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November 19, 2009

Tailgating on North Campus...your days are numbered

It's one thing to empty a dumpster on your bitter enemy's front yard. It's another thing to empty one on your own yard. One makes you a mean prankster. The other makes you a stupid slob and a horse's ass. There's no excuse for leaving North Campus looking like this.

And this wasn't the work of hobos or homeless people post game. This was what it looked like because the students and recent alumni who tailgate on North Campus made it look this way. Sweeping changes are needed to protect North Campus. Some or all of the following options need to be on the table at this point:
  • Banning tailgating on North Campus

  • Pay for Play tailgating in a limited number of labeled spots with fines for littering in that spot. This is my favorite option.

  • Banning Styrofoam Coolers on the Entire Campus. This is a no brainer The cost of buying one is so low, there's no reason to not just abandon it at the end of the tailgate. As you can see from the image above, North Campus is littered with Styrofoam Coolers.
The Athletic Department also needs to step up and invest in more trash bins. They are bringing the fans to town. They have a $28 million surplus. They need to help us keep the place cleaner. The University shouldn't be the one stroking that check. It should be the AD.

We had to go a long ass way out of our way on Saturday to get a trash bin for our very large tailgate. There just aren't enough bins. However, even without more bins fans can and should bag their own garbage. Just dropping it where you stand is completely unacceptable.

It's a damn joke what's happening on North Campus. And if you tailgate there, your days are numbered if the UK game ends the same way the Auburn game did in terms of filth. And even people like myself and Dawgnoxious who hate Mike Adams would stand behind him on his efforts to protect North Campus from what appears to be a massive group of idiots with no home training whatsoever who tailgate there.

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JaxDawg said...

You people are f*cking slobs and should have your asses kicked for leaving our beautiful campus looking like this.

We have a word for people like you but it's too politically incorrect to use it.

You are all sorry pieces of sh*t.

Barstool69 said...

Couple thoughts:

I walk through this part of campus every Monday after game weekends and this weekend was an improvement over the last few games. Pretty much no trash and the stench was non-existent compared to games earlier this year and last year. Saw only one area where there was food left on the ground next to charcoal (tostitos I believe). The main thing you see left is bottle tops. Besides that, the grass is destroyed, but you'd have that regardless of trash or not.

It's also important to note that the area you are showing was the tailgate of Jack Kingston, friend of the blog (although maybe not after labeling him part of the "massive group of idiots with no home training whatsoever who tailgate there"). On Saturday, about half that area in front of the library was taken up largely by politicians and the crowd they attract. So much for the "blame students for everything" theory that some put forth.

Steps need to be taken, but I think folks are being drastic. One, get more trash receptacles out there. Two, ban glass bottles (if they aren't already) and styrofoam.

This area has become more and more crowded as of late and it's a damn fun place to be. The question is why. I'd offer that one reason is ever since big d^ck Adams kicked the frats off Lumpkin, a lot more folks began to tailgate on NC.

Anonymous said...

The University is tried to solve the problem last year.

This year, you see recycling bags handed out at the parking decks and it has helped the other areas around campus. You also see more portable restroom facilities, trash receptacles, and dumpsters throughout campus, and efforts to encourage people to be more responsible.

The problem on North Campus is the students can't park in the North Campus decks as they are all rented out to season ticket holders.

This forces the students to drop off their tailgating stuff and park far away. Instead of making the return hike before the game, the students leave their trash, leftover food, disposable coolers, and mangled tents behind as they go to the game and/or downtown.

The solution can be found by understanding how most students get to the game, spend their time, and leave. If the University can provide the students with more opportunities to dispose of their trash and pack up their stuff, it will make a big difference. Hiring or reassigning security to the North Campus area will help deal with those who are drinking irresponsibly.

Simply shutting off the area will be like squeezing a tube of toothpaste. You squeeze in one location and the stuff moves to another location.

This already happened when the University cracked down on the open band and keg parties on Lumpkin Street and later forced the fraternities to move to the edge of campus.

You used to see the same kind of trash in the yards of the fraternity houses after the game. The University just moved the problem to two of the quads between the main library and Broad Street.

The solution this time has to be more creative than just shutting the area off to tailgaters.

Anonymous said...

Blame it on the non alumni fan base...That always to be an acceptable excuse for unacceptable behavior.

MAB said...

I tailgate adjacent to Herty field (we bag all our trash and recycleables) and walked over to the quad on Saturday about mid-afternoon. The crowd appeared to be the same age (student age) and number (large) as other night games this year. I happened to notice a rolloff dumpster facing out onto the quad and beside Old College. They are renovating the building, and it appears that's why the dumpster was there. It was completely empty, and completely available to those tailgating on North Campus, regardless of why it was placed there.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter the age or what affiliation a person has to the university, only an ass hole can't throw their trash in a trash bag. When I was a student from 2002-2006 I never saw one piece of trash on the entire campus on Sunday morning when going to church, so something tells me the university itself has decided to not invest the same money they did in garbage pick-up on Saturday nights. If I was a journalist I'd look into the gameday budget of the university and see what has happened there. I can pretty much guarantee you the budget decreased.

'Giner said...

leaving North Campus near the arch around 6:30, I saw a huge white tent just left in the middle of the lawn.

it looked like it was broken; i guess a bunch of drunk d-bags didn't want to take the time to dispose of it, so they just left it there; it looked like a giant white metal spider.


Whisker Biscuit said...

That was my tent I wondered what happened to it! Does anyone know where it is now I would love to get it back!

Furburger said...

I can't believe someone would leave a tent on north campus. The people that pick up trash can't throw a tent in a trash can.

I also don't understand our fans these days. Even though this has been a disappointed season, it makes no sense that the fans have to be a disappointment as well. When we were tailgating, a fellow Georgia fan rudely moved our ladder ball set out of the way to make room for their corn hole game. We politely asked if they would move back our ladder ball set since it was set up 6 hours before they got there and they refused to.

People are going to start thinking UGA fans are worse than LSU fans. Ridiculous...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1223 "The solution can be found by understanding how most students get to the game, spend their time, and leave. If the University can provide the students with more opportunities to dispose of their trash and pack up their stuff, it will make a big difference. Hiring or reassigning security to the North Campus area will help deal with those who are drinking irresponsibly."

So what you're really saying is, "Can't someone else do it?"

Howabout these supposedly bright students actually taking the time and being responsible and buy some freaking trashbags when they're buying their Natural Light and styrofoam coolers. No one is asking them to not drink or not create the garbage, just clean up after yourself. Buy some damn bags and use them.

Anonymous said...

The lack of trashcans and proper clean up is a conspiracy thought up by Adams to get rid of tailgating and drinking on North Campus.

Honestly I'm fine with that, North Campus is fun, lots of hot chicks, but not having a car or truck there is a pain in the butt. I'd rather have North Campus look beautiful 365 days a year than have 7 or 8 fun Saturdays.

mitch said...

Ban it on north campus, all that will do is move the trash to probably the myers quad as thats where all those tailgater will go.

'Giner said...

Anon 2:02:

Let me get this straight. Since you can't/won't park near N. Campus, you think they should just shut down N. Campus tailgating for everyone huh?

I pay $120 to park at North Deck on gamedays. Couldn't find a better deal if you wanted to. If you are too cheap, go somewhere else, and don't ruin it for everyone else.

SDawg said...

Man, for someone that usually has a level-head, I think you've gone over the edge on this one.

That area you show is filled with undergrads and is totally packed during a tailgate. Music blares and politicians stand by grills, handing out free whatevers. But there's nowhere to move or go when you're there, and the students are most likely to be the ones to be irresponsible and dump trash... Hence the problem. But it's the most fun you can have on campus at that spot, and it's why we can say North Campus rivals the Grove for tailgating.

There are other solutions other than the ones you mention, which include hiring cleaning crews (I think this already happens and the area, as noted above, is pretty much clean by Monday).

Moving to a pay-for-tailgate system will be the end of North Campus being a prime tailgating spot, at least for small parties to set up. It's also lame. The party that happens there on North Campus is an integral part of our school's (and the SEC's) reputation a place where kick-ass tailgating happens. Don't mess with the fun part of it.

After most fun events where there's lots of people, there's trash. You don't turn down McCartney's sound or tell people to go listen to the concert somewhere else... you put out more trash cans and hire some folks to clean it up. Lord knows the revenue generated on gameday could pay for it, and I'm sure there's some folks looking for work.

And show me some pics from North Campus today, or even on Monday. If this is a long-term issue that causes our beautiful campus permanent damage, then I'm on board with your proposals. But a Sunday morning photograph and a knee-jerk reaction will only cause permanent damage to our tailgating tradition.

Don't let your anger at a picture muddle your logic, please.

UGA VII in '08 said...

I guess tailgating really is dead...

Unknown said...

Maybe one day they will just get rid of tailgating altogether. Then all the ones crying about the game needing to stay in Jacksonville might shut up since they cant litter down there anymore either.

IMO, keep it up fans. Id love to see all you drunken idiots kick yourselves out of the campus.

Joe Friday said...

I clean up after tailgates, and always seek out a garbage can to throw my empty cans, bottles and cups into.

But jeez, y'all, pull up your panties. Who cares if the Univ or the AA pays for it? I've been tailgating on North Campus for 10 years, and I've seen it much worse (Auburn '05, Tenn '00 come to mind) than this year. I just never saw pictures of it online afterward.

I have never seen an ounce of gameday trash still around when the campus was up and operating on Monday morning. Let the cleanup crew do their job; they do it well and the campus is spotless the next day.

Sweeping changes in tailgating policy are not necessary.

mitch said...

The funny part is what they did for the LSU game actually worked. They put out more trash cans, they handed out trash bags like they do at the grove and they put dumpsters out. They cleaned up while the game was going on like they do at the grove. Where was all of that against auburn? Nowhere to be found. Banning tailgating isnt the answer.

Dash said...

I was still on north campus minutes before the game dealing with a sick friend. Most of the fans had cleared out. I then noticed two drunk asshole students (or friends of students, I would hope they wouldn't do that to their own campus, or that uga would accept such F'ing morons) going tailgate to tailgate looking through styrofoam coolers before stomping them to pieces. I followed them halfway to the stadium before I saw a cop to whom I pointed them out to. This doesn't excuse the trash, but it goes to show that things are not always quite what they seem.

Jarred said...

Get kegs.. problem solved.

Anonymous said...

That picture was taken the next morning. For the LSU game, UGA had trash pick up begin during the tailgate and the entire crew come in during the game.

Looks like UGA decided not to start trash pick up until the next morning.

The LSU plan worked. Stick to it.

Mr. Sanchez said...

I agree with Paul on 2 and 3. You can't ban it from north campus all together, but the pay for play makes it more difficult and makes for more responsible particpants if they know fines and the cost of tailgating there are involved. The no styrofoam, like you say, just makes it much easier and reduce the mess.

Paul said...

People who leave behind their trash for others to pick up are selfish, lazy and ignorant. They have little self respect and none whatsoever for anyone else. The university ought to ban all tailgating on North campus THIS weekend for the Kentucky game. It will be a huge inconvenience that should get people's attention. During the off season new policies and procedure need to be developed and implemented. If folks cannot do better next year, tailgating on North Campus should be banned indefinitely. This kind of fundamental disrespect for the campus cannot be tolerated. Nor should it be. I love me some tailgating. But I pick up every bit of my trash. It ain't hard to do.

mitch said...

Do what they do at the grove its pretty simple. Have a cleanup crew go in while the game is going on and hand out trashbags to everyone. Thats what they do at the grove and we did that against LSU and trash wasnt a problem.

VAdawg said...

The problem isn't just the pictures that surface on Sunday morning and the campus is not spotless the next day. If you walk through North Campus in October, you'll see that almost all of the grass is dead because of the constant trampling it receives on Saturdays. The grass stays dead and gone until Spring. Also, even though the cleaning crews do a good job, they can't get all of the food and bottle tops off the ground. I remember as a student that North Campus looked a lot less pleasant and beautiful throughout the fall. That's really a shame, because one of the prettiest campuses in America shouldn't be a dirt field for a quarter of the year.
And I don't think moving the fraternity houses off of Lumpkin has anything to do with it. The fraternities that were moved off Lumpkin hold their tailgates at their new houses.

President Adams needs to find out exactly how Ole Miss handles their tailgating/trash issues in the Grove. Maybe they have problems too, but it seems that we could learn a lot from them. The fact is, something must be done. I'm not the biggest fan of President Adams either, but if he decides to make drastic changes, I won't blame him.

SDawg said...

We should execute anyone who speeds, jaywalks, or farts in public. That will stop it.

Anyone who suggests (Paul) that we ban tailgating on North Campus should be banned from rooting for UGA and become a Tech fan, where you don't have to worry about tailgates cause there are none.

Barstool69 said...

VADawg - the frats that moved off Lumpkin have certainly lost a portion of people that used to tailgate at their houses to NC. It's part of it.

The grass thing is stupid - grass gets trampled when people stand on it. Nothing you can really do about that. It always manage to grow back nicely after a month or so anyways.

I have to reiterate, that come Monday, NC was not bad. It has gotten better. As long as the trash is getting cleaned up, who cares?

Let's keep working to improve the situation by innovating and borrowing ideas from Ole Miss.

Posting a pic of NC before clean up crews have come through distorts the truth of the final condition. Take a picture Monday and post that.

Unknown said...


Dawgnoxious and I host a tailgate that has 40, 50 sometimes over 80 people. We drink more liquor and eat more damn good food than all but a tiny, tiny fraction of the tailgates on this campus...or any other for that matter.

And we never leave a mess. EVER.

And why? Because we bag our trash. All anyone is asking is that you not piss on our buildings or leave your trash laying around.

If you can't do a big boy...then you need to be treated like a child. And children shouldn't tailgate on North Campus.

That's a fact.

NCT said...

I still say whatever you brought onto campus, you can take off of campus the same way. That means all your empties. I see no reason whatsoever that the University or the AA or anyone else should be responsible for disposing of the crap you brought with you.

I do my "tailgating" at bars downtown these days. But my entire childhood, whatever refuse was left over after tailgating was taken home with us in the trunk of our car if there was not room in a nearby trash receptacle.

If you hold up the "tradition" of North Campus tailgating with the tradition of having the most beautiful chunk of developed real estate in the Southeast, that tailgating loses by a long shot. There's no other realistic choice.

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to bet that this is manily caused by fans of other schools that seem to ravel well. For example, the first instance of "trashing The Campus " was brought to light several years ago after the UGA- Auburn game. That was the last home game of the season and changes were made that eliminated parking in grassy areas, saving spots etc. Flash forward to this year...First insatnce this year...South carolina...2nd instance this year...Auburm. I honestly feel that UGA fans are more civilized than those to the east and west of us. We as a collective fan base should stop and ask these fans to treat the campus as if it wa stheir own...if they refuse, then be the better people and pick up their trash or at least hand them a garbage bag and make some insulting comment about their mothers and sisters.

spuga said...

Look on the bright side guys, UGA vs GT is at Tech this year and a Night game. So we can allow the north campus tailgaters to head down to ATL and tailgate and leave it all over the dumpster that is GT Campus.

(btw I tailgate on North Campus and have made a concerted effort to clean up after my tailgate and those near me. I get there early enough to re-arrange a couple of the trash cans near us and it has made all the difference)

Anonymous said...

the move by Adams to prevent parking on grass spots is a good point

SDawg said...

Paul Westerdawg,

First off, I love your blog and durn near every post that gets put up here.

Second, I was there Saturday and threw my trash away. I try very hard not to litter and fussed at folks who did.

Those things said, there are few out there as socially conscious and litter-aware as you are. You should be applauded, but assuming that the trash on North Campus is going to go away is naive. I applaud your efforts to make people aware of the problem, and I think you have helped greatly due to your influence. It is exactly that influence that causes me a lot of concern when you suggest that we ban tailgating on North Campus.

Call me a little boy all you'd like, but you need dose of reality to kick in. The photo you posted shows a sad picture and makes a compelling story-line, but some trash on North Campus on Sunday morning isn't the end of the world. Banning tailgating on North Campus is about as close to the Armageddon as I care to come. All I'm saying is there must be solutions in between, and those on their high horse should probably try to keep things in perspective.

Thanks for having me on your blog. Now, please stop trying to get tailgating banned.

Unknown said...

Obviously this is a problem, but both the University as well as those coming to tailgate are responsible for fixing up the problem. Cleaning up after yourself should be a given, but with all the money the university is making off of these gamedays, I don't think it's too much to ask that they provide as many resources as possible to make cleaning up after yourself as easy as possible. You can kick people off of our beautiful North Campus, but the crowd will move elsewhere on campus, and the trash will follow. It's time we all take a more proaxtive approach and not leave anything behind. In addition, the University needs to step up their efforts and add more trash cans and portable restrooms.

I'm guessing the stadium is equally trashed an hour after the game ends and everyone has left the stadium. It's just a reality of having thousands of people packed into a small area with food and alcohol. Not that anyone drinks inside the stadium of course...

Unknown said...


If you're cleaning up your mess, then you're not the problem. I said people who can't behave like big boys need to be treated like children.

Frankly what we need is a group that just roams around and beats the asses of people who leave these messes.

Tailgate Panthers

Unknown said...

And I'm not trying to get tailgate banned.

I'm trying to get the N. Campus crowd to clean up the single most scenic place on campus. And if they can't do that, they most certainly SHOULD be banned.

Because the alternative will be screwing up tailgating for ALL people. That's how University Presidents work. They over reach when they take corrective action.

And when they start citing everyone for open container violations AND banning drinking at tailgates during the game hours (the latter happens at many schools) then we're all screwed.

Anonymous said...

PWD - you bring up a question I've had for a while. It is my understanding (I actually asked Jimmy Williamson a few years ago) that there is no open container prohibition on campus 365 days a year. Is this a city/county ordinance (I can't find it) or a University policy. Where is it actually written down?

Anonymous said...

Abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous. Shameful.

SDawg said...

I'm for Tailgate Panthers.

I just don't get how you're trying to prevent Dr. Adams from over-reaching by suggesting we ban tailgating on North Campus. Cut off your nose to spite your own face?

I think the alumni (us, aka your audience) should get pissed off both at tailgaters and the University for doing such a piss poor job accommodating us. Put the onus on them (without our own culpability) to clean it up, and don't give the University the excuse/ammunition (and for God sake, don't rile up the extreme fanbase that is your audience) it needs to ban N. Campus tailgates and/or charge for it.

North campus has stayed beautiful through years of trash and tailgating. However, nothing is more beautiful than North Campus at 4:00 on a Saturday with a night kickoff.

I'm sure one of Dr. Adams' aides is going to show him this blog post and say, "see, even our most staunch supporters want it." That makes me sadder than a Tech fan at a strip club.

That photograph and the knee-jerk reaction you're helping spread are worse for the future of tailgating than the University or the litter itself.

Remain calm and offer rational solutions that are short of paying or banning. Please.

Again, love the blog.

Ben said...

I think we should all go to the President's office on Saturday before the game and demand more trash receptacles placed throughout campus. There needs to be one about every 10 feet throughout campus. Really I think this needs to be led by the students as well! Now how about some pictures of people having the time of their lives at different tailgates?!?! I am tired of looking at this garbage it is old news.

Maker's Markers Cranberry Vodkas said...

If everyone would man up and drink distilled spirits, there would be less trash.

First Amendment? said...


You'll have to do that at the Arch. They will arrest you for protesting in front of Adams' office.

Unknown said...


Being calm didn't work. We tried that. Adams tried that. The bloggers tried that.

If people are going to act like children, I guess the only thing left is to scold them.

And if the Athletic Dept. is going to be cheap with the garbage cans, then they need to be scolded too.

They've done environmental studies. The mess is killing the grass and creating problems with the trees. The excessive urine on buildings is disgusting, and the trash sitting overnight attracts more than squirrels.

There are LOTS of alumni who are hard core tailgaters across campus who have had enough of the students and younger alumni taking a dump on North Campus.

There are a lot of us who are STRONGLY in favor of charging for the spaces over there. When someone owns something, they take better care of it.

If you don't want it to be like this, you should exert more peer pressure on your neighbors to clean up.

Have you read these comments from students? The answer to them is that UGA should clean up their mess? You can't change that mentality. You have to remove that mentality from the pretty part of campus and let them tailgate somewhere shitty.

Anonymous said...

This weekend has the potential to be the worst of the season. The game is 45 minutes later. A lot of recently graduated alums will probably be back because of the pending Thanksgiving break. And it rained the past few days ... the "grass" on North Campus is already nonexistent, and it's going to get even muddier this Saturday. I don't even know if that grass will ever grow back. Might have to re-sod the whole thing.

That being said, I'm a student, and I know we're the problem. We're the ones between the Main Library and Old College doing most of the damage. I don't really know how to fix it; more trash cans would help, but in the end it boils down to personal responsibility. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that is something you are going to be able to beat into the head of a kid who has been drinking for 6+ hours.

And parking/accessibility for students and their cars IS a problem. My tailgate crew has a few secrets on where to park, but otherwise, if you bring a lot of food/coolers/games ... where do you put them? The Baldwin lot used to be one option to park a car, but that's gone away now. And as another poster already said, students aren't going to fork over the money to pay in North Deck. The sad reality, then, is students will go to North Campus for the party, but without any real viable options to put their stuff, they are just going to dump it. By no means is that the right decision, but it's the one most make.

Anonymous said...

PWD, you're an idiot if you think the blame for all of this rests squarely on students. As someone referenced above, the picture posted was the spot of several political tailgates, which had an good group of older folks.

Jake said...

I agree with Spencer, you guys are going nuts over some trash. I don't like it and I don't condone it. However, it is a sporting event that draws 90,000+ to the campus. There is going to be trash. I assume the clean up cost is built into the season tickets I purchase and the overpriced drinks at the stadium. You guys are acting like people are destroying the ecosystem on North Campus. Take a deep breath, step back and accept that it comes with the territory.

Anonymous said...

Never seen so GD morons defending the indefensible before. Stunning ignorance.

Unknown said...

Spencer...I with you man. PWD, love the blog, and this will sound harsh, but we’re just not of the same mind here. First off, this "age warfare" you're engaging in is pretty bush league. Are there students on N. Campus? Yes. But nearly every single tailgate I know on those two quads is set up by adults; mostly parents of students and former students. And why does it matter who is creating the mess...pointing out that it's "students" simply makes you sound like a curmudgeon and doesn't further your point at all. It’s insulting to us “students” and it’s patently false…there are just as many “older people” (you know…the ones who sit down and don’t yell at the games) out there contributing to the problem. Your rhetoric simply inflames passions between old and young and doesn’t contribute to meaningful discourse on the issue.

Furthermore, I don’t really understand the uproar over this…I’ve seen N. Campus every Monday since 2002 after a football game and it always looks great. This is nothing new; trash like this has always been a “problem” after night games (see Auburn 2005). In the end, the campus still looks great, and come Monday, everything is fine. Should people pick up after themselves? Yes. Do I wish it looked better? Yes. But this is not a problem with young punk students as you falsely accuse…this is a problem with massive crowds tailgating. It is in no way, shape, or form unique to those on N. Campus whom you demonize. Cram 10,000 geriatrics in a small area and give ‘em some bud light and I guarantee you the place looks pretty similar.

You can either accept the unavoidable and inconsequential collateral damage, or you can continue to crusade against the finest tailgaitin’ in all the land. It seems to me that the real issue here is the self-righteous indignation of the “responsible” alumni who can’t stand the thought of the archetypal drunk frat boy ruining their campus. Never mind that the trash isn’t causing any significant damage and isn’t entirely the fault of the drunk frat boy…we must protect our campus and these people must be punished!! Let’s all take a deep breath. North campus is going to get littered with trash four times a year. You don’t have to like it, but it hurts no one and it has no noticeable effect 24 hours later. It’s just not that big of a deal.

gruden said...

Breaking news: uga.has passed away..

Unknown said...

Andrew -- if Rep. Jack Kingston's tailgate is making a huge mess, then I'm going to get pictures of that, and I'll shame him.

But for now...most of the people I've seen over there are young alumni and students.

It's not even close. It's not age warfare, I'm not that damn old.

Dawgnoxious said...

PWD, you're an idiot if you think the blame for all of this rests squarely on students.

Show me where PWD said that. The blame rest squarely on the rude, inconsiderate, poorly raised, irresponsible barbarians who think it is ok to throw garbage on the ground because there's a football game later.

It doesn't matter if you're a student, a recent alum, non-alum, or opposing team. If you bring it in, bag it or take it back with you.

We bought a roll of heavy garbage bags from Costco at the beginning of the season. When the university-provided garbage bag gets full, we tie it off and replace it with one we bought. It's just that simple. Do I think we deserve recognition? No--because that's what *everyone* should do.

I do think we should get credit for this: we tailgate with a 1000 watt battery powered spotlight ($20 from Wal-Mart), and before we drive off after a night game we walk our spot with the light to make sure no one left valuables or garbage. But that's how we roll.

Unknown said...

On a crusade against Tailgating?


99%+ of the folks tailgating on North Campus are dealing with amateur hour tailgates compared to what Dawgnoxious and I host.

I love tailgating. You couldn't be more wrong.

Massey said...

Hey guys, UGA VII just died. And no, I'm not kidding. I wish I was.

No details availible at this time.

Massey said...

Paul, it's all over the radio and AJC. I haven't checked ESPN.

DogwoodGirl said...

The last commenter is right: "Morons defending the indefensible."

Stick to your guns, Paul Westerdawg! You are in the right, and every alum with an ounce of class agrees with you.

Unknown said...

Dawgnoxious…he blames it on the students right there in the second paragraph “This was what it looked like because the students and recent alumni who tailgate on North Campus made it look this way.”

I guess my point is that it doesn't matter who is leaving the trash. It’s got nothing to do with student or would happen with any massive group of people crammed into a small area. It's unavoidable.

And PWD, I'm sure your tailgate is much finer than most of those on North Campus, but taken on aggregate, all those people in there makes for as good of a tailgating scene as I’ve ever witnessed. Not trying to denigrate your tailgating skills at all...

Bottom line, N. Campus is great tailgating and whatever consequences that result from said tailgating are miniscule and have no lasting impact. As such, I don't know why y’all are so upset. Insinuating it’s a student problem only makes it seem like you have more of a problem with the clientele than the trash. Just saying…

Anonymous said...

UGA DIED???????? WTF


Massey said...

Yeah, it was a heart attack I think. I mean, this sucks.

Maybe we could clean up the tailgate at northcampus in his honor.

Anonymous said...

Paul, what you're saying is that you are in the arena when it comes to tailgating...

Of course people should bag their trash, but it's unrealistic to think that that'll happen without exception.
Geography and traffic patterns are in play here: there are very few good access points to drop off or pick up at North Campus (particularly after a night game). The University/Athletic Department needs to face that reality and have trash pick-up and patrol right at kickoff and during the game (hell, I'd add $20 to my Hartman contribution to help fund it).
This is coming from someone who always cleans up and thinks others should too--but, I'm just dealing in reality. And, for the record, we are not the only campus that deals with trash on gameday...

rbubp said...

Andrew has a point. Bloggers would be better off acknowledging that football fans are pigs in general, regardless of age.

Unknown said...

Anon - We're not talking about "some exceptions" here. I've got 20 more photos of this stuff from across North Campus.

And not to point out the obvious here, but if you can't get in and get out easy....maybe you shouldn't tailgate there.

I don't tailgate there for that every reason.

And yes. I would also pay $20 to help with trash pick up, but my concern would be that the idiots to litter now would say, "I paid $20 why would I clean up my own mess?" And just litter more.


Unknown said...


I've seen the Grove and every other tailgating spot. They don't trash The Grove because they love The Grove. There is some trash, but it doesn't look like a bomb went off inside a landfill.

This is more garbage than even the LSU fans leave, and they leave a lot.

Anonymous said...

Again, I say you're not dealing in reality. I agree with your general sentiment, but to think that the folks who typically tailgate on NC are going to refrain from doing so b/c of the issues with access is naive. Bottom-line: people are going to tailgate on NC--unless you put a fence up or start arresting people--because it's awesome. Instead of doing either of those, I'd rather the University and Athletic Association deal with the reality that there's going to be trash and we've got to be better prepared to deal with it.
I'm also all for people continuing the effort of calling out those who trash NC (and even a panther or two).

Anonymous said...

Dawgnoxious @ 5:16 pm

PWD said:

"...had enough of the students and younger alumni taking a dump on North Campus."

so I guess he doesn't just blame students...

JackSpratDawg said...

I would bet the farm that Adams is working on a pay-to-tailgate plan for North Campus under the guise of cutting down on garbage. Imagine North Campus roped off into 10'x10' lots, charge $100 per game each, multiply by 6-7 weekends/year. That's too much $$$ for Mikey to ignore. Money that would go straight to the general fund rather than through the Athletic Department.....

stick jackson said...

"The *excessive* urine on buildings is disgusting .."

Oh, how I long for the days when Erk used to get his head bloody, North Campus didn't look like the aftermath of a dumpster fire, and we sprayed only appropriate, non-disgusting amounts of urine on the buildings.

And, kidding aside, "someone else needs to clean up what I throw down in a public place" is the most childish thought my mind can conceive. Grow up, kiddies. UGA is not your mother.

Anonymous said...

Let's pay for more trash pickup from the $200 fee which was recently passed _again_ from the Board Of Regents. "One time" my ass...

Free money is hard to turn down, even when people have agreed to pay for it under different circumstances.

Anonymous said...

We are losers for even talking about this....

Get drunk and trash the place. Because the next day, a cleaning crew will pick it up. That's why I graduated from UGA - because I can have my fun - then let someone else clean up behind me.

Have you ever even walked North Campus headed to class? Or just for a football game???

The Watch Dawg said...

Rarely disagree with what is posted here at GA SB, but Andrew is 100% correct here. Bravo, dude.

Furthermore, I think this is another example of how stuff gets blown out of proportion by the blogosphere. I hate that North campus looks that way after a big night game, but I hate a lot of things. Fortunately, the trash gets picked up and there isn't a trace of it on Monday.

You want to be a part of the solution; fine. Bag your own trash and suggest others do it. But quit this constant bitching and campaigning to get tailgating on North campus shut down. You and the people at your own tailgate do more permanent damage to North campus by treading on the soil around the trees, which eventually leads to root damage (not to mention the fact that there is no grass left by November where you've been tailgating), than do the people who don't bag up their trash. That's the truth. You really should end this farce of a crusade, because I don't think you want to explore where it will lead.

Mr. Sanchez said...

Keep fighting the good fight Paul. Most of us know you aren't giving Adams any ideas he doesn't have already like the banning from North Campus.

Seriously, if people want to act like 8 year olds, they can get treated like 8 years old. I've got a 2 year old nephew, and he cleans up after himself and puts things back like he found them better than full grown adults. Just cause you reach a certain age doesn't make a you a "grown up". As a recent student and Athens resident, Paul isn't out of line putting much of the blame on us. There are FAR too many people around here who got raised expecting mama (or the maid) to wipe their ass for them.

Kentucky Tailgating said...

I wish some of us could come down to this game. Always enjoy tailgating with some UGA fans.

Kentucky Tailgating

Anonymous said...

"There are FAR too many people around here who got raised expecting mama (or the maid) to wipe their ass for them."

If you can pay for mama or maid to wipe your ass, why not let them? People need jobs, bra.

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