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November 17, 2009

Bulldogs Host Wofford Tonight in Basketball

The Bulldogs will attempt to start the season 2-0 tonight at 7:00 pm in Stegeman Coliseum vs. the Wofford Terriers. You may look at the schedule and say "pssfftt...Wofford." But Wofford played Pittsburgh lights out over the weekend.

At one point, Wofford lead Pitt by 13 points in the second half, and Pitt didn't retake the lead until 2:26 left in the game. Granted, Pitt lost all its starters from the 31 win Elite 8 team from last year, but they're still Pitt. In other words, tonight might be incrementally tougher than the New Orleans opener.

The Banner-Herald has a profile of Drazen Zlovaric and notes about the Wofford game.

A Word About Scheduling:
I'm mostly a fan of Coach Fox's first schedule. Granted, a lot of the tough games (at VT, at Mizzou, vs. Illinois in Gwinnett) come from left over deals that Coach Felton organized or the SEC mandated game against St. Johns. But it's mostly good stuff with quality mid-majors sprinkled in, and it gets progressively harder as the team gets more accustomed to his system.

However, the UAB game next Saturday was a mistake. We play the Blazers at 8:00 pm on the road at the same time we'll be playing UK in football at home.

I get why you would want to play a non-televised road game in an SEC heavy town like Birmingham ... it's a sure fire empty gym and no home crowd advantage for the other team. But the game is going to be televised by CSS, and our fans are going to miss it. It's just a blown opportunity by UGA. I hope Fox gets the message that scheduling any games on Saturdays in the fall is a mistake. I'm pretty sure that we already have a policy against scheduling any home games on Fall Saturdays. We just need to extend that policy to road games as well. At least for our big sports.

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Alan said...

I think a Saturday morning game could be interesting in the fall. Say 10 AM. I know parking wouldn't work for the people that park across the street from the stadium, but it could be a sellout potentially. Just a thought and it would have to be contingent on the football game being at night.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the regular basketball updates here. I stopped following the team 1/2 a season into the Ron Jisa era. For the first time in what, 12 years, I care about the program. Thanks to your blog.

HVL Dawg

Anonymous said...

You guys, you can't worry about scheduling basketball games because of when a football game is played. So if ESPN wants to broadcast it and offer money, are you going to tell them no because of a football game

Anonymous said...

What's nuts is you are actually worried about missing a UAB/UGA hoops game PWD! As for the actual timing of the event, who would have thought that the Dawgs and Cats would be a night game when scheduling this game? I am sure that the line of thinking was Dawgs/Cats would be a 1pm kick. This gives those Dawgs fans who actually want to catch the game plenty of time to be home for the tip. Seems like your anger is misplaced. Too bad you have lost your steam for football these days!

Anonymous said...

Agree, Paul.

As a Birmingham resident, I was initially elated to see the dawgs coming to Bham, but when I saw the date & time, I was bummed.

With the new ESPN deal, there will always be at least a 60% chance of playing at night, really even higher because CBS will rarely pick up UGA-KY.

Bad planning on this one.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who haven't been to a game in a while, go to one. I went last Friday and had a blast. Because of the lack of success in recent years, most of us are interested but not obsessed with the hoops team. That has its benefits. You're still happy when they win but not depressed for a week if they come up short. Not having the gut wrenching feeling of a football game is a nice change. So go cheer for the team; your presence will be noticed.

Anonymous said...

"I hope Fox gets the message that scheduling any games on Saturdays in the fall is a mistake."

And this is why there will never be a uga basketball program. LMFAO

Anonymous said...

19-8 already? Can I be the first to put my feather in the cap of the FIRE COACH FOX movement?

I don't even know why we have a basketball team. I'm glad Westerdawg really bought into Fox's pig with lipstick, i.e. the uga basketball team.

Hey Westerdawg, I got some magic beans for sale. You want em?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:30PM....You are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Fox is certainly not off to a very good start. A sure way to not draw flies is to lose to a 1-AA team, not break 60 and piss a game away at the free-throw line, all signatures of Dennis Felton teams.

Just looking at the box, it appears that Dustin Ware is regressing.

Hopefully, this team will do the one thing that a Dennis Felton team never did-improve over the course of the season.

Oh, and Georgiadogs still sucks. Had hoped for improvement. Not seeing much.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with the above posters. There is no reason to have a basketball team if this is the best product we can trot out. I'd rather spend all the money on public tailgates before big games. At least I would go to that.

What a bad year to be a dawg :(

coreyugacubs9 said...

another long year is a head of us so just hold on tight

Jarred said...

Lets be real here it's not exactly as if Felton left the cupboard full of quality players.

An SEC team should never lose to a lower division, but it happens (couple of times with UK).

Give it time...

Anonymous said...

Wofford is a Div 1 team in basketball. yes I know they are D 1aa in everthing else, but.....

coreyugacubs9 said...

these are just games u should win im not expecting us to beat kentucky tennessee or south carolina but wofford we need to beat them

Anonymous said...

"Lets be real here it's not exactly as if Felton left the cupboard full of quality players."

Me, my mom, and Trey Thompkins should be able to beat this team five on three.

Wofford shot 38%
We outrebounded Wofford
They had 7 steals. We had 2.
They had more fouls than us - 20 to 14.
We shot 2-14 from three
We shot 11-20 from the line.

All of these are examples why (i) the team we lost to tonight is terrible and (ii) we should have won this game going away.

Mark my words, we will be lucky to win 5 games this year. I like Westerdawg's outlook, but lets be real.

We didn't get one of our top 5 coaching options for a reason. Nobody wants to come here to coach. Terrible stadium. No fan support. Bad conference.

Jim Wood said...

Get a grip. Mississippi State is a top 25 team and lost to Rider at home. This is not football. These things happen from time to time in basketball...especially to teams in year 1 of a new coach. Give Fox some time.

Anonymous said...

FYI -- The coach many Dawg fans wanted instead of Fox was Anthony Grant. He lost his opener to Cornell.

Wofford would be Cornell by 20.

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