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August 12, 2009

Cover Pokes

Okie State QB Zac Robinson is a newly minted SI coverboy for their college football preview issue.  These are regional covers but the picks were surprising: Penn State, Okie State, Ole Miss, and Oregon.  (How can SI not have Timmy Tebow on their cover?  That is something Urban Meyer will never forget.)  Let me be the first to say it: Jinx! Jinx! JINX!
As we know, SI is a reliable predictor of football success.
On another, more-expensive note:  Forbes has scoured the secondary market place for the most expensive tickets to 2009 college football games.  Their rankings were based on StubHub numbers.  First on the list is USC's visit to Notre Dame.  Not shocking.  The second, however, is "The University of Georgia - All home games."  Florida's trip to LSU is fifth.  The Red River Shootout is eighth!  So a normal home game in Athens is more expensive that two of the most anticipated games of the year in college football. 



It's not a support problem said...

I'm surprised. Demand for our tix are down this year vs. last but we still land as the highest for home games.

Folks - this proves the support for this program exceeds virtually all others, including Florida. This, combined with our extreme profitability, should equate to an eventual national championship.

We have everything in place to win the big one - except perhaps a coach or two.

Time will tell. No excuses for Coach Richt. The support is there - no go win the darn games.

Anonymous said...

Tim was on the cover a few weeks back, actually.

I pulled it out of the mailbox, saw the cover, threw it down on the road and left it there.

Prosticutor said...

There was no UF/Tebow cover because all cover's are pics of the QB's under center.

Ben in Georgia said...

It's not a support problem..., was that your way of saying that Coach Richt should win the national championship soon (i.e., within the next 3 years) or be fired? If it was (and maybe it wasn't) I'd like you to wikipedia "Brown, Mack". I for one, will never complain about consistent 10 win seasons. It'll all come together sooner or later, trust me.

As for the ticket prices, I love the support and all, but man, that is not encouraging for a recent graduate like myself that can no longer take advantage of using his old ID with student tickets.

Unknown said...


The report is really misleading because it was looking at some of the most expensive tickets.

Getting into UGA games with decent seats as a contributor averages $100 per game (ticket plus Hartman contribution).

The scalped ticket aftermarket across a complete season only averages about 25-30% more than that this year. Unless you want premium seats (lower sideline or club level)


Ben in Georgia said...

I don't think I understand the Hartman system very well or something. I thought you had to donate a minimum of around $4000 to get home tickets this year? Add another, what, $60 per game, so $360. $4360/7 home games comes out to something like $620/game.

I'm officially lost.

Kevin said...

Bravo, Prosticuter. Bravo

Anonymous said...

Ben- pwd was referring to the minimum renewal contribution. $4k is the price tag to get tix if you don't already have them. Point being- getting in is expensive, staying in is reasonable.

Kris said...

Okie States SI cover looks like a scene from Adam Sandlers "Waterboy" lol

It's not a support problem said...

you read too much into my comments. I said there is no excuse for Richt to win a NC and I mean that there is no excuse from him not to win a NC.

I never said, imputed, suggested, insinuated, or claimed that Richt should be fired. I said he had no excuse.

And I know who Mack Brown is young graduate Ben.

I also know who Vince Dooley is.

And Bobby Bowden.

And btw, Coach Richt has no excuse not to win a NC.

Unknown said...

Yes Ben,

You really don't understand. lol.

Basically, the tickets are renewable *once you're in.* Minimum contributions per seat range from $250-400 per ticket.

HOWEVER, getting in isn't as simple as paying the minimum. It used to be, but it isn't any more. The minimum score for a first time giver in '06 was around $1,500. In '07 it was around $1,900. In '08 it was $10,651. And this year it was around $4,200.

The amount changes each year based on how many existing season ticket holders either die or don't renew.

Once you're in you can revert to the minimum again.

I got in without giving over the minimum. Back then ('00 or so) enough people didn't renew that you could get in without giving anything more than the printed amount in the brochure.


Anonymous said...

I am about to purchase 4 season tickets for a very good price. Is there anyway somebody could counterfeit season tickets. He wants cash of course, and we are meeting in Atlanta tomorrow. Should I ask him to show me something from the University?

SC Dawg said...

How well do you know the person? If you don't know him at all, then it's "Buyer Beware". You'll be buying those tickets at your own risk.

I would never buy any tickets from some stranger off the street.

Catch me if you can! said...

I will never disclose my identity and have blocked my IP address, but I am a professional counterfeiter specializing in graphic-design tickets and currency. Specifically, my process (which is not legally patented, of course) allows me to infringe upon legal patents and copyrights by creating copied images of watermarks, holographs, and identigrams used in most entertainment tickets and currencies. Once you invest in the appropriate equipment, the process is quite east to replicate.

UGA tickets, for example, are some of the easiest to counterfeit since their production process is less advanced than others. In fact, most concert and sports tix are relatively simple aside from the Super Bowl, World Series, the US Open, and Championship Prize Fights.

Whereas most tickets use fairly complex photopolymers and photochromics, UGA tickets use very little of either, and continue to use the emulsion materials which are considered antiquated by most standards.

Anyway, good luck with your purchase in Atlanta. You're not buying the tickets I produce since my production isn't quite complete. But each of you may at some point - particularly those attending the LSU and FL games.


Matt H. said...

I certainly believe in the SI jinx; however, UF was also on regional covers last year... seemed to work out for them okay.

Anonymous said...


If the person truly is a season ticket holder, then he should have received a bunch of paraphernalia with the tickets. If you want to be careful, I would ask that he bring all that stuff with him, along with the Postal Service envelope the tickets and stuff came in.

If he is offering a substantial discount off the minimum contribution + face value of the tickets, then I would be careful.

Ben in Georgia said...

Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up, Paul.

It's not a support problem,

I thought your reference to needing "a coach or two" may have included Richt. Forgive my assumption.

Anonymous said...

Like Ben in Georgia, I'm a recent UGA grad similarly confused by the grown up ticket system. So when you say the cut-off score for the GAyTech game is 30,000, does that mean you have to donate $30,000 to the Hartman Fund before you are allowed to purchase tickets to that game?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:31,

You are correct in that for road games, there is a separate cut-off score that varies by game/team depending upon the ticket allotment. For the GT game, you must have a cumulative contribution score (not annual contribution) of $30,000 or more in order to purchase tickets for this game thru the UGA Athletic Dept. It's harder (higher cut-off score) in many instances to buy away game tickets to the bigger games thru UGA because of the limited supply we get. However, there are always plenty of other sources where you can buy the tickets including the GT ticket office as part of their season ticket package and the price is much less than $30k in contributions - LOL.

FisheriesDawg said...

"HOWEVER, getting in isn't as simple as paying the minimum. It used to be, but it isn't any more. The minimum score for a first time giver in '06 was around $1,500. "

Actually, Paul, I bought tickets for the first time in '06 with a $500 donation (two tickets). I'm probably one of the last people who got in (or ever will again, at least for the foreseeable future) by giving the minimum.

I don't have a lot of great things to say about JTIII as a football player, but he allowed me to get on the season ticket train, and for that I'll be grateful for at least the next 2-3 years.

bz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bz said...

Switching topics a little, but I figured somebody here might know: CMR was supposed to be on the Scott Van Pelt radio show this afternoon, but had to cancel because of an "emergency." Anyone know what's up, if anything at all?

dstarnes said...

Makes me feel pretty resourceful for never having tickets and never paying more than $50 and going to every game I want since 1993.

gadawgs158 said...

Yeah no kidding dan.. Same here with the exception of the bama game last year.. (which cost me 200 a ticket) I've never paid more than 50 dollars a ticket and never sat in the middle or upper decks.. Home or away.. S.E.C. Championships of 02 03 and 05, sugar bowls of 02, 05, and 07.. As well as some of the biggest road games..

Some people don't like showing up for games without tix but its never failed me.. I got the strategy from my dad.. Who started doing this in 1980 and went to every game of the 1980 season without tix in hand and never paid more than 30 bucks for any of the games.. Including the national championship..

Except ga fla that year.. But don't worry he paid the price for not going.. He broke his hand by throwing it up in the ceiling fan when lindsay ran.. Haha

As for the ticket counterfeiter.. Screw you.. No one here thinks your cool for breaking the law..

CMIYC said...

screw you asshole. I don't care what anyone thinks. Otherwise I would not be a criminal.

But then again, I'm not a criminal until caught.

Hopefully you'll purchase one of my creations and get bumped at the gate. Best of luck chump.

Anonymous said...

No.. U wouldn't be a criminal had you not dropped out of high schoool, got ur GED and then realized that mcdonalds doesn't pay enough to support u and ur baby mama... Trash

CMIYC said...

Anon 2:43,
I'm sorry, but your post does nothing to sting me. Although that was your intent.

Nice try their ace. Now go back to playing video games.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could catch you at the gate laughing after someone got bumped. You wouldnt be much of a man then would you punk. You are just like any other small minded criminal. Too sorry and lazy to work in the real world like everbody else. And I am not trying to sting you, I'm just telling you the cold hard facts. You are a loser and a chump.

Mr. Bulldawg said...

This issue has an awesome photo of AJ's catch at AZ State.

CMIYC! said...

Anon 9:22,
Just so you know - I'll sell you the ticket, watch you walk to the gate, watch you get bumped, laugh in your face, and enjoy every minute of it.

And there isn't a damn thing you could to me other than wish you could stop me.

Then I'd take the hard-earned money I stole from you and knock back a few at the new steakhouse in the Georgian.

See you in Athens, chump.

Anonymous said...

Whenever you are ready punk. I will be there at the first home game with my season tickets in hand.
You are just one of those online supermen. Sitting in front of your computer bout to fall out of your chair, too frail to sit up straight.

CMIYC said...

Good for you. Me and my team of entrepreneurs will be on the bridge and around campus selling our goods.

Hopefully, one of our products will allow someone to sit in your seat.

I tell you what, if you provide me with your seat #, I will create my own ticket and kick your ass for sitting in MY seat.

Howdya like that chump?

I dare you.

Anonymous said...

Well, considering I have my patron number and name and address on file with the Athletic Dept. connecting me to the seat number of my season tickets, I am sure you would lose that argument on more than just the physical level.

Ticket Master said...

You are a coward.

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