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October 29, 2009

Coach Fox gets first hoops commitment of 2010 and report that Cady Lalanne will sign with Georgia. He's a 6'9" 225 lb center/power forward from Orlando. The Mississippi State Scout site says that his stats from his JR year were:
Last year Lalanne averaged 17 points, 14 rebounds, 3 blocked shots, and 2 assists a game while being named All-Orlando.
His other official visits were Ole Miss, UMass and Virginia Commonwealth. says he has a roughly a 7'2" wing span and shoots the ball well. Rivals has him as the #142 ranked player in the country. If you're going out of state, they need to be Top 150 players. That basically means you're projected as a high major prospect. When we venture out of state to sign kids off the radar like Felton loved doing, it makes me want to put my fist through a backboard (if I could reach one).

In my opinion, the Dawgs desperately need a small forward / wing type player to go along with a beefy big man. I hear rumblings of at least one more Top 100 player that may sign, but I'm unsure of position. Fox plays it closer to the vest than Felton did with those around the program so info is tougher to come by.

Speaking of UGA hoops, the Macon Telegraph has an article about the defense today. Last week, they did a piece on the offense. Defense is going to come a helluva lot easier to this group than offense. The last coaching staff really struggled to establish or teach any sort of competent ball movement, player movement away from the ball or spacing. The triangle offense needs all three of those things. Oh...and makers instead of shooters.

I like where the basketball team is going, but it'll be a work in progress growing into the schemes. The rumblings I'm hearing are all positive.

I may not post again til Sunday. Jumping in the car heading to Jax shortly.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can he catch a football?

Mr. Sanchez said...

would shawn kemp jr be that top 100 kid? He was around that range on some lists last year.

Unknown said...

Unrelated, but did anyone else notice our hopes in J-Ville are resting on the Ginger who in the banner picture above didn't even bring his helmet in 07?

SCdawg said...

he was more likely to get a penalty that way lol

upsatescdawg said...

How many Shawn Kemp Jr's are there?

Anonymous said...

Have a nice trip PWD.

Mr. Sanchez said...

upstatescdawg, I think maybe a few. But for us, only one that matters--former Bama commit currently at Hargrave.

Andy said...

I hate Florida.

bourbon dawgwalker said...

Lone thought for the game - I think we pull out the play action rooskie play that david greene ran so well. You know the one, where he turns his back and hides the ball. We haven't used it since sc 07. I think its time to break it out again. Go dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Will depend on the video board setup and whether the game is shown live.

Beauty of the Greene play....he was watching the play on the board to make sure he didn't get creamed.

Anonymous said...

Off topic:

Pulpwood Smith??!!

matt b. said...

Man, those black helmets look like high school gear. Enough with the gimmicks!

Anonymous said...

I hope all you "traditionlist" enjoy your ride home. Don't worry, it will be the same for years to come!

JaxJay said...

If mark won't do something with his coordinators, it's time for damon to step in and take control

Buttermilk Bottom said...

Our staff is genius!

We wore the black helmets so that people will mistakenly think it was Grambling gettin worked by UF.

BTW: Claude Felton has given the following information for fans to "get jacked" and coordinate fashion with the team for the remainder of the season:

-11/7 vs. Tenn Tech = "The Grape Out"
purple unies, purple pants, purple helmets.
-11/14 vs. AU = "Now You See Me, Now you don't"
camo jerseys, silver britches, camo helmet
-11/21 vs UK = "Orange Crush"
Orange helmets, orange jerseys, silver britches
-11/28 @ Tech = "White Lightning"
white jersey, white helmet (no logo), white pants.

It's on like Donkey Kong!

UGAfanINclemson said...

Richt thinks that it is a problem with Cox, and so does Cox.... Might see Gray or Mettenberger for this Saturdays game. Both were elite 11 QB's out of high school (like Stafford, Cox, and Murray as well).

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