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November 20, 2009

More Articles on Uga VII's Passing

As you know by now, there will be no bulldog mascot on the sideline Saturday. There will only be a wreath on Uga VII's doghouse in his memory.

The Seiler family plans to bring in an interim dog for the Georgia Tech and bowl games. Basically, he'll come in Otto fashion off the bench. Given that Otto was on the sideline for the Game Between the Hoses at Auburn in '86, I can only assume good things for the rest of the season.

The Seiler's will introduce Uga VIII next season.

As for the rumors of a blackout. Uga VII was 2-2 0-2 in the non-traditional uniforms so I don't see how bringing the black unis out is a fitting tribute. However, I do plan to wear a black shirt on Saturday. I think that's appropriate as a fan and a sign of respect for the Seilers. Plus, I look damn good in black.

Here are some obits about the passing of Uga VI:PWD


Anonymous said...

I think Uga VII was 0-2 in non-traditional uniforms: 'Bama '08 and @Florida '09.

DrummerDawg said...


I think that Anonymous above is right...what other times in '08 and '09 did we wear non-traditional uniforms? But I definitely agree you: the teams should wear the traditional uniform.

Boogers said...

I will give you that.... UGA is a pretty kewl dog & Mascot....whats up with the UGAs dying so young? Seriously... Is that normal? 4 Yrs?

Go Gators

looking forward to kicking UGA VIII
in 2010

Uganewt said...

Let's hope VIII is named after Munson while he can still appreciate the honor.

All Dawgs Go To Heaven said...

Word of advice to Otto and Uga VIII, don't lose to Tech.

jon gruden '10 said...

guys lets just be honest. UGA VII's record was 0-2 in non-traditional uni's but his record in the traditional ones wasnt very good either.. that being said he was definitly a DGD, and if the players esp the seniors are asking us to wear black, then thats what we should all do...

big game saturday

miss you UGA!

Mr. Bulldawg said...

I heard the word Blackout on Dawg Post..I just rolled mine eyes.

Michael said...

Even numbered Ugas bode well for the program. Look at the winning percentages of the various Ugas:

Odd numbered, all in the 500s and 600s:

Uga I - .523
Uga III - .684
Uga V - .624
Uga VII - .696

Even numbered Ugas, all 700+

Uga II - .713
Uga IV - .731
Uga VI - .763

Here's to Uga VIII!

SCdawg said...

just saw a facebook group with 4,000 members called "blackout sanford stadium for uga VII"

should i wear red b/c of this ridiculousness?

or wear my usual black shirt b/c its ok for fans to wear black even when we lose?

either way, the team should have to earn the privilege to wear black and i hope this 4 loss team doesnt wear it on saturday.

Anonymous said...

Really, a blackout against Kentucky? Let's look at UGA VIIs legacy... DGD, but in spirit - not results

0-2 against UF
0-1 against Bama (at home)
0-1 against Tech (at home)
1-1 against Tenn (including a blowout)
1-1 against LSU
3-2 against major OOC schools
0-2 against good ones

4-6 against Tech, UF, Bama, Tenn, LSU, and Auburn

Anonymous said...

Yeah dumbasses, the mascot and our jerseys cause us to play poorly . . .

Anonymous said...

The blackout is a FAN blackout, from what I understand. It's supposed to be to show the Bulldog Nation's grief over the sudden and unexpected loss of Uga VII. I really doubt the team will wear black, but who the hell cares if they do? This time, the blackout isn't a gimmick to do something cool or help the game. It's a different kind of blackout, kids. Calm down.

And wear red if you want. You won't offend anyone. No one really cares what you do when you're one in a sea of 90,000.

Anonymous said...

To take the gimick factor out of the black uniforms that make us seem to play bad, our tradition should to be only wear black the game after an UGA dies. That was it is predetermined when we wear black so it is not a big hype game when we do. Also a great way to tribute the best mascot in sports. It would be a awesome tradition to have.

Unknown said...

I could really care less what combo of red/black/silver/white we long as we show up and WIN!! Contrary to public opinion, clothes don't make the man OR the football team!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are a joke, play naked for all I're still gonna lose!

Anonymous said...

Nobody really cares what you think.....cause, in case you hadn't noticed, this is a GEORGIA sports blog for GEORGIA fans!

SSI_Bulldawg said...

I think the blackout is a fan blackout, not the team. I also second (or third) what was said above; who cares if we wear black? I agree that stupid gimmicks to get a teamed hyped are weak substitutes for actual coaching, but in a situation like this, its not necessarily a gimmick. I hope the fans wear black to show their solidarity in morning the loss of the greatest mascot in all of sports. (Plus, I think the stadium in black for night games is pretty damn cool looking, imho).

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