "golden voice" of Ed Thilenius before now. I can see why Munson felt intimidated when taking over the job. The description I had heard of Thilenius (often in comparison to Munson) made it seem he was a dispassionate announcer, a guy who just described what was happening on the field. But in the recordings you can certainly detect the emotion of the game. "I don't know if you could hear me or not" following a UGA TD in the 1959 AU game is a classic. But he really just sounds the way one would imagine a radio announcer from that era would sound.

And either Sanford was much louder in the 50's, or the radio engineers must have turned up the crowd noise.

It was also great to hear a little bit of Wally Butts too. I had never heard his voice either.

Anonymous said...

I remember Ed Thilenius very well. He was a damn good announcer and I was saddened when he chose to become the Falcon announcer in 66. But getting Larry was certainly a gift.

This is the first time I have heard Thilenius' call of the Flea Flicker....but I heard Chris Shenckle (sp?) and Bud Wilkinson call the game on TV from Winston-Salem. I went from Tech fan to Dawg fan in one afternoon.

Anonymous said...

1976 Clemson Ray Goff scores on a 76 keeper and Joe Tereshinski sprung him with a block.

Its nice to rehabiliate Goff's memory.

HVL Dawg

BeachGaBulldog said...

I had some old cassettes of all of those audios that I bought from the UGA website years ago, and I wore them out listening to them so much. I can't wait to listen to these that are linked on here. Thanks!

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