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October 25, 2009

That's Mr. Adriel Jeremiah Green to you

A. J. Green (Image: Hipple)

Yesterday, the AJC's Steve Hummer (who should write more columns about UGA football) put together a gem of a piece on A.J. Green. The article basically talks about what a good kid AJ is.

I've seen some discussion on UGA message boards about where AJ might fit in among great all-time SEC WRs. Let's take a look at some numbers.

A.J. Green Career to date (20 Games)

Catches Yards TDs
Current Season 41 682 6
09 Projected Season 76 1,267 11

Current Career Totals 97 1,645 14
'09 Projected Career
132 2,229 19

With those numbers in mind, here are the all-time UGA and SEC records for receptions, yards and TDs in a season.

Single Season Receiving Records

UGA Record SEC Record
Catches 76 - Brice Hunter 97 - K. Edwards (VU)
Yards 1,004 - T. Edwards 1,740 - J. Reed (LSU)
TDs 11 - T. Edwards 18 - R. Anthony (UF)

As you can see, Green is on pace to match or top the three best receiving seasons in Bulldog history. As for career numbers, here are the record holders:

Career Receiving Records

UGA Record SEC Record
Catches 204 - T. Edwards 236 - E. Bennett (VU)
Yards 3,093 - T. Edwards 3,093 - T. Edwards (UGA)
TDs 30 - T. Edwards 31 - C. Doering (UF)

If Green goes for about 1,200 yards this season, he'll pass Lindsay Scott for 5th place on the all-time Georgia list for receiving yards in a career. Every other member of the Top 5 at UGA was in school for four years. He could enter the Top 5 in only 2 seasons.

Assuming he stays healthy, he has a very legitimate shot at taking down Terrence Edwards' career SEC yardage mark and Chris Doering's career TD mark. The record for catches is out of reach.

My point? We're watching a very special player, and we need to get him the ball a ton more.

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JaxJay said...

I've been on StubHub looking for tickets for this weekends game, is the UGA side, the visitors side? The stadium just has Jaguars side and visitors side when you pull up the pic. I don't want to accidentally end up on the UF side, I might just jump.

JaxDawg said...

Green is the best receiver we've ever had. I've been watching this team play since '78 and while we've had some darn good ones, none were this good.

The sad thing is that he's gone after next season and will have played with three different QB's. I'll say he was fortunate to play for Stafford but very unfortunate to play for Cox and our first-year starter next season.

Which reminds me to say that it's damn pathetic that we'll have to break in another QB next season. Regardless what logic or reasoning one can use, I say let Murray get some snaps so he' s ready to go next year.

Oh yeah - go to hell Florida.

matt b. said...

I agree. It's a damn shame AJ will never have a truly great moment in UGA history.

If we had AJ from 2002-2005, there's no doubt we would have a national championship.

Now he just catches terrible passes from an over-matched ginger.

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way - thank Dawg we have AJ this year and next, as he himself may be responsible for 5 wins a season on his own, making up for a lack of QB and RB talent

Anonymous said...

I've got a feeling that Murray's going to give Green more/better opportunities than Cox ... and maybe even Stafford as well. I agree, though, that we'll be better off if he gets some relatively meaningful snaps this season. But either way, I'm confident that Murray will quickly establish himself as an absolute stud. Big arm ... with the sort of accuracy that Cox was supposed to have. Count on it.

RedCrake said...

Potential NFL lockout in 2011 says we may have AJ for 4 years.

Pray both sides will stay as greedy as possible.

Since I have no vested interest in NFL football, a lockout is perfect for meeting my own selfish needs.

dawg521 said...

That's an amazing story. Thanks for the link! If AJ loves UGA so much and is not a selfish showboater, hopefully it will be in his heart to stay for all 4 years! That's the kind of dedication and role model we need on the team! Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

The thing I have noticed that makes Green so much better than most other receivers is his ability to adjust and move to the ball to catch it...truly extraordinary in that regard. You get the feeling (and we have seen quite often this season) that if you can just throw the ball anywhere in his vicinity, he will catch it. He turns bad throws into 20-30 yard gains.

I hope he'll stay around for 4 years, but I think he's a pretty solid bet to be a top 10 pick...and I'd hate for something to happen to him like what happened to if he leaves early, I can only wish the best for him.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Bobo will piss his pants w/ Haden opposite Green (like he did w/ Berry) and will throw no deep passes to the 2nd best player all time in the history of the program.

Carter said...

I believe the article said that his mom has worked at Wal-Mart for 20-something years and his father was laid-off. Who could blame him for turning pro?

Anonymous said...

Screw Marc Curles. AJ will go down in history in the SEC; Curlie-Cue and his pal Penn Wagers will go down in infamy.

Anonymous said...

Go over to and move over to the middle column and scroll down a bit and choose a forum called dawg trade. Lots of tickets on there for this weekend from dawg fans, that way you won't have to sit next to a gayturd.

JaxDawg said...

If Green does warrant sole attention from Haden, just as he did from LSU's Peterson, then we'll have Moore, King, Charles, Brown, et al to pick up the slack.

But let's be clear, there is nothing more I'd rather see than AJ take Haden to the shed a few times.

Scrath that - I'd rather see Tebow on his back 8 times and Justin Houston, Geno, Jeff, and Kade towering over him.

Anonymous said...

Still a Dawg!

Knowshon avoids drinking Gatorade

Kurt Wagner said...


DrummerDawg said...

It would be awesome to have Green for four years, but I can't imagine him not leaving after next year, as his draft status probably wouldn't improve if he were to return for a fourth season. There's too much risk of injury, and I don't blame him -- sometimes you have to capitalize on opportunities when they're presented to you.

It doesn't really matter who's throwing him the ball as long as he's getting thrown to, which is typically more of a coaching decision than QB decision.

I don't expect Murray to start (at least at the beginning of) next year and personally don't see any reason to play him this year unless Cox and Gray both get injured. Next year, CMR will likely give the QB with the most experience the start, as long as he performs well in practice. In that case, it will be Gray. Also, don't forget that Gray was named as the biggest offensive surprise coming out of this spring, and he also had a good G-Day game.

Murray's size is also a bit worrisome to me and could be a factor in why we recruited another Elite 11 QB in Murray's class...a QB who has much better size, was easy to recruit because he was local, and has tremendous arm.

I'm not saying Murray won't ever see the field or even that he won't play next year, but I think beyond Gray being the starter next year, it will be an open competition for Murray and Mettenberger for the number two spot, as well as the chance to take over the starting role if Gray struggles. I wouldn't just assume that Murray will start because he was ranked slightly higher by the recruiting media.

Anonymous said...

Murray is our QB of the future. Book it. A good throwing motion and pocket presence can overcome avg size (see Chris Leak). The kid is a gamer.

In the limited time we've seen him, Gray looks uncomfortable under center and too slight to be an SEC QB. If he could provide a spark, he would've been used this yr.

Russ Fortson said...

Damn good Dawg! I'm glad we've got someone like him representing Georgia. If he leaves after next year, I wish him nothing but the best.

Of course, I'm with the poster up above that's wishing for a lockout in the NFL in 2011. :)

DDawg said...

He has had a great year so far. I'm just waiting on that 12 catch for 200+ yd night. What a time it would be to do it against UF!

Anonymous said...

I hope he takes that name and opens an Old Testament brand of whoop-a$$ on the Gators this weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a great article how could you help but love this kid. And it would be great to have him for four years how could we blame him when the Pro's come calling next year.

What a class act of a kid who will go down as one of the best to ever grace the field at Georgia.

We should all be thankful he was always a bulldog cause can you imagine where we would be with out him..or where the Gators would be if he was on their sidelines.

Thanks for choosing GA AJ....!

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