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July 29, 2009

Okie State: Ain't Skeered

At SEC Media Days, coaches usually select two players, one on each side of the ball, to accompany them to Birmingham.  The players are usually 1) seniors, 2) important to the success of the team, and 3) media savvy enough not to provide a heaping pile of rage fuel to modivate the opposition.  Mike Gundy makes his selections based on something else evidently.
At the Big 12 Media Days, Andre Sexton, OSU's strongside linebacker, discussed the Cowboy's trip to Athens in 2007.  The Pokes got a little intimidated by the atmosphere and it showed.  The Dawgs trucked the Cowboys 35-14 and were kneeling down on OSU's one yard line at the final horn.  They weren't ready for the big leagues then, but now Sexton thinks their hype is more deserved.  “Now we know,” said Sexton, a senior OSU linebacker, “Georgia's the one that has to be scared. Not us.”
The Senator ran across this way before I did, but I just wanted to note that Okie State thinks you should be scared. Really?  Based on what, one win against a top 20 opponent since 2005?  Hey, look, I get it.  Okie State has some legitimate reasons to be very excited right now.  They have a lot of very talented players and are primed for a breakthrough year.  UGA should absolutely respect the Pokes and I'm certainly not stating that UGA is going to roll OSU.  But, we should be afraid?
Speaking from experience here, don't get too caught up in your own hype.  Hype is freely given, but respect, much less fear, is earned through wins, not the mere promise of wins. 



Brad said...

It sounds like Andre has waited twenty-two years to play on this team.

DallasDawg said...

Hopefully, we can catch them as overconfident as we were last year.

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Anonymous said...

don't forget only their coach is a man. the rest, well they're just boys!

Anonymous said...

There is no way UGA is remotely close to scared...we play in the SEC. Not saying we will destroy them, and they might even pull out a win, but come on, there is NO way we are even close to scared.....what a stupid thing to say....

Anonymous said...

As long as they are ready to back up those words, I've got no problem with his statement.

Bring it On!!!

cb said...

All that jaw-flapping is going to make some great weight room bulletin board material.


RC said...

And you'd expect otherwise from one of Gundy's charges? He may want to take a look at our road record under Richt and get back to us on that.

Anonymous said...

Why would Okie St be afraid UGA just because they play in SEC?

UCLA over UT
WVU over Auburn
Wake over Ole Miss
GT over UGA

Those are just off the top of my head...

Smitty said...

Well Anonymous, the Okie State player himself said the team was scared. That is where it came from.

Ubiquitous GA Alum said...

And Anon ...

UGA over UT
UGA over AUB
UGA over LSU
LSU over GT
Ole Miss over TX Tech
UF over OK

your point?

Anonymous said...

My point is that SEC teams are not very intimidating in regular season non-conference games.

I forgot these:

Texas over Arky
GT over Miss St
Louisiana Tech over Miss St
Clemson over South Carolina
Duke over Vandy (Duke!)
Wake over Vandy

Now if Okie St was facing UGA in a bowl game that would be a different story. SEC teams don't lose bowl games very often.

PTC DAWG said...

The SEC is not playing in the game, UGA is.

That said we could go on and on in listing games, it's pointless.

Just so you know, our bottom dweller Vandy is 7-4 vs Duke and 7-5 vs Wake overall. They are 12-7 vs Virginia, add 8-3 overall vs Texas, 8-4 vs Maryland, 3-1 vs Clemson...just so you know...

OK STATE appears the one to be scared, making silly comments like they did would seem to prove that something is on their minds...maybe a memory of what happened when they last played UGA?

Anonymous said...

Good point.

It just seems that the entire SEC takes credit for Florida and LSU's know even though UGA has never played in a BCS national championship game.

But I get it. When an SEC team wins a big game it means the entire congerence wins it. When an SEC team loses, the loss is just pinned on that particular team.

PTC DAWG said...

Don't EVER accuse me or wanting UF to win anything...

DWH said...

I'll second that PTC! I was pulling for OU the whole way.

PTC DAWG said...

Playing in the MNC games takes Luck...winning SEC Titles doesn't. Any game that requires UCLA to beat USC at the season's end isn't exactly in your own control.

I'll give UF credit, they won the SEC twice lately, and were in position to be in the MNC, UGA wasn't so lucky in 02 and 05.

Anonymous said...

I would think the SEC schedule that particular year plays into winning an SEC title...which is essentially luck. Depending on the year you could avoid some very good West oppononents.

Ron Mexico said...

Anon 9:57:
SEC fans know that in our current era (beginning in 1990 w/ Spurrier making pro-style offense the norm) the SEC has had 7 NC's from 4 different skools. As noted above, its also sound from top to bottom (especially this decade). Our doormats are better than other doormats and our champs win the NC when they play for it. Of course there are non-conference wins and losses. But the trend this decade is upward for SEC and downward for other conferences.

A select few TEAMS from other conferences have trended upward (USC, OSU, Tex, OU). However, most other conferences are worse off as groups. Especially the PAC-10, ACC, Big East & Big (one) Ten.

Anonymous said...


No question the SEC dominates in bowl games over the past decade plus. Again, my point was with non-conference regular season games...especially over the recent past.

HiAltDawg said...

On CMR's watch, Georgia lost it's first non-conference, regular season game last year.

Anonymous said...

Why is this anonymous guy on a Georgia blog first of all talking trash about the SEC? And second why is he trying to make the SEC sound weaker when everywhere you look ANYONE will say that the SEC is the most dominant? Come on, get a life, go back to cheering for Tech!

JT said...

OSU has linebackers?!?

As the late, great Lewis Grizzard once said:"Damn brother, don't believe I'd a told that!"


Paul said...

Anon: where non-conference regular season games are concerned, UGA is 28-1. Granted, a healthy portion of those are against non-BCS league competition; but I'd wager Georgia plays as many games against BCS league teams as most SEC schools. Especially considering that 8 of those 29 games are vs. Georgia Tech.

So, non-con regular season games vs teams in BCS leagues since '01 (Mark Richt era):

@Ga Tech (W, 31-17)
Clemson (W, 31-28)
Ga Tech (W, 51-7)
@ Clemson (W, 30-0)*
@Ga Tech (W, 34-17)
Ga Tech (W, 19-13)
Boise State (W, 48-13)*^
@Ga Tech (W, 14-7)
Colorado (W, 14-13)
Ga Tech (W, 15-12)
Oklahoma State (W, 35-14)*
@Ga Tech (W, 31-17)
@Arizona State (W, 27-10)
Ga Tech (L, 42-45)

The * indicates a game in which the opponent was, in the media, hyped as starting a break-out year much like OSU in '09. The ^ indicates that I understand Boise is not in a BCS league, but since they have played in and won a BCS bowl, I'm including them here.

I think this and the fact that we're handling all of the I-AA and non-BCS league competition on our schedule pretty much speaks for itself.

Paul said...

...and we've won @ LSU, @ Tennessee, @ Alabama (twice) & @ Auburn. All places which I would wager are more difficult for an opponent than T. Boone.

We will not be intimidated by the environs.

coreyugacubs9 said...

why is a okla st linebacker even talking btw it was his defense last season that gave up 61 points to oklahoma and 56 to texas tech ouch but on the other hand our defense was not so great in some games last season as well and okla state can put up the points so i hope we are ready GO DAWGS

Unknown said...

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