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October 13, 2009

A UGA Tradition Born Eighty Years Ago

This is a day late, but the Sanford Stadium hedges celebrated their 80th birthday yesterday. The history of the hedges via

Damn Good Dawg Dan Magill wrote a first person account of the history of the hedges back in February.

Charles Martin, Father of the Hedges


Squarebush said...

Unlike the "Spell GEORGIA Cheer", the hedges are undoubtedly "one of the greatest traditions in all of college football".

Dawgnoxious said...

Or the "Sanford Stadium tradition" of playing the national anthem. I mean, who knew we invented that?

gumborue said...

so is this the dufus to blame for introducing chinese privet into the US?

Dawgnoxious said...

No, he wanted rose bushes, and horticulturalists said that wouldn't work. So they settled on privets.

Anonymous said...

What nimrod started the lumbering U-G-A cheer?

I suspect its the same guy that used to do the high-pitched "ooh-ooh" at nightclubs.

Mateo said...

Wow, when things are bad on the field, you guys will go after ALL things UGA.

Anonymous said...

"Between the hedges" is a proud slogan indeed for the Georgia Bulldog people, although no one seems to know who originated it."
I do. It was Grantland Rice.

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